Practice report of English teacher

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expriences of an practice english teacher

    Practice Report of English teacher

    Student: Libo Peng

    Number: 200711010229

    Time: 7/3/201111/4/2011

    From March 7, 2011 to the middle of April, I have practiced English teaching in Yan Jiang NO.2 Middle School. During this period, I was an English teacher of the freshmen.

    Times flying! The practice life was got a period. Actually, this period is the English form-----a solid circle, but not the Chinese form-----a hollow one. As after this practice life, I have had deep feeling, and accumulated some experience. At the bases of getting experiences about middle school teaching, I promised that I must be loyal be the peoples teaching work. Now, I want to talk about some experience in my practice life.

    First, teachers knowledge must be rich. As the saying goes, if we would give students a drop of water, we should own a bucket of water. Not until I continue to learn and derive more knowledge did I face to students confidently and satisfy students

    inexhaustible learning desire. At the same time, we must pay attention to the quality of this drop of water. As a good teacher, I know that I must have rich rudiments and solid bases, and for every basic knowledge point, I must know what something is so and why so; to know the hows is and the whys. Not until in this way did I give my students the things which they need really. When I was a student, I usually did English examination just depend on my sense of language so that I was vague about knowledge of some language phenomena. Therefore, I revealed many questions when I was explaining students’ asking. Of cause, good sense of language is important,

    however, only have sense of language is not enough. As an teacher who teach language, I not only train students sense of language, but also can explain various

    language phenomena which often see.

    Second, as a teacher should put into practice what has been learned. This is a simple sentence, but its connotation is lavish, and the meaning is profound. If one could understand these words and to do as it, one would obtain a wonderful teaching result. During this period, I always use this thought to guide my work so that I feel the power of knowledge fully.

    A: At the aspect of teaching practice, with the help of guiding teacher, I used the theories which were contained in teaching methods to guide my work. When I was preparing lessons, I had collected materials in many ways and studied teaching book carefully, then analyze them and integrate them in order that students can absorb much more systemic knowledge. Meanwhile, I applied my knowledge of computer to make knowledgeable and interesting multimedia courses to improve students

    learning interesting. During this period, I have known that a good lesson-preparation is the key to a good class. Especially for English which is not well-informed by freshmen. Therefore, under the circumstances must prepare every class plentifully, only in this way can I arouse the initiative and enthusiasm of students in study so that their study is more relaxing and my teaching is simpler.

    B: when I am giving lectures, considering the condition of these students, I am flexible to use all kinds of education modes, such as communication way, scenario way and nature way etc. in my class to attractive students. In connection of freshmens characteristic of naughty, in order to increase the interesting of class, I strived as much as possible to create all kinds of scenes to let them have more opportunities to perform. Whats more, to follow this characteristic which language

    study is a gradual process, I designed courses from by and by. I trained to them by paterners discussion, group discussion; expressing themselves and making conversations at their seats, expressing themselves and making conversations on the platform, and even performing in order that they could express themselves in English smoothly. This is my teaching target.

    Third, one of my important experience is that we should be not only honesty and modest, but also be active and initiative. I remembered that before we went to the middle school, our teacher told us we should be modest to learn to the guide teachers. Because our attitudes are modest and active so that we derived guide teachers trust

    soon. Especially thank for the head teacher of Class1, Grade one. He not only offer me the opportunity to manage his class, but also try to help me when I encountered throughout my practice career. In addition, the English teacher encourage me to attempt new methods to give lectures. So we had these opportunities to apply those methods and theories which we learned from books to practice. After class, she discussed with me and gave me many valuable suggestions, and with her help, my teaching level improved soon.

    There are several experiences in my practice life. I could say that this memorable experience that contained bitter and sweet leave me much valuable things which lead me to more mature. In this short one and half a month, I learned many skills which cannot be known in the books. In this short one and half a month, I have recognized many of my shortcomings and perfected myself with the help of guide teachers. Thank for my guide teacher miss sun very much. At the same, I have known teachers

    lofty responsibility and felt that it is not easy to be a good teacher. From now on, I will continue to learn and licked my weak points to improve myself and get ready for my future career.

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