Now or never

By Marcus Lee,2014-03-27 23:41
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Now or never

     Now or never, it means cherishing the present. From time to time the flashes of the past hit me at night, making me regret the mistakes done. However;our time is limited,

    What a waste it is if we dont catch the chance that we

    should have got. So I decide to cherish the present. I am living for today and just for the day.

     Now or never, it means not worrying for tomorrow. Sometimes I have too many thoughts and plans for the future. When doing something, I used to worry about thing which has not happened. The anxiety and uncertainty about making it or not worried me. Always as the saying goes "More haste, less speed." I can't get things as expected. But now I have to make the best of today if I would like to succeed tomorrow. Worrying for anything does not do me any good.

     Now or never, it means taking the chance. Life is a great choice. When I hesitate, the chance slips away. It's hard to tell how many opportunities I have missed in this way. But when I got the massage that I have the opportunity to be monitor of our class, I thought that I cant

    miss it any more, so I just got it. And this time I have the chance to speak in public in English, so I just got it again.

    As it is said, no room and no time for regret, and there is no use to crying over split milk. If one really wants to achieve something, he should catch the chance immediately and determined. Since I understand, every time for decision I will say to myself, "I am doing it now, or chance never comes again."

     I am not going to live forever, so I live it now. This is the spirit I stick to for my time being.

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