1position paper MEXICO

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1position paper MEXICO

School Name: Qingdao No.2 Middle School

    Delegates Name: Peiran Zhang and Yamei Fang

    Committee Name: General Assembly Legal Committee (GA Legal)

    Country Name: Mexico

    Topic: Measures to eliminate international terrorism

    Increasing intensified international terrorism continues to inflict pain and suffering on people’s lives all over the world and has become a serious threat to international peace and security. Almost every week there is an act of terrorism taking place somewhere, affecting innocent people who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. The most representative event is 9-11. Organized transnational crime such as

    drug trafficking, unlawful arms trade, money laundering and smuggling of human and other potentially dangerous material such as nuclear accelerates the spread of terrorism which has caught high attention for both international and regional community. Eliminating this scourge is in the interest of all nations and the issue has been on the agenda of the United Nations for decades.

    In the past few decades, international terrorism has seriously expanded in many regions, especially in West Europe, Middle East, Latin America and South Asia. Mexico, one of the Latin America countries, is a place where terrorism activities always take place, just like Drugs War, which was regarded as one of the most ten

    important international news by American magazine Times. Its danger class is even

    higher than Afghanistan and Iraq. Statistic reveals that the number of the persons who died in the drug violence is 12,500 in 2010, and even 9,600 more than last year. That is to say, the present political and economic situations in Mexico provide favorable environment for the large-scale organized criminal activities and revolutionary campaigns to take place. Thus, the act of countering terrorism is becoming more and more important and necessary.太长了

    Face to these terrorism acts, Mexican government tried to take measures to prevent it. The government employed plenty of military police to combat with offenders and the president has asked to reform judicial system to make it more strict and effective. Moreover, Mexico has taken positive action dealing with this problem, such as cooperation with the US on this issue. In 2008, the US and Mexico signed Merida

    Plan, aiming at countering international terrorism together. Now, Mexico is eager to cooperate with other countries or organizations to control the international terrorism more effectively. Declaration on Measures to Eliminate International Terrorism was adopted by General Assembly in 1994;then the Member States adopted United

    thNations Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy on 8 September 2006 to provide strategy

    for eliminating international terrorism. The strategy, in the form of a resolution and an annexed Plan of action, is a unique global instrument that will enhance national, regional and international efforts to counter terrorism. This is the first time that all Member States have agreed to a common strategic approach to fight terrorism.太长

    To eliminate international terrorism, the government should enact stricter laws, intensify governmental arm force, and increase cooperation between nations and committees. In the view of legislation, the absence of the definition of terrorism is undermining the legitimacy of the United Nations. So Mexico delegation believes defining international terrorism is the first important thing to solve this problem, so that United Nations can deal with this scourge.

    Mexico thinks the imbalance in development is the main cause of terrorism action. So, developed countries should help developing countries in developing economy and reform. Also, delegates of Mexico hope that all the countries in the world will take united counter-terrorism acts including military strike with the lead of UN, and solve the conflict through peaceful dialogue. 两段合并

    In the United Nations, Mexico plays an active role. Mexico delegation is willing to have cooperation with committees and countries. Were together to eliminate

    international terrorism to make our world more peaceful and wonderful!

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