Informativa sulla Polizza Assicurativa Assitalia

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Informativa sulla Polizza Assicurativa Assitalia ...

    Assitalia Insurance Policy



    The agreement stipulated by Ministry of Foreign Affairs and “Assitalia (hereinafter referred to as the Company) in the

    form of Policy no. 100/00352716, guarantees:

    a) Reimbursement of the recipient and, where requested, direct payment to the national health facility, of expenses

    incurred for urgent hospitalisation made necessary by accident, illness or maternity and following surgical

    intervention, or not, in national hospital facilities or those associated with that system. No limit has been set for

    those expenses. Also included is reimbursement of expenses incurred for transportation to the aforementioned

    facilities as well as for accompanying persons.

    b) Reimbursement for expenses incurred for diagnostic tests (including medical fees) done within the 60 days prior to


    c) Reimbursement of expenses for medical assistance, tests, purchase of medicines, treatments and physiotherapy,

    thermal cures (excluding hotel-related expenses) incurred within the 90 days subsequent to surgery. The expenses

    noted in points b) and c) are reimbursed by the Company for a limit of ?3,000.00 per year for each insured person.

    d) Reimbursement for expenses incurred in purchasing medicines prescribed by a physician, including those not listed

    in the National Health Service manual, for a limit of ?600.00 per year for each insured person.

    e) Reimbursement of medical and treatment expenses, specialist examinations, treatment materials, x-rays, diagnostic

    tests, dental care and extractions (excluding prostheses), up to a limit of ?600.00 per year for each person insured.

    f) In case of death by accident or illness the Company reimburses the insured person’s declared beneficiary for

    funeral expenses pertaining to transportation and repatriation of the body, upon presentation of the related invoices,

    for up to a maximum of ?12,000.00.

    g) Payment of a ?150,000.00 indemnity in the case of accidental death during the insured person’s stay in Italy.

    h) Payment of an indemnity of up to ?200,000.00 for permanent disability, to be adjusted in proportion to the

    provisions set out in Article 10, section I of the Special Chapter.

Steps to be followed in case of accident or illness

    1) Notification of the procedures required are to be sent in writing to the Company through Broker Marsh S.p.A.

    within 30 days of the event, along with medical certificates, prescriptions, invoices, clinical charts and anything

    else necessary or requested by the Company. Reimbursement of expenses as stated in point a) above will be made

    by the Company directly to the “A.S.L.” (healthcare facility). Remaining reimbursements will be made exclusively

    to the entitled person in Italy.

    2) The grant recipient must notify the Company in writing through Broker March S.p.A. and the Ministry of Foreign

    Affairs of the accident or illness within 30 days of occurrence, specifying the place, day and hour as well as cause.

    Notification must be accompanied by a medical certificate.

    3) In order to obtain reimbursement for expenses incurred in the purchase of medicines, treatment materials, x-rays,

    diagnostic tests, dental care and extractions (excluding prostheses) the grant recipient must submit the following in

    original form or by fax:

    - photocopies of medical prescriptions and invoices for medical services;

    - original pharmacy receipts;

    - copy of the letter assigning the grant;

    specifying name, surname, address and telephone number to:

     Marsh S.p.A, Piazza Marconi 25 00144 ROMA - Tel: 06.54516.1 Fax: 06.54516. 396

4) Insurance coverage for each grant recipient begins from the moment he or she sets foot on the soil of the Italian

    Republic and ceases with the conclusion of the grant’s duration and, in particular, with the recipient’s exit from

    Italy, and includes the trip back to the country of origin on the condition that this takes place within 5 days of the

    aforementioned conclusion. Exceptions exist for reasons of documented impossibility.



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