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Wednesday, 4 April 2007

18.00 20.00 Registration and Welcome Cocktail

    Thursday, 5 April 2007 The Day of Financing and Marketing

9.00 9.30 Welcome Speeches

     Ferenc Hudecz, Rector, Eötvös Loránd University, Hungary

    Paul Gibbs, Middlesex University, UK

    9.30 10.30 Financing Higher Education to Promote Quality and

    Access: What Ways Forward for Europe?

    Keynote Speech

    Nicholas Barr, Professor, London School of Economics, UK

    10.30 11.00 Discussion, Q&A

11.00 11.20 Coffee Break

11.20 11.40 Value Co-creation and Co-financing in Higher Education

    József Berács, Professor, Corvinus University of Budapest,


    11.40 11.45 Discussion, Q&A

    11.45 12.05 From Conventions to Conviction: The Role and Value of

    UK Higher Education Exhibitions

    Dan Bennett and Faye Brown, University of Brighton, UK

    12.05 12.10 Discussion, Q&A

    12.10. 12.30 Marketing of Sandwich Course Degrees: New Challenges

    Arising from Widening Participation in Higher Education

    Roger Bennett, Director, Centre for Research in Marketing at

    London Metropolitan University, UK

    Lynne Eagle, Professor, Middlesex University, UK

    Wendy Mousley and Rehnuma Ali-Choudhury, Research

    Assistants, Centre for Research in Marketing at London

    Metropolitan University, UK

    12.30 12.35 Discussion, Q&A

    12.35 12.55 Effect of the Hungarian Student Loan System on

    Enrolment and on the Financing of Higher Education


    Mózes Székely, Director, Eötvös Loránd University

    Gyula Gilly, NV Property Development Inc.

    12.55 13.00 Discussion, Q&A

13.00 14.00 Lunch Break

    14.00 14.20 Marketing to Prospective Students at Higher Educations:

    Information Needs and Source Preferences

    J. Bonnema and DLR van der Waldt, Department of Marketing

    and Communication Management, University of Pretoria, South


    14.20 14.25 Discussion, Q&A

    14.25 14.45 Facilitating Innovations in Higher Education in Emerging


    Olga Saginova, Dean, Plekhanov Graduate School, Plekhanov

    Russian Academy of Economics, Russia

    Vladimir Belyansky, Vice Rector, Plekhanov Graduate School,

    Plekhanov Russian Academy of Economics, Russia

    14.45 14.50 Discussion, Q&A

    14.50 15.10 A New Marketing Mix The 7Ps of the MBA Market

    Jonathan Ivy, University of Central England, Business School,


    15.10 15.15 Discussion, Q&A

    15.15 15.35 Quality Improvement in Marketing Programs

    Corneliu Munteanu, Tudor Jijie, Oana Anton

    Alexandru Ioan Cuza University at Iasi, Romania

    15.35 15.40 Discussion, Q&A

    15.40 16.00 Efficiency of Public Higher Education Institutions in

    Taiwan: An Examination of Change in Funding


    Sheng-Ju Chan, Hsin-Hsiang Lee, Wan-Chun Jhang

    Graduate Institute of Educational Administration and Policy

    Development, NCYU, Taiwan

    16.00 16.05 Discussion, Q&A

16.05 16.30 Coffee Break

    16.30 16.50 Maintaining Friendships among Competing Colleges in

    Taiwan through Market Segmentation and Positioning

    Hsuanfu Ho, Assistant Professor, National Chiayi University,


    Hsuanlian Liu, AMBA Administrative Specialist, National

    Chengchi University, Taiwan

    Hungchun Lin, Master Program Student, National Chiayi

    University, Taiwan

    16.50 16.55 Discussion, Q&A

    16.55 17.15 New Strategies in Positioning an Austrian School of

    Management An Analysis of the Corporate Identity

    Daniela Payer and Margit Raich, Innsbruck University School of

    Management, Austria

    17.15 17.20 Discussion, Q&A

    17.20 17.40 The Ethical Questions of Marketing in Higher Education in


    Gabriella Kuráth and Rita Győrmárton

    Head of Marketing Department, external relations officer,

    University of Pécs, Hungary

    17.45 17.50 Discussion, Q&A

    17.50 18.10 Building the Community of Alumni! Does the End Justify

    the Means?

    Balázs Révész and Péter Szakál, Márta Görög, University of

    Szeged, Hungary

    18.10 18.15 Discussion, Q&A

    18.15 18.35 Quality Issues in the Higher Education

    Balázs Siklós, assistant researcher, University of Debrecen

    Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Hungary

    18.35 18.40 Discussion, Q&A

19.00 21.00 Banquet on a boat

    Friday, 6 April 2007 The Day of Marketing Ethics

9.00 10.00 The Ethics of Marketing Higher Education

    Keynote Speech

    Patrick Murphy, Professor, University of Notre Dame, USA

    10.00 10.30 Discussion, Q&A

10.30 10.50 Coffee Break

10.50 11.10 Skills, Knowledge Wisdom; What are the Issues for Good

    Higher Education Marketing?

    Paul Gibbs, Middlesex University, UK

    11.10 11.15 Discussion, Q&A

    11.15 11.35 The Rise of the Marketing Machine: The Growth of AACSB

    International on Higher Education

    Anthony Lowrie, Edgewood College, Madison Wisconsin, USA

    11.35 11.40 Discussion, Q&A

    11.40 12.00 “Self-Brand Management” Supports Personal

    Development Planning An Ethical Contribution of

    Marketing to Higher Education

    Irini Rigopoulou, Athens University of Economics and Business,


    12.00 12.05 Discussion, Q&A

    12.05 12.25 Higher Education Rankings as Marketing-factors and

    Media Products

    György Fábri, research leader, UnivPress Higher Education

    Research Workshop

    12.25 12.30 Discussion, Q&A

    12.30 12.50 Measuring Market Orientation in Higher Education:

    A Pilot of the MO Inventory

    Jane Hemsley-Brown, University of Surrey, UK

    Izhar Oplatka, Ben Gurion University, Israel

    12.50 12.55 Discussion, Q&A

12.55 14.00 Lunch Break

    14.00 14.20 Building Partnerships A Key to Success for HE

    Community and Local Authorities

    Isabela Dus, Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland

    14.20 14.25 Discussion, Q&A

    14.25 14.45 Internationalisation as a Strategy in Marketing of Higher


    Katarzyna Frankowicz, Conference of Rectors of Academic

    Schools in Poland

    14.45 14.50 Discussion, Q&A

    14.50 15.10 Analysing Critical Incidents in Higher Education Services

    Roediger Voss, University of Education Ludwigsburg, Institute

    for Educational Management, Germany

    Thorsten Gruber, The University of Manchester, Manchester

    Business School, UK

    Alexander Reppel, School of Management, Royal Holloway,

    University of London, UK

    15.10 15.15 Discussion, Q&A

    15.15 15.35 The Factors Effect Women Professors’ Performance in


    Wei-Ju Chen, Sheng-Yai Wang, National Chiayi University

    Graduate Institute of Elementary and Secondary Education,


    15.35 15.40 Discussion, Q&A

15.40 16.00 Coffee Break and Farewell Drink


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