Unit 6 Lesson 4 Dream Houses

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Unit 6 Lesson 4 Dream Houses

    Lesson 4 Dream Houses


    ? To practise using the vocabulary of houses and rooms.

    ? To practise intensive reading and understanding the inferences in a text. ? To assess the difficulty of reading texts and comprehension exercises. ? To to practise the differences between American and English vocabulary. ? To plan and talk about a design for a study or bedroom.

    ? To listen to a description of a room and take notes.


    Work in pairs. Discuss what your dream house would be like. Use the Key Words to help you.

    Example I’d like a big, modern flat in central Shanghai. It would have…

    Key Words

    houses: cottage, flat, house, palace, castle

    rooms: bathroom, bedroom,dining room, sitting room, hall, games room, kitchen Show some pictures of some kinds of houses and rooms.


    Read the text quickly. Which of these things did the girl’s dream house have?

    A swimming pool, a big garden (yard) with trees, a balcony, running water, a games room, three washrooms, “real” stairs, a basement


    A big garden(yard) with treesRunning waterthree bathrooms(washrooms)

    real stairsa basement.


    ? Read the text again and answer these questions:

1) How many places has the girl lived in?

    A lot/ She can’t remember.

    2) Where did she live before Mango Street? Why did they leave? A third floor on Loomis. They had to leave because the water pipes broke and the

    landlord wouldn’t fix them.

    3) Why did the girl want at least three bathrooms? So that, when she took a bath, she would’t have to tell everybody.

    4) Who did Mama and Papa talk to about their dream house? To the children.

    5) What do you think was the biggest problem with the house on Mango Street?

    Students give their own answers, with reasons.

    ? Read the text carefully, finish the multiple-choices. 1.How many places the writer lived are mentioned in the text?



    D.we don’t know the exact number.

    2. Which of the following statements about the house on Mango street is TRUE?

    A. We need to pay rent to landlord.

    B. The house is not a wanted house at all.

    C. We should share the garden with others.

    D. We can’t make too much noise there.

    3.A landlord is _________.

    A. a businessman B. a piece of land

    C. an owner of a house D. a cleaner

4.Why did they leave the flat on Loomis?

    A. Because the house was too old.

    B. Because water pipes broke and nobody would fix them. C. Because we should share the washroom with others and carry water by ourselves.

    D. All of the above.

    5.Can you find out the words in the text to replace them: garden, repair, toilet?

    A. yard, flat , pipe B. fence, fix, pipe C. gallon, fix, basement D. yard, fix, washroom 6. The passage is mainly about________.

    A. the places where they lived before moved to Mango street. B. the life on Mango street

    C. a dream house and a real house on Mango street D. the reasons why they moved to Mango street. Answers:

    1 DBCDD, 6 C


    American and British words

    ? Find words in American English in the text which mean the same as these:

    garden (line 8), to repair (line 12), toilet (line 13) 1 yard 2 to fix 3 washroom 4 basement

    ? Match the American words with the British ones (underlined) in the text below.

    After the (1)holidays I moved into my new (2)flat. It’s not in the (3)centre of the city,

    but it’s near an (4)underground station. It’s on the (5)ground floor of an house. It’s

    got a living room, a kitchen and a bedroom. The only problem is the (6)lorry which

    goes past at 7 o’clock every morning to collect the (7)rubbish and which wakes me


    1 vacation 2 apartment 3 downtown area 4 (a) subway 5 first floor 6 truck 7 garbage Exercises

    ? How many of the objects below can you see in the photo of the room from Fallingwater House?

    Key words

    ceiling, walls, floor, door, window, French windows, curtains, chair, table, sofa, desk, bookshelves, bed, plants, lamp


    ceiling; walls; floor; window; French window; fireplace; chair; table; sofa; plants. ? Work in pairs. Find out about your partner’s room.


    A: Where is the bed?

    B: It’s in the bottom right hand corner. Next to it there’s a …

    Do you like your partner’s room? Why or why not?


    Write a passage to describe your own bedroom. kind of furniture, position of furniture, colours (walls/ceiling/door/window)


    1 完成作文

    2 熟读课文

    3 记忆词汇

    4 完成练习册上的作业

    5 预习下课内容



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