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LE SPA ...

    LE SPA

    A Day Spa


Our goal at Le Spa is to provide the highest quality spa therapy experience possible. We use only the purest and highest-

    grade ingredients, delivered in a beautiful, comfortable, and professional setting.

Le Spa’s exquisite selections of spa facials, body treatments, and nail grooming care, using aromatherapy, phytotherapy,

    fruitherapy and marine therapy are an invitation to a total skin and body experience. We invite you to experience an

    authentic blend of European and Eastern spa treatments, designed to provide maximum benefits to the health of your skin

    and a blissful sense of well being to the body.

pour le visage

     for the face


The process for restoring your skin to its optimum health and aesthetic beauty begins with regular facial treatments to

    help promote and maintain a more balanced, well nourished, and radiant complexion. They also help prevent breakouts,

    speed up the healing process, increase muscle tone and hydrate the skin (since dehydration is the root of most skin

    problems) to help slow down the aging process. These therapeutic treatments will be customized to meet your individual

    needs, targeting specific concerns to achieve maximum results. Our detailed skin consultation precedes each treatment

    by request to ensure the appropriate effects for your skin and to help achieve your skin care goal.

Teen Facial

    introduction to skin care for teens

    A gentle, deep pore cleansing facial designed to direct and educate teens on proper skin care and the importance of

    maintenance facials to maintain a healthy, more balanced skin. Reserve for teens 15 years old and under. Approx 1 hr ($75)

Express Facial Gentlemen’s Sport Facial

    a gentle boost maintenance between regular facials This customized mini facial offers convenience and a simple solution to address skin that is out of control with acne

    outbreaks, or very fatigued skin, or just to refine and rejuvenate the complexion. Reserved only for regular facial guests.

    Approx 45 min ($65)

European Classique Gentlemen’s Grooming Facial

    revitalizing and restoring

    Relaxing and therapeutic, a customized blend of the purest aromatic essences and plant extracts is formulated for your

    skin type and specific conditions. Designed to deep cleanse, purify, balance, and nourish the skin.

    Approx 1 hr 15 min ($85)


    Le Grand Classique Gentlemen’s Executive Facial deep pore cleansing and restoring

    This is one of the most complete and personalized deep pore cleansing and rebalancing facials. Adaptable to any skin

    type, this very gentle and sumptuous facial allows the skin to be deeply cleansed and hydrated without irritation. This

    treatment is full of anti-inflammatory plant and flower extracts that will leave your skin clean and balanced with a radiant

    complexion. Approx 1 hr 30 min ($95)

    Hydra Benefit Gentlemen’s Hydra Surge Facial long-lasting and deep hydration

    This indulgent, deeply penetrating moisture surge facial infused with seaweed and fruit extracts will revive the most

    dehydrated complexions and eliminate signs of fatigue and stress. It will leave your skin supple, soft and beautiful,

    smoothing out wrinkles and lines as it rejuvenates. Approx 1 hr 15 min ($90)

    Anti-Rouge & Calming Gentlemen’s Calming Facial soothing and healing treatment for diffusing redness and sensitivity

    Even the most environmentally sensitized skin client will benefit from this incredibly soothing, skin-protecting treatment.

    Ideal for skin that looks red, inflamed or is feeling itchy. This soothing treatment removes impurities from your skin to

    calm redness and reduce inflammation. Approx 1 hr 15 min ($85) Anti-Rouge (extended session (1 hr 30 min) ($95)

    Vitamin C Infusion Gentlemen’s Vitamin C Facial toning , revitalizing and anti-aging

    A dramatic skin rejuvenation treatment, achieved with the latest medical technology using a potent anti-aging and anti-

    oxidant cocktail! Results are immediately visible as the skin is retextured, smoothed and firmed.

    Approx 1 hr 30 min ($95)

    Purifying Solution Gentlemen’s Acne Control Facial detoxifying, acne control and deep pore treatment

    A medicated clearing treatment. Correction and healing are the cornerstones of this distinctive, highly curative treatment

    that deals seriously with the issues of acne outbreak and problem skin of any age. Approx 1 hr 30 min ($95)

    Age Intervention Gentlemen’s Age Intervention skin resurfacing facial w/glycolic acid and proteolytic enzymes

    This treatment is an accelerated facial procedure that incorporates two effective topical exfoliants. This treatment

    instantly improves skin texture and helps a dull complexion by restoring a healthy cell renewal cycle. The combination of

    glycolic acid and proteolytic enzymes safely intensifies the resurfacing action and provides measurable results for

    virtually any skin type. Skin’s surface becomes noticeably smoother and softer, revealing a brighter and luminous

    complexion. Approx 1 hr 30 min ($100)

    Vital Intense Gentlemen’s Vital Intense Facial deep revitalizing and regenerating

    This anti-aging treatment utilizes a wealth of skin regeneration “vegetals”. Revived by essential oils and beech buds,

    energized by vitamins and trace elements, the skin rediscovers its balance, suppleness and vitality. Recommended for all

    dull and tired, post acne, pregnancy, weight loss, excessive sun exposure and mature skin types.

    Approx 1 hr 30 min ($95)

    Purifying Back Gentlemen’s Purifying Back stress relief & purification on the back

    Treat yourself to our super smoothing back treatment designed to rid your muscles of stress, and your skin of impurities

    and finishing with a spa aromatherapy stress relief massage. This back facial treatment is also ideal for “back acne”. Approx 1 hr ($80)


Le Baume Luxe New!

    Luxurious Deep Reparative and Anti-Aging Facial and Decollete Treatment

    Reassuring, comforting, enveloping, and so velvety smooth and exquisitely soft, this facial dramatically protects

    against the effects of oxidative stress and harsh environmental elements, which accelerate the aging process.

    Your skin, lips, and décolleté are left restructured, younger looking, more protected, supple and beautiful. We

    also like to recommend this facial for post peel or pro-long sun exposure.

    Approx 1 hr 30 min ($100)

    Skin Peels

    (We recommend in series for optimal result.)

    (save 10% with a series of six treatments)

The Benefit Peel level I Gentlemen’s Benefit Peel

    gentle resurfacing and purifying

    Ideal as an “entry level” chemical peel, this composition of glycolic, citric, lactic and salicylic acids aids in reducing the

    appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, acne and uneven skin tones.

    Approx 45 min ($60) (additional $10 each area for hands/neck/décolleté)

The Corrective Peel level II Gentlemen’s Corrective Peel

    deep resurfacing and purifying

    Must be on a glycolic home care program for at least two to three weeks prior. This peel provides tremendous benefits to

    the client with acne, aged or photo damaged skin, and is also helpful for hyper-pigmentation or scar reduction. This

    glycolic acid peel is maximized with the additional benefits of an anti-oxidant and an anti-aging complex.

    Approx 55 min ($75) (additional $10 each area for hands/neck/ décolleté)

The Panacea Peel level III Gentlemen’s Panacea Peel

    all-trans-retinol rejuvenation, purifying and deep resurfacing

    Must be on a glycolic home care program for at least three weeks prior. Ideal as an optimum age-defying restructuring

    process! This is our most aggressive resurfacing peel. It is designed to provide immediate and visible skin retexturing

    and refinement, with increased smoothness and hydration. It will also assist in helping to resolve facial blemishes and

    discoloration. Approx 55 min ($80) (additional $10 each area for hands /neck/décolleté)

Corrective Peel for the Back Gentlemen’s Back Peel

    Approx 30 min ($80)

Corrective Peel for the Arms (excluding hands)

    Approx 25 min ($50)


pour les corps

     for the body


For centuries, spa body therapy treatments have been embraced for their revitalizing and therapeutic effects. From

    ancient mineral hot springs to modern seaweed wraps, these treatments detoxify the body, de-stress the mind and

    revitalize the skin. Le spa’s spa body therapy treatments are custom-designed so that they may be offered with maximum

    effectiveness in our skin and body care studio.

    Massage Therapies


    An ancient Eastern technique, using pressure point massage on the feet to restore the flow of vital energy throughout the

    body. This healing reflexology massage for the feet can leave not just your feet, but also your whole body walking on air.

    15 min ($25), 30 min ($50), [w/warm stones (additional $20)]

Stress Zone Relief

    This personalized massage focuses on specific areas of need to help reduce muscle tension. (Not a full-body massage.)

    15 min ($30), 30 min ($50), 45 min ($65)

Aromatherapy Massage / Motherhood Pregnancy Massage

    This relaxing blend of Swedish with Eastern style massage techniques streamlined on using moderate pressure to reduce

    muscular tension, accumulated stress, and energy blockage. 60 min ($80), 80 min ($100), [Deep Tissue (add $10), Warm Stones (add $40), Motherhood (add $10)]

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

    A very gentle, slow moving and pumping techniques that aide in moving along stagnant lymph enabling toxins release.

    Swelling in the extremities and sinus pressure can also be alleviated. Also, recommended for post surgery clients with

    assisting in excess fluid retention, pain and pressure relief. 60 min ($95), 75 min ($105)

    Steam Treatment (add-on to any massage sessions) Enjoy an a la carte steam canopy treatment with our special spa blends for a deeper relaxation and therapeutic effects.

    15 min ($20), 25 min ($25), 30 min ($30)

La Stone Therapy New!

    Relax and re-energize with thermal therapy!

    An application of thermo therapy, the deeply penetrating effects of heated basalt stones alternated with cooled marbles

    creating a profound balance between the influences of yin and yang. Heat increases relaxation and blood flow while cold

    encourages detoxification and oxygenation. This deeply grounding Native American treatment is excellent for stress,

    anxiety and chronic fatigue. Light to moderate pressure. 90 min ($120), 2 hrs ($145)


    Spa Body Therapies

Our body treatments include our deeply relaxing steam canopy treatment conclude with an application of

    luxurious skin softening and protective body crème.

Silhouette Body Detox Gentlemen’s Body Detox

    purifying body treatment

    This sea marine based detoxification treatment begins with a full-body exfoliation followed by a complete body marine

    mud pack while warm, moist steam envelopes your body to further induces mineral absorption and a deeper relaxation

    while receiving a deeply relaxing scalp massage. Conclude with an application of skin softening and protective body

    crème. 80 min ($110)

Zone Minceur Gentlmen’s Zone Minceur

    targeted toning treatment

    Relax under our steam canopy while a seaweed masque with botanicals encourages purging of stagnant fluid retention and

    reduces appearance of unwanted cellulite for a smoother and slimmer silhouette. 75 min ($100)

Les Fleures Therapy

    experience our flower therapy

    Certain cultures believe flowers are the tangible link to the forces of the spiritual world, representing a symbolic purge of

    our earthly impurities. This beautiful and sensuous therapy lifts your spirits and warms your heart with flower power.

    Savour this cleansing experience. Just relax and heal. 60 min ($95)

Bali Kopi Scrub New! Gentlemen’s Bali Kop Scrub

    experience the sensations of Bali Blend Coffee glow treatment

    Exfoliate your body and awaken your senses with the beautiful aroma of Bali coffee beans.

    If you swoon when you pass a café, imagine the aroma of freshly ground beans for a full hour while the most fragrant of

    blends is smothered all over you body. This treatment begins with a robust scrub with Bali coffee ground, follow with an

    application of freshly grated carrot to restore and re-hydrate. This treatment concludes with a light application of a java

    body balm. Enjoy a complimentary cup of warm java with this treatment. Approx 60 min ($90)

Balinese Boreh New! Gentlemen’s Balinese Boreh

    weather warming spice treatment

    This Balinese Boreh treatment offers the most potent sensation an all-over deep heat experience. The scrub is purely and simply an herb and spice mixture. This is a centuries-old village recipe using spices prepared to warm the body at the first

    sign of windy weather. This treatment aide in increasing the circulation and the exfoliating ingredients of clove and rice

    soften the skin. A warm lemongrass ginger tea will be served with this treatment.

    Sorry, the treatment is not recommended for expectant mom. Approx 60 min ($90)

Sage Purification New! Gentlemen’s Sage Purification

    heal and purify with the power of sage

    Sage's botanical name salvia comes from the Latin word salvare, which means to save or to heal. For many

    centuries, sage was not just highly valued but was also one of the most-often used medicinal herbs in history. Its

    healing powers were supposed to come directly from the Virgin Mary. The Romans associated sage with

    immortality and used it in sacred ceremonies and was used by the Native Americans for purification.

    Experience a healing journey of our Sage Purification treatment under a warm body compress while receiving a

    balancing warm stone therapy for the face. Approx 60 min ($95)


    Body Bronzing & Post Sun Therapies

    Achieve a healthy golden tan without harmful UV rays.

Sunless Spray Tanning / Hand Applique Gentlemen’s Bronzing Treatment (select airbrush or hand application)

    airbrush body bronzing or hand applique

    Have a tinted self-tanning color professionally airbrushed or apply by hand for your face and body.

    Initial Application (Approx 15-20 min) ($45), Weekly Touch Up ($30), Hand Applique (add $15)

    (Sunless Spray Package (Six Applications) ($160))

Add on a body scrub treatment prior to your tanning for a longer lasting and smooth application!

    ((Approx 20 min) ($45))

Après Soleil Gentlemen’s Sun Relief Treatment

    after sun therapy or sun relief

    Recommended for sunburned or dehydrated and dry skin. This treatment helps to provide relief while restoring natural

    skin balance and hydration to combat UV damage. Revitalizing masque (Approx 45 min) ($60), Sunburn relief wrap (Approx 35 min) ($55)

    Le Petite Therapies

    (Add these special services to any facial & body treatments or enjoy them as solos.)

Revitalizing Eye & Lip Rescue Gentlemen’s Eye Zone Rescue

    This intensive and revitalizing treatment decongests, increases circulation, and reduces puffiness and dark circles around

    the eyes. These treatments are ideal to smooth the appearance of fine lines around the eyes and lip area.

    Approx 20 min ($25)

Neck & Décolleté Beautifying Treatment

    A beautifying and oxygenating treatment that re-hydrates, firms and smoothes the fragile skin on the neck and décolleté.

    Approx 35 min ($45)

Sensual Hair & Scalp Therapy Gentlemen’s Scalp Treatment

    sensual scented conditioning treatment for scalp & hair

    This treatment is based on a garden concept. Think of conditioning as the final yet essential step in proper hair care.

    What could be gentler and more nourishing than nature’s rich ingredients to add life to your locks? Your hair will smell

    like a tropical garden afterwards! Approx 30 min ($40)



    Face & Body Waxing

Face Body

    Eyebrow Shaping ($25) Underarms ($20)

    Eyebrow Upkeep (monthly maintenance) ($20) Half Arms / Full Arms ($30 / $40) Lip ($15)

    Chin / Ears / Sideburns ($18) Hands / Feet ($20), Hands & Feet ($35)) Hairline ($20) Stomach ($20)

    Full Face (exclude brows) ($45) Shoulders ($20 - $35)

     Back / Chest ($45-$60), (Trim Only ($40))

     Bikini Line ($40) (monthly maintenance) ($35)

     Extended Bikini Line ($50)

     Modified Brazilian ($70) (monthly maintenance) ($60)

    Bare Brazilian ($80) (monthly maintenance) ($70)

    Half Legs / with Bikini ($45 / $75)

    Full Legs / with Bikini ($65 / $95)

     Additional Design/Shaping ($15 and up)

le maquiage



Le Spa uses makeup of the highest quality, beneficial for all skin types and suitable for even the most sensitive skin. We

    believe that healthy skin is the most beautiful cosmetic that may be worn, and that true make-up artistry involves

    enhancing a wearer’s natural beauty and unique personality, rather than conforming a face to the latest fashion trends. Le Spa proudly carries make-up lines that are good for the skin.

Meaningful consultations are offered at Le Spa. Allow us to help solve everyday make-up challenges and provide a fresh

    look to compliment your personal style.

Makeup Application ($75)

    Makeup Lesson w/complimentary seasonal updates ($90)

    Bridal Makeup ($100)

    Bridal Makeup Color Consultation ($50)

    Artificial Lashes Application / with Makeup Application ($20 / $15)

    Brow Tinting or Lightening / Lash Tinting, approx 25min ($23 / $25) Lash Perming, approx 45min ($50)

    Custom Blend Liquid Foundation (initial) - Refill or Update ($45 / $30)



Come and experience them for yourself. Le Spa's new Duo Manicure Bar & Duo Pedicure Suite! Our nail

    services include a variety of treatments from streamlined to "spa style" offering that extra attention and

    grooming that makes your visit indulgent and complete.

    Basic Manicure / Pedicure Gentlemen’s Basic Manicure / Pedicure This is a traditional nail grooming service complete with a polish or buffed finish. Our emphasis is on an essential nail

    care routine that helps you enjoy your healthy, attractive, natural nails. Mani 30 min ($20), Pedi 45 min ($25), Child (12 and under) Mani ($12), Pedi ($16)

    Classic Manicure / Pedicure w/sugar glow Gentlemen’s Classic Manicure / Pedicure Classic nail grooming with an exfoliating sugar/salt glow followed with a relaxing massage. Buffed shine or polish

    finished. Mani 45 min ($25), Pedi 60 min ($30), Classic Combo ($50)

Moji-Toes Pedicure New! Gentlemen’s Moji-Toes Pedicure

    Enjoy a refreshing virgin “mojito” with our “Moji-Toes” pedicure!

    This fun and refreshing pedicure starts with a lime and mint foot soak follow with a mojito sugar scrub and a ritual lower

    leg and foot massage. Finish with a polish of your choice or upgrade to a French polish for a clean summer look.

    60 min ($40)

Milk & Honey Manicure / Pedicure New! Gentlemen’s Milk & Honey Manicure/Pedicure

    This service starts with a warm milk and honey bath soak for your hands and/or feet. Lactic acid which derives from the

    milk will gently exfoliate and soothe dry skin while honey hydrates and provides natural anti-oxidant properties, follow

    with a ritual massage with our milk and honey balm. Finish with a precision polish.

    Enjoy a cookie with your warm milk and honey treatment! 45 min Manicure ($30), 60 min Pedicure ($35), Combo ($60)

    Callous Control Pedicure New! Gentlemen’s Callous Control Pedicure This treatment specific pedicure emphasizes on controlling tough dry callous. Include basic nail grooming,

    shaping, and buff shine or polish. Approx 1 h 15 min ($45)

Spa Manicure / Pedicure w/Paraffin New! Gentlemen’s Spa Manicure/ Pedicure

    All out indulgence! Exfoliate summer dry skin with our spa blend of lavender tangerine salt glow follow with a luxurious

    tension release massage, then relax and enjoy a warm paraffin treatment. This ritual leaves skin amazingly soft and

    hydrated. Polished or buffed finished. 70 min Manicure ($40), 75 min Pedicure ($50), Spa Combo ($80)

    Polish Promise!

    We promise your polish is protected for up to three days after your manicure, and up to five days after your

    pedicure. Should your polish chip or flake, you may return for a fresh polish application at no charge!

    Spa Tip!

    Pre-book your next nail care service(s) with us at the time of your nail service,

    and receive a 5% off on that next service(s) scheduled.


    Add-on Services for Nails

Paraffin Ease

    This warm, soothing aromatherapy paraffin treatment gently eases muscle tension while aiding our moisturizing crème to

    penetrate deeply into your skin. Leave your skin superbly soft! ($13 hands, $15 feet)

Nail Jewels

    Hand painted art or jewel tone appliqué. ($5 and up)

French or American Polish

    Free hand application for a longer lasting! ($5)

Polish Change w/mini shaping ($10), w/French ($12)

Warm Stones w/Pedicure, 10min ($10)


     the escape


    Try our spa sampler collections for a total skin & body experience.

The Escape

    A truly indulgent escape to relax and rejuvenate the body and delight the senses from head to toe. This session includes a

    one hour spa aromatherapy massage and an European Classique facial. Approx 2 hr 15 min ($155)

A Perfect Retreat

    This retreat will begin with a classic manicure and pedicure, relaxing mini-facial and concludes with a one hour spa

    aromatherapy massage. Approx 3 hr 30 min ($185)

Seasonal Therapy New!

    a weather warming and breathe ease treatment series Warm up this season with treatments to relax and warm your whole body. This therapy includes a one hour massage with

    a eucalyptus steam treatment, Breathe Eaze Facial, concluded with warm paraffin treatment for the dry hands and feet.

    Approx 3 hr ($200)




    Please notify us in advance if you have a medical condition such as high blood pressure, allergies, physical ailments,

    disabilities, or are currently on Retin-A, Accutane or any photosensitizing or keratolytic medications, or have had recent

    laser or plastic surgery, or metal implants. Any of the above conditions may affect our ability to perform your requested

    treatment(s). Every client will be asked to fill out a brief medical questionnaire prior to receiving services.


    As a courtesy, Le Spa confirms your scheduled appointment 48 hours in advance. The services you have selected are

    especially reserved for you. We require a credit card to reserve your appointment. We require 24-hour cancellation

    notice, or a minimum of 50% of scheduled service(s) fee will be charged. No shows will be charge full price of reserved



    If you are not satisfied with a skin or body care product, please bring in the remaining product and your original receipt

    for a product exchange or a spa credit only. All returns must be done within 30 days of purchase and MUST include the

    original receipt.


    Le Spa is a place of relaxation and serenity for all clients. We asked that children and infants not accompany a parent

    who is receiving treatment. Children are welcome if they have an appointment for service.


    Thank you for keeping your valuables at home. Le Spa is not responsible for lost or stolen property.


    Gift certificates are available for all services and retail items. Gift certificates are available in any amount, for specific

    services, or packages. There is a small handling fee for gift certificate sent by mail. Gift certificates are not redeemable

    for cash and are non-transferable. Sorry, gift cards are not refundable or replaceable even if lost, misplaced or stolen.


    Please, respect the sanctuary we provide and turn off your cell phone upon arrival.

Prices and services are subject to change without notice. September 2006

    18 N. Central Avenue, Campbell, California 95008 408.866.8108


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