Cerise is the Colour The Newsletter of the North West Hockey

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Cerise is the Colour The Newsletter of the North West Hockey

2008/9 Season Issue 26 2008

Cerise is the Colour

    The Newsletter of the North West Hockey Umpiring Association

    News from the Annual General Dear Colleagues,


    This edition of Cerise is very late and for that please accept Awards for Season 2007/08

    my apologies. By way of mitigation two factors have The Umpires Prize this year was awarded at the contributed to this delay: Annual Dinner to Tony Shutt in recognition of the

    outstanding work Tony carries out for the Association 1. The need to establish a workable financial basis for

    not only as Saturday Appointment’s and Midweek the coming season and appointment’s Secretaries but also his behind the 2. The small amount of content I have to put into the scenes work, particularly of late on the Website where

    newsletter he has been the driving force taking things forward.

     Neston Hockey Club was awarded the Sandy Kennedy The Associations finances have now been finalised for the new Wilkinson Sword Trophy for hospitality. season and appointments are being made to N2W and NW1. Paul Beckett was awarded the Young Umpires Prize

    By now our active umpires will have officiated at three or

    four matches and will be well into the swing of the new Subscriptions

    season. Subscriptions will remain at ?35 with the same rebate

     structure as introduced last year.

     However I have received almost no contributions for the Officers and Committee Members 2008/09 Newsletter from the membership and so this issue will be President Chris Leyland quite “thin.”

    Deputy President Chris Todd

    Chairman Tom McCabe Tony Crisp

     Secretary Larry Holmes

    Editor Treasurer Trevor Mathew-Jones

    Tel.: 0151 336 6181 Chairman, Selection Committee Chris Todd

    email: Saturday Appointments Secretary Tony Shutt

    Sunday Appointments Secretary Chris Leyland

    Bill Connor Deputy Sunday Appointments


    Mid-week Appointments Secretary Tony Shutt

    Coach Terry Norwood

     Member of Management Committee Tony Crisp

    Member of Management Committee Chris Reece

    Member of Management Committee David Sutherland

    Member of Selection Committee Chris Leyland

    Member of Selection Committee Chris Reece

    Member of Selection Committee Terry Norwood

    Member of Selection Committee Glyn Forster

Cerise is the Colour October 2008 Page 1

2008/9 Season Issue 26 2008

There is vacancy on the Management Committee The following were elected as Vice Presidents of

    and if necessary a member will be co-opted when the Association:

    required Bill Connor, Tony Crisp, Tom McCabe and Tony



    thThe 2008/09 season’s Annual Dinner will be held on Friday, 8 May, 2009 at 7.00 pm

    (pre-Dinner drinks) for 7.30 pm in the Function Suite of the Manor Restaurant, Greasby, Wirral.

    Order of PROCEEDINGS:

    1. Welcome, Introduction and Grace by the Chairman.

    2. The Chairman introduces the President who will make the Presentations .The new format has been so successful during the past three years that it will be repeated again for this season’s event. Approaching fifty people dined last year and

    enjoyed a superb evening with an excellent three course meal.

    This Dinner is open to all members plus their wives, girlfriends, partners and other friends and the cost is only ?23 per person which represents fantastic value for

    money. The Restaurant has requested that we restrict the number of diners to sixty so make your booking early!!

    Other information about this restaurant is Website:,

    telephone number: 0151 677 7034).

    The Guest Speaker will be David Faulkner who is the Performance Director for both

    England Hockey and GB Hockey.

    As is now the established format at this Dinner, the Umpire’s Prize will be presented to the Umpire as decided by the new “Honours Committee” set up by your Management Committee. Also, the Wilkinson Sword Trophy will be presented to two representatives of the winning club.

    The Dress Code is “smart” with ties for the gentlemen.

    This year our very own Chris Todd will be celebrating FORTY years of umpiring so the dinner will be quite special and your Management Committee hopes for a really good attendance.

    It is hoped that SIXTY people will sit down to dinner. So please complete the enclosed booking form and return to Trevor Mathew-Jones as soon as possible

    PLEASE put this important date in your diary, NOW!!

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    2008/9 Season Issue 26 2008

    Accommodation Directions to the Manor Restaurant

    For those requiring accommodation near to the This restaurant in is the village of GREASBY and the

    restaurant on the Friday night, there are two places post code is CH49 3NF .

    which are recommended. These are : Either go through Liverpool and then via the

    1. The Peel Hey Guest House, Frankby Road, WALLASEY (Kingsway) tunnel onto the M53 or go

    Frankby Village, Wirral, CH49 1PP. from the M56 onto the M53.

    Tel: 0151 677 9077 Once you are on the M53 leave at junction / exit 2. Follow the slip road at junction 2 and then go straight website: over at the roundabout, following signs for West Kirby, This is walking distance from the restaurant. Upton and Greasby.

    2. Premier Travel Inn, Greasby Road, Then go straight through a set of traffic lights. (Do Greasby,CH49 2PP NOT turn right at those lights.) Tel: 0870 990 6588] At the next roundabout turn RIGHT and then 3. The King’s Gap Court Hotel, Hoylake. immediately enter GREASBY. You pass the Twelfth For details please contact Trevor Mathew-Man pub / Premier Lodge on your left. This is one of Jones. the two local places for accommodation.

     Carry on along that main road for almost one mile. You will pass a BP petrol station on your right and shortly afterwards go through a pedestrian crossing.

     Greasby library is next on your left followed by the Red Cat pub.

    The Manor Restaurant and Function Suite is then on your left.

    There is plenty of car parking space.

    Dates of meetings for the coming season:

The Management Committee Meetings, Chairman Tom McCabe, are on the following dates,

    starting at 7.00 pm at Bowdon Hockey Club: rd01. Monday, 23 June, 2008 nd02. Tuesday, 22 July, 2008 th03. Monday, 29 September, 2008 rd04. Monday, 3 November, 2008 rd05. Tuesday, 3 February, 2009 th06. Monday, 6 April, 2009

The Selection Committee Meetings {Chairman, Chris Todd are on the following dates,

    starting at 7.00 pm at Bowdon Hockey Club : th01. Tuesday, 28 October, 2008 th02. Tuesday, 20 January, 2009 th03. Tuesday, 24 March, 2009

    thThe AGM will be on Tuesday, 12 May, 2009 - starting at 7.30pm.

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2008/9 Season Issue 26 2008

Membership & Subscriptions

    The following extract from our Introduction Pack is intended as a reminder to all our members. In particular please be aware of the paragraph relating to insurance as those who may be umpiring at North Level will only be insured if they pay their NWHUA subscription. Of course you may choose to obtain insurance elsewhere and not join NWHUA. However the cost will be considerably more.

    The North West Hockey Umpiring Association (NWHUA) has a single category of Membership

    although not all members are accepting appointments from the Association or, indeed, actively


    Members are offered regular umpiring appointments from the Association, or a higher body, on

    Saturdays throughout the hockey season. The Association also regularly appoints umpires to matches

    played on Sundays and Wednesdays. There are two principal sources of income for the Association:

    the Membership fee and the charge it makes to the home club for the appointment of umpires to a

    match. On being accepted as a Member of the Association, you will receive the following:-

    A copy, each season, of Rules of the Game of Hockey

    A copy, each season, of the North West Hockey Umpiring Association Handbook

    A copy of each of the Cheshire and Lancashire County Hockey Associations’ Handbook

    Expenses claim form

    Newsletters throughout the playing season

    Opportunities to attend coaching sessions

    Membership of the Association also entitles you to liability insurance while umpiring any hockey match

    conducted under EHL recognised conditions. It is important to understand that this may be invalidated

    if the rules of hockey, or any existing league or tournament rules, are not enforced.

    Request for Umpiring Assistance

    Macclesfield Hockey Club experiencing some difficulties this season in providing appropriately qualified umpires for their league games from within the club. They are therefore exploring the possibility of approaching external umpires, particularly members of the NWHUA, for help.

    They are looking for someone who is willing to umpire games for Macclesfield HC this season; not necessarily committing to regular Saturday appointments, but maybe able to offer help to them on an ad hoc basis. In particular they are looking at covering games for our Men's & Ladies 1st XI.

If anyone is interested in helping Macclesfield please contact Craig Roberts at:

    Email: Tel: 01625 869201

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    2008/9 Season Issue 26 2008


To: Mr. Trevor Mathew-Jones,

     30, Bertram Drive,


     Wirral, CH47 0LQ.

    From: {Please PRINT carefully.} ……………………………………………….……..………….

    th** I wish to attend the NWHUA Annual DINNER at the Manor Restaurant in Greasby on Friday, 8 May, 2009 and the names of those in my party for the seating plan are


    I enclose a cheque made payable to NWHUA for ?…………............ (at ?23 per person) to cover the cost of my party.


** I regret that I am unable to attend this year’s Dinner.

SIGNED: ……………………………………………………………….

** Please delete one of these as necessary.

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