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     thNewsletter for travel agencies 18 of March 2009

A city card for tourists available in Vilnius

Card will give access to public transport and museums, discounts in shops

    The trade of city card will start from 16th march 2009. Using it, visitors will be able to use public transport and visit

    museums free of charge. Discounts will be offered to users in galleries, cafes, hotels and restaurants. "Vilnius is

    one of the few cities in Europe that does not have such a card. City cards have become a tradition in Europe’s

    capitals and other cities popular with tourists," says Jolanta Beniuliene, director of the Vilnius Tourism Information

    Centre, which is implementing the Vilnius City Card project.

There are two types of card: 24 hour card (52 Lt or 150 SEK) and a 72 hour card (86 Lt or 247 SEK). A card

    holder may use public transport (buses and trolleybuses), visit museums free-of-charge, get discounts in parks

    and while booking tours on foot, by bus, minibus, bicycle or velomobile. Discounts are also available when

    booking accommodation, paying restaurant or cafe bills, buying souvenirs in galleries or ordering wellness


Tourists may acquire a card in the following Vilnius Tourism Information Centres:

Vilniaus St. 22 (main office)

    Didžioji St. 31 (Town Hall)

    Šventaragio St. 2 (info pavilion in Cathedral Square)

    Geležinkelio St. 16 (Railway Station)

Employees of Vilnius service companies to learn hospitality

Almost five hundred taxi drivers, waiters, salespeople, hotel personnel, and managers of service companies have

    learned to provide quality customer service during a training period designed to improve yet the quality of

    customer service and language skills. Hospitality Project „Vilnius`9 Invites“ of National Program „Vilnius –

    European Capital of Culture 2009“ organized free training for them. Training, which was held throughout

    December, was attended by the total of approximately 400 service personnel and by approximately 100 managers


Opening events of Vilnius - European Capital of Culture involved 200,000 spectators

On the night of 31 December opening events of “Vilnius – European Capital of Culture 2009” lured around

    200,000 spectators to the centre of Lithuanian capital. Never before has a culture event attracted one-fifth of a

    million people in Lithuania.

Sightseeing Tour by bus in Vilnius

If you want to see the most popular sights of Vilnius, you can make a Sightseeing Tour in the Old Town of Vilnius

    by yellow bus with audio guide in 8 languages. The duration of the tour is approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes.

    The price of the tour is 50 Lt (~ 144 SEK) for Adults, 21 Lt (~ 60 SEK) for Children (5-17 year).

    Excursions take place every day except on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Meeting point from:

The Cathedral Square The Town Hall Square

    (Near Vokiečių Str.)

Time: 10:00 Time: 10:30

     12:00 12:30

     14:00 14:30

     16:00 16:30

Best spas in Lithuania awarded

    Hotel Vanagupe in Palanga and Egle sanatorium in Druskininkai among winners

    Lithuania’s most enlightened spas have been awarded at a ceremony in Trakai, a town 25 kilometers away from

    Vilnius. The judges of the nationwide competition awarded the Amber Spa complex at the Hotel Vanagupe in

    Palanga as the best project of last year. Meanwhile, public online voting ended with the Japanese health centre

    Idzumi in Vilnius being named best spa. SPA Vilnius DIA in Vilnius was awarded as the best day spa; the Egle

    convalescent home in Druskininkai, a city 130 kilometers away from Vilnius, was recognized as the best centre

    offering “medical and wellbeing services”; the most up-to-date and smartest spa treatment was offered by the

    wellness institute Femina Bona in Vilnius, Kaunas, Palanga and Klaipeda. Spa Nominations was arranged by the

    National Spa Association, which was founded two years ago and currently unites 15 Lithuanian companies

    involved in the provision of spa services.

    For more information:

    Lithuanian Spa Association:

    Japanese spa in Vilnius:

    Vanagupe Hotel-Spa:

    Egle-sanatorium: Femina Bona wellness institute:

Number of Swedish tourists in Lithuania

During 2008 the number of 22 200 Swedish tourists visited Lithuania. The average amount of nights spent per

    tourist was 1, 8 nights. The most visited destinations were the capital Vilnius; Trakai, a small town 25 kilometers

    away from Vilnius; the coastal area: Klaipeda, Palanga and Neringa.

    Litauens turistinformation

    Kaptensgatan 7, 00140 Helsingfors

    Tel. +358 9 622 777 17


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