Hottub Hire Rental Information Agreement

By Susan White,2014-06-28 09:28
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Hottub Hire Rental Information Agreement ...

    Hot Tub Hire Information / Agreement

Anyone using one of our spas should read this information and the operating and

    safety instructions.

1. Your spa will be filled with cold water and will take at least 24 hours to

    reach the recommended temperature of approximately 37ºC. If you have a

    combination boiler you could have it filled with hot water so it is ready to

    use when filled.

    2. To change the temperature adjust using the controls on the pump unit.

    3. When using the spa, remove lid and store carefully. Enter the water with

    care making sure it is not too hot (test first). NO JUMPING, BOMBING,


    4. When not using the spa always replace the lid to retain heat.

    5. The spa will maintain the set temperature by itself, although during

    periods of heavy use or when the lid is removed for an extended period

    there will be a fall in temperature. Staying out of the spa and replacing

    the lid will allow the water temperature to rise to the desired level. 6. Over filling the spa will cause it to overflow. Each person entering the spa

    will raise the water level by 5 7 cm. When the bubbles/ jets are

    activated the water level again rises by a similar amount.

    7. Always leave the spa plugged in and switched on in order for the

    filtration/ heating systems to work.

    8. Please do not smoke or drink alcoholic beverages when using the spa.

    9. Please do not use any electrical items (including mobile phones) within

    five feet of the spa.

    10. Children must be over ten years of age and accompanied by an adult at all

    times when using the spa.

    11. At 37.5ºC or above you should not spend more than 15 minutes in the spa.

    12. If you are pregnant or have a medical condition please check with your

    doctor before using the spa.

    13. Please lock the cover when the spa is not in use.

    14. It is essential that everyone using the spa showers before use, and no

    foreign bodies (such as grass) are introduced to the water. Your spa will

    perform better if kept clean and therefore more enjoyable to use.

    15. Remove the filters as often as needed and power wash with hose set on

    maximum pressure. Failure to do this may result in temperature decline

    for which Manchester Hot Tub Hire will not take responsibility.

    16. Our spas are designed for 4-6 persons. Overloading the spa can cause

    damage for which you will be liable.

    17. Chemicals will need to be added. We will go through this with you

    verbally upon delivery and will leave you with information regarding

    application, handling, storage etc.. If you have any questions just ask.

    18. Manchester Hot Tub Hire will not be responsible for any water damage

    that occurs from spas set up indoors.

Any damage incurred due to misuse or not following the above recommendations

    must be paid in full. Undersigned hirer understands the above information and

    acknowledges that the use of the spa is at the hirers risk.

Undersigned hirer agrees to release our company from any and all liabilities

    incurred with the use of the spa.

I have accepted the spa as being in perfect condition unless detailed below.

Date_________________ Signature of hirer____________________

Collection date__________ Signature of witness__________________

Payment due ?__________

We hope you enjoy your spa and recommend us to your friends. If you have any

    questions during the hire period contact us straight away.

Spas, including this one, are available for purchase. Please ask us for details.

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