Unit 3 my favourite things part A

By Alexander Willis,2014-10-05 13:36
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Unit 3 my favourite things part A

Teaching Plan

    Unit 3 My Favourite Things

    The 1st period

    1. Teaching contents

    Unit3 My favourite things, Part A, Book 5, Primary English for China. 2. Teaching aims

    1).To enable students to understand and read the new words: badges, coins, IC cards,

    key rings, soft toys, stamps;

    2).Let students speak and use the sentences in real situation: What do you have? I


    4. Important and difficult points

    Important points;1. Master the words badges, coins, IC cards, key rings, soft toys, stamps

    2. Can pronounce them correctly and can use them in the sentence

    pattern What do you have? -I have …”

    Difficult points;1. Correct pronunciation and intonation

     2. Use the new words and the sentence pattern in communication. 5. Teaching methods

    Task-based teaching, pair working teaching, songs and games 6. Teaching aids

    Real objects, CAI, word cards, pictures

    7. Teaching procedures

    Step1: Warming up

    1. Chant

    Step2: Presentation.

     1. Show my school bag to the students and let them guess what is in it.

    2. Ask students What do you have?, and lead them to answer “I have…

    3. Sing a song (I have pencils, I have pencils, what do you have……)

    4. Let students continue to guess the things in the school bag, and present the words card

    on the blackboard.

    Step3: Practice

    1. Read the words by playing games

    2. Read the words and the sentences.

    3. Sing a song (I have soft toys, I have soft toys, what do you have……)

     Step4. Consolidation

    1. Make sentences by looking at the real objects or flash cards.

    2. Pair work (get students come to the front and perform the dialogue)

    Step5. Sum up and homework

    1. Count each group’s points to see which group is the winner.

    2. Homework: 1).After class, read Part A three times and ask your partner what do you have

    2).After school, tell your parents what do you have

    3). Draw a picture of your favourite things and write down the English word.

    8. Board-writing

    Unit3 My favourite things

    What do you have?

     badges D B C A key rings I have soft toys



     IC cards

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