Initial Agenda for Travel Study (Summer II, 2006)

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Initial Agenda for Travel Study (Summer II, 2006) ...

    Tentative Travel Study Program (June 18 June 30, 2007)

    Date Activities Notes 06/18 ? Meet at Indianapolis Airport at 6:30 Am (8:00 Am) (Mon) ? Leave Indianapolis Airport in the morning

    ? Arrive at Beijing International Airport (9:15 Pm) 06/19 ? Pick-up by travel agency ? Orientation for 4-days study in Beijing (Tue) ? Check-in hotel

    ? Breakfast at hotel (7:00Am-8:00Am)

    ? Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences & UNFPA (8:30Am-11:00Am) (The meeting room is at Yuetan Community Health Service Center at Fuxing Hospital) Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences & UNFPA: introduce 06/20 ? ? Lunch at restaurant (11:30Am-1:00Pm) the public health system in China, the epidemic of HIV/AIDS (Wed) ? Harmonious Palace (1:30 Pm-3:30Pm) in China, and the strategies to address HIV/AIDS prevention. ? Hutong (4:00Pm-5:00Pm)

    ? Dinner at restaurant (6:30Pm- 7:30Pm)

    ? Group Discussion (8:00Pm-9:00Pm)

    06/18 ? Introduce the medical education systems in China; health US/Beijing ? Breakfast at hotel (7:00Am-7:30Am) education in schools, colleges, and universities; and health ? Peking University Health Science Center (8:30Am-11:00Am) services at schools, colleges, and universities. ? 06/21 Lunch at restaurant (11:30Am-12:30Pm) ? Discussion activities with Chinese students of School of Public ? (Thu) Summer Palace (1:00Pm-4:00Pm) Health (1 hour): the impact of different cultures on people’s ? Dinner at restaurant (5:30Pm-7:00Pm) lifestyles and behaviors, which in turn has a great effect on ? Wang Fu Jing Street (Golden Street) (8:00Pm-10:30Pm) people’s health.

    Peking Union Medical College Hospital: introduce the health ? Breakfast at hotel (6:30Am-7:30Am) ? deliver system in China; statistics related to health service in ? Peking Union Medical College Hospital (8:00Am-10:00Am) China; medical services; disease prevention and control; patient ? Yuetan Community Health Service Center, Fuxing Hospital education; and response to HIV/AIDS. 06/22 (11:00Am-12:00Pm) ? Yuetan Community Health Service Center: mission of ? Lunch at restaurant (12:30Pm-1:30Pm) (Fri) community health center; status and problems in the ? Forbidden City (2:00Pm-5:00Pm) development of community health in China; health care ? Tian’an Men Square (5:00Pm-6:00Pm) services in community; health education for population; ? Dinner (6:30Pm-7:30Pm) prevention and intervention programs.

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    Date Activities Notes ? Breakfast at hotel (6:00Am-6:30Am)

    ? Check out hotel (6:30Am-7:00Am)

    ? Ba Da Ling Great Wall

    ? ? Lunch at restaurant Ding Mausoleum of Ming Dynasty 06/23

    ? Dinner at the air plane ? Lunch at the restaurant (12:00Pm-1:00Pm) (Sat)

    ? Pick-up by travel agency at Hong Kong airport ( Pm)

    ? Check-in Kowloon Empire Hotel

    ? Group discussion (8:00Pm-9:00Pm)

    ? Breakfast at hotel (7:00Am-8:00Am)

    ? Hong Kong Museum (8:30Am-11:00Am)

    ? Golden Bauhinia Square (11:30Am-12:00Pm) 06/24 ? Lunch at restaurant (12:30Pm-1:30Pm) (Sun) ? Stanley Square (1:00Pm-3:00Pm)

    ? Repulse Bay (3:30Pm-5:00Pm)

    ? Victoria Peak (Tai Ping Mountain) (7:30Pm-10:30Pm)

    Chinese University of Hong Kong (1.5 hours): introduce the

    medical education systems in Hong Kong; and health education 06/23 ? and health services in schools, colleges, and universities in Beijing/ Hong Kong. Hong Kong

    ? Health Promoting School (1.5 hours): introduce the health ? Breakfast at hotel (7:00Am-7:30Am) promoting school program in Hong Kong. ? Chinese University of Hong Kong (8:30Am-10:00Am) ? Hong Kong AIDS Foundation (1 hour): introduce the goals and ? Lam Tai Fai College (10:30Am-11:30Am) mission of Foundation; HIV/AIDS epidemic in Hong Kong; ? Lunch at restaurant (12:00Pm-1:00Am) strategies to address HIV/AIDS prevention; the contribution of ? 06/25 Hong Kong AIDS Foundation and Healthy Young Ambassador NGOs on HIV/AIDS prevention and control in Hong Kong; and (Mon) (HYA) (1:30Pm-3:30Pm) the cooperation programs between international health sectors ? Leave for Bangkok ( Pm) and Hong Kong AIDS Foundation. ? Pick-up by travel agency at Bangkok International Airport ? Healthy Young Ambassador (HYA) (30 minutes): introduce the ? Check in the Hotel (Asia Hotel ) goal and mission of HYA; the contribution of HYA on ? Dinner at Toyo Ichibang Japanese Buffet (5:30 Pm- 7:30 Pm) HIV/AIDS prevention and control in Hong Kong; and the ? Group Discussion (8:00Pm-9:00Pm) challenges in implementing HIV/AIDS intervention programs.

    ? Discussion activities with volunteers of HYA (30 minutes): HYA

    volunteers’ working experience in HIV/AIDS prevention and

    control; and the challenges in implementing HIV/AIDS

    intervention programs.

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    Date Activities Notes

    ? School of Sports Science at Chulalongkorn University ? Breakfast at hotel (7:00Am-9:00Am) (1 hour): introduce the sports science education ? School of Sports Science, Chulalongkorn University (9:30Am-12:00Pm) systems in Thailand; and applied health science ? Lunch at School of Sports Science, Chulalongkorn University (12:00Pm-06/26 education and health services in schools, colleges, and 1:00Pm) (Tue) universities. ? Chulalongkorn University Demonstration Elementary School (1:30Pm- ? Discussion activities with Thai students (1 hour): the 3:00Pm) impact of different cultures on people’s lifestyles and ? Shopping & Dinner at MBK or Siam Paragon Department Store (3:00Pm behaviors, which in turn has a great effect on people’s 8:30 Pm) health.

    ? The Thai Health Promotion Foundation, or

    ThaiHealth, was established by the Health Promotion

    Foundation Act in 2001, which placed it outside the

    regular government bureaucracy. Its objectives include

    the reduction of sickness and death, and general

    improvements in quality of life. The philosophy of

    ThaiHealth is that all Thais can attain better lives, in a

    self-reliant way, though increases in cooperation. 06/25 ? Breakfast at hotel (7:00Am-9:00Am) ? Wat Phra Kaeo, the national temple. The temple is in Hong Kong/ ? Thai Health Promotion Organization (9:30Am-11:30Am) the outer section of the Royal Enclosure west of the Bangkok ? Lunch at "Thon-Pho", Thai restaurant on Rattanakosin Island. (12:00Pm-Grand Palace. It was built on the orders of King Rama

    1:00Pm) I along with the Grand Palace and Rattanakosin Island,

    ? Wat Phra Kaeo, Thailand National Temple (1:30Pm-3:00Pm) and is built as a temple in a Royal compound. It has no 06/27 resident monks. ? Wat Pho or Wat Chetupon, the temple is regarded as the first center of (Wed) public education (3:00 Pm 4:00 Pm) ? Wat Pho (Wat Chetupon), the temple is regarded as the

    first center of public education and is sometimes called ? Health Land Spa & Massage (4:30 Pm 6:00 Pm)

    Thailand's first university. It also has the first Thai ? Cruising on Chaopraya river by Chaopraya Cruise + Dinner buffet

    traditional massage school. (7:00Pm-9:30Pm)

    ? Health Land was originally built around the concept of ? Back to hotel (9:30Pm) a health centre comprising a supermarket selling

    organic and healthy food, vegetarian restaurant, drug

    store, herbal garden, library, massage and meditation

    room, and seminar corner for those who wanted to

    discuss health matters. It was later turned into a

    complete spa service center under the name ‘Health

    Land Spa & Massage'. *** SPA or Massage cost is on

    your own***

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? Breakfast at hotel (7:00Am-8:30Am)

    ? Check-out hotel (8:30Am - 9:00Am)

    ? Thai Traditional Health Promotion Center at Asomsilp (10:00Am-12:30Pm)

    ? Lunch at Asomsilp (12:30Pm-1:30Pm) 06/28 ? Go to Hua-Hin, the fabulous beach in Thailand; place for water sport (Thu) activities and spa.

    ? Check in the Hotel (City Beach Hotel )

    ? Seafood dinner at Thai seafood restaurant (7:30Pm-8:30Pm) ? Free time, visit Hua Hin night market which is in front of the hotel (8:30Pm-10:30Pm)

    ? Breakfast at hotel (7:00Am-9:00Am)

    ? Free time, enjoy spa or water sport activities at Hua-Hin beach (9:00Am-12:30Pm)

    ? Check out the hotel (12:30Pm 1:00 Pm) 06/29 ? Spa & water sport activities expenses on your own ? Heading back to Bangkok (1:00Pm) (Fri) ? Lunch & Dinner on your own ? Check-in hotel, Asia Hotel (3:30Pm-4:00Pm)

    ? Free time, shopping at MBK, Siam Square, Siam Paragon; big shopping malls in Bangkok (4:00Pm-9:00Pm)

    ? Back to hotel (9:00Pm)

    ? Check-out hotel (3:00Am-3:30Am) 06/30 ? Leave Bangkok early morning (6:00 Am) (Sat) th? Arrive Indianapolis in the afternoon (5:38 Pm, June 30)

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