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     37. call sb. at /on ---

     38. complain to sb. of /about sth..

    一、重点短语和句子。 37. dont be a wet blanket 1. turn up your music 38. green fingers 2. a waste of time 39. rain cats and dogs 3. in one`s spare /free time 40. have a good laugh over--- 4. spare tyre 41. change for 5. on vacation/holiday 42. score a goal 6. than expected 43. feel upset about 7. cant wait to do--- 44. win that speech competition 8. be supposed to do--- 45. spoken English

    9. sound frightened 46. be proud of /take pride in

    10. (in) a mess 47. stay up late

    11. leave sb. in charge 48. be nervous about sth..

    12. leave the food unfinished 49. mix up my results with someone elses

    13. leave the water running 50. ask for ones advice

    14. leave him to explain it to them 51. give sb. some advice

    15. what surprised me was that --- 52. take /follow ones advice

    16. in charge of 53. miss doing

    in the charge of 54. be meant to do

    17. go unpunished 55. whats up ?

    18. find fault with sb. 56. get the room tidied up

    19. its not my fault 57. make a bit of difference

    20. slam the door 58. fix /solve the problem

    21. have his arms crossed 59. Whats the new situation like?

    22. drive sb. mad 60. play badminton

    23. deserve the punishment 61. as though /if

    24. deserve to be given the prize 62. do as were told

    25. be hard on sb. 63. have been refusing to do his homework 26. be strict with sb. in sth. 64. insist on (ones) doing

    27. now that suggest (ones) doing

    28. be rude to require sb. to do

    29. feel like doing 65. harm ones relationship

    30. expect too much from/of sb. 66. call me selfish

    31. an explanation for/of…… 67. forbid sb. from doing /forbid sb. to do sth.. 32. shouldnt have done 68. a good way to start a conversation 33. argue about/over sth. 69. be strongly against---

    34. the biggest cause of arguments 70. be supposed to have done

    35. the reason for his being late 71. treat diseases caused by smoking

    36. after all 72. at present crazy

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74. Eric runs in after it, followed by a big dog, walking very slowly.

    75. What did you do with the money we left?

    76. The room is a mess, with pizza boxes on the floor and dirty dishes in the sink. 77. Art is something about which I know very little.

    78. Mr Ma is the person from whom we learned how to write with brushes. 79. Do you remember the day when we left you in charge? 80. He is looking forward to the day that/which will be important in Chinese history. 81. The police searched the house where the thief had stayed.

    82. I paid a visit to the school (that/which) they put up last year.

    83. I won`t listen to the reason why you didn`t do your homework.

    84. He gave the reason that/which might explain his being late.

    85. I still wish we could go and see a film tomorrow though.

    86. Every time I watch a DVD he sends me to bed or tells me to spend more time studying.

    87. He should understand me better than he does.



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