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Thank you. Thank you. Jackie!


    -Thank you!

    -So I said, you ?C first of all, welcome. It's a pleasure to meet you. -Thank you.

    It's wonderful to have you here. Now I said that you've done a hundred films and broken just as many bones. Really, how many bones have you broken? Do you know?

    Uhh??yeah. Just??not every bone, but mostly bone. I cut nose three times, face burned, tooth is gone, shoulder crack??broken, broken, broken, broken.

    Crack, crack, crack, crack, crack, crack. Shoulder, you know??all over. Almost everything.

    It would be easier to ask what you haven't broken. It would be a??shorter answer.

    So, and are you ?C are you ?C do you have a high threshold for pain, or is it something that you just get used to...

    ...or...everytime you break something, does it get easier? It's not easier, no. The??part of my job. Everybody's saying, ??Oh, Jackie, you're so brave. You're Superman.??

    No! I wanna do a stunt, my heart was beating. Unghh??I'm gonna die. I'm gonna die.

    But I just- when I ?C everytime I hear the camera rolling, then I forget everything.

    -I just, I gotta do this. I gotta do it. Sometimes I just find I'm so stupid. Yeah!


    When I ?C when I come to America, then I find out, ??Wow. Doing a stunt's so easy. Why risk my life jump like a??20-story building??? -Yeah ?C

    -In America, they can do??just that high.


    -And??jump 20 feet, looks like a hundred feet.


    -Since when ?C every ?CI said, ??Wow. I should learn something.?? -Right. You ?C

    I remember ?C I remember first time when I see Spielberg??you know, I'm a big fan of Spielberg.

    You know, with a??after meeting, and I said, what ?C how can I have a conversation, and??I think about it. Oh, okay.

    As soon as he walk in, I said, ??I'm a big fan of yours???? and ??How can you make the dinosaur with people together??oh, just uh, it's


    -??But Jackie, so easy.?? I said, ??Why??? I just push the button, button, button, button.


    ??I wanna ask you, Jackie, how can you jump from a building to the building??? I said, ??That's more easy. Rolling, jump, cut, hospital.?? It's that easy!

    -Now, do you ?C I would think that you'd be hard to insure. Are you... -No.

    -They don't??insure you?

    -In especial??in Hong Kong, and in Asia, all the insuring company blacklist Jackie Chan.


    -Second, blacklist JC Team.


    Jackie Chan Team. Because we ?C we don't care about ourselves or we really do something for the movie. We risk for the??for the company. -Yeah.

    -But in America, different.


    You know, this??everything is??I remember first time come to U.S. Rush Hour 1.

    -Yeah. -And this director, with me. Nobody else. Went to location-scout. Walk, walk all around.

    ??Oh, Jackie??you think ?C how can we ?C how you get into the window??? I said, ??There's a tree. Can I jump up a tree to the window??? ??Can you??? I said, ??Yeah!?? Then I just back up, boo-boo-boom! Boom-boom! He said, ??Oh, Jackie! Be careful!??

    I said, ??Look! Just??that easy.?? ??Good! Can you show the producer tomorrow??? I said, ??Okay!??

    Then tomorrow, again, with the producer, stunt coordinator, myself, and??everybody.

    Then, do you know, the director ?C so exciting. ??Look, look, look! Look! Jackie! Do it again!??

    I said, boo-boo-boo-boom, boom! The producer, ??Oh, my God! Don't do it next time, okay???

    I said, ??Okay, okay, okay. That's a good idea. Let's do it.?? The day we shooting??I was waiting. ??What are we waiting???

    Oh. They have a??two mountain guy??crossed the building and used the, uh, the safety??uh, wire to make sure the window is safe. And they have like, a fireman and??standing by, and have a??the apple box! With all the apple box! Take 5 hour.

-Then I say, ??I've been doing??2 days ago!??


    -??No, that's American, Jackie. Your life is so worth???? I said, ??No! Just do it!??


    -Yeah! It's so easy for me.

    -That's um, it is, it is easy.

    -I said, ??Give me the money. Just ?C I'll just do it.?? -Yeah??

    -But so, when I'm making - start making American film, I hurt myself less.





    I bet! Now, are you scared of anything? Is there anything that does scare you? Since you seem so fearless?

    -Uh??needle. I rea- I don't know why??

    -Like, you get a shot? Or like??

    -Yeah! Shot!

    -??somebody sewing in front of you? You can't watch that? -No,no, no. I just??scared the needle around me. I just don't know why. -You know, everytime when I??making a movie, they have a like, a ?C what? Body check??


    -??make sure the insurance, something??


    ??then I walk in the hospital, then ev ?C ??Wow, Jackie Chan???? ??Hi, hi, hi, hi.?? Then I go in, I believe they just hear, ??Oh-oh-uh! Arrr!?? -Yeah.

    -Yeah, I said????Slap me first, slap me first??!?? Then, doctor have a??pow-pow-pow-pow!

    ??Okay, okay, okay! Oh!?? Then, when I come out, I'm so embarassed. Everybody says??and??I just so embarrassed.

    I don't know why, every time the needle coming, I just????Ah, ah, ah, ahh!??

    Yeah. They should have it on top of a tree that you just climb and end up on it accidentally and it just hits you after you climb the tree or something.

    -I just??

    -Alright, so, we have to take a break.

    We're gonna take a break and you're gonna teach me because you're kind

of like a ?C you do all these stunts...

    -??and I wanna see if we can do some stunts here on the set, okay? -Okay.

    -So??we'll see if we can. We'll be back!

    -Comin' up??Ellen's got a tasty Chicago surprise to give the audience. And up next??

    -Can we do a stunt?

    -You should- you should plan more this.

    -I know.

    -Then I can.

    -I dunno.

    Alright, we're back with Jackie Chan, and this is a ?C you know, you read these things, you don't know if they're true or not. -But I read that you do your own laundry.


    -Like ?C

    -No, no, not the jeans. Only socks, underwear.

    -And most??some time, maybe t-shirt. Yeah. So ?C

    -When you're on the road, like, in a hotel? How -

    Yes! Even in a President's Suite??you know, everybody goes in, there're all underwear, socks everywhere.

    Because! I, even I tell my stunt team or my colleague, I said, ??Never take the underwear or socks to the laundry.??

    They charge you twenty dollar U.S.! You can buy another one! It's just so easy, you know?

    I just bring two underwear. Day and night. Day??so easy! They're so easy. Yeah. While you're taking a shower.

    No, really! That's the truth! No, listen, there's a trick. When you're taking a shower, wear your underwear together. You know? Then you take the bath, then you take off the underwear, clean, then??ssst. Then poof! Then hang it. The next morning, then you change. -You know??


    -But you're making a lot of money, Jackie.

    You have money that, that, you can??but, so??I heard that, and I didn't know if it was??

    -I'm giving you enough Ellen underwear, you're never gonna have to do your laundry??

    -Oh, my God!

    -??ever. That's for you.

    -Isn't about money! Isn't about money.


    -Is about discipline. Is about discipline.

    -No, I know! I think that's great.

    But now you have plenty, you can go a long time without having to - to wash yourself with underwear.

    -I'm gonna sell it!


    Alright, so we were talking about stunts, and during the commercial, I said, ??What can we do???

    And if we climb anything, I think that's too risky, so I'm not sure that we can actually do a stunt. Right? Can we do a stunt? -You should ?C you should plan for this??

    -I know!

    ??then I can.

    Difficult to do this kind of things, you know? It's just??children's program. Is this children's program?

    Well, not children, but, you know. I mean, there are children that watch??I don't know.

    -Don't do it at home! Ohh! Now you can join my stunt team. That's my??little gift t-shirt.

    -Oh, thank you!

    -That's a ?C that's a JC Stunt Team.

    -Thank you so much, Jackie, that's fantastic, and I love this color! That's Jackie Chan, Forbidden Kingdom, opens in theaters everywhere Friday, April 18.

    Six-year-old Jalen Testerman is gonna dance for us after this. Thank you, Jackie. Thank you so much.

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