K3 House by Bruce Stafford Architects

By Rebecca Carter,2014-04-13 22:46
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K3 House by Bruce Stafford Architects

K3 House by Bruce Stafford Architects豆豆的妈妈

    Bruce Stafford Architects designed the renovation of the K3 House in Sydney, Australia.

     Description from Bruce Stafford Architects:

    This dramatic renovation centres around a spacious internal courtyard defined by natural rock face and lush vegetation. Large sliding glass doors in the main living area enable a seamless flow between inside and outside.

    The living areas also have the added benefit of glazing on the north façade which opens up the house to the view.

    The master suite pavilion, perched on the highest portion of the rock face, has been designed as a sanctuary for the parents, whilst maintaining a bird’s eye view over the living areas.

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