More Haste Less Speed

By Ramon Roberts,2014-04-10 21:38
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More Haste Less Speed

    More Haste, Less Speed

    People generally agree with the saying More haste, less speed. Indeed, most people are

    acting on this principle in their daily activities. They realize that if they do things in a hurried way, they will achieve less than what they hope for.

    If things are done at a reasonable pace, people can, more often than not, achieve their desired goals. Nevertheless, when it comes to daily practice, not everyone observes this principle. For example, in the 1950s, Chinese leaders wished to realize communism in a shorter period of time by the so called Great Leap Forward. Yet, the result is that the whole economy was badly

    damaged and the peoples lives became miserable. Likewise, students may make the same

    mistakes in their studies. Some students intend to gain enough credits as soon as possible by selecting many courses in a term, only to find that they fail in most of the courses. To make things worse, their required courses suffer a great deal. Obviously, more haste invariable means more failures.

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