Promoting Education About Standardization Workshop Proposal

By Amy Harris,2014-08-19 00:42
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Promoting Education About Standardization Workshop Proposal

    Promoting Education About Standardization in North America

    Workshop Agenda

    May 8, 2009 8:30 am 4:30 pm

Registration / Coffee Service (sponsored by ASTM International)

Opening Remarks

    Dr. Belinda Collins, Director of Technology Services, NIST

Global overview of standards education initiatives

    Mr. John Hill, ICES Secretariat

Panel 1 North American Academic Standards Courses

    Moderator: Mr. Don Purcell, Chairman, Center for Global Standards Analysis Panelists: Dr. Bruce Harding, Purdue University

     Dr. Brian Kahin, University of Michigan

     Stephen Head, Standards Council of Canada

     Don Purcell, Catholic University of America

    The value of the panel is to bring together North American universities that offer a standards course and create a discussion among university faculty and conference attendees on lessons learned from the creation of their respective standards courses.

Coffee break (sponsored by ASTM International)

Panel 2 Approaches to Teaching Standards

    Moderator: Dr. John Bagby, Penn State University

    Panelists: Mr. Thomas Childers, UL Advisory Services

     Ms. Georgia Harris, Laboratory Metrology, NIST

    Dr. Steven Kwan, San Jose State University

    Mr. Erik Puskar, NIST

    This panel is intended to assess the most promising pedagogical alternatives for North American standardization. The inherently interdisciplinary nature of standardization and standardization education strongly suggests encouraging contributions from various disciplines. This approach is expected to sustain standardization curricula by contributing to curriculum development, curricular delivery and ongoing curricular revision.

Lunch (on own)

Panel 3 - Industry/SDO View

    Moderator: Mr. Jim Olshefsky, ASTM International

    Panelists: Dr. Colin Lobo, NRMCA

     Mr. Thomas Perry, ASME

     Mr. Steve Mills, IEEE

    Currently, there are several standards developers and industry organizations that have an academic outreach component. The plan is to invite standards developers, trade associations, professional societies, and company representatives to discuss their respective views and programs related to education about standardization.

Afternoon break (sponsored by ANSI)

Panel 4 Forward Thinking for Standards Education

    Moderator: Dr. D. Linda Garcia, Georgetown University

    Panelists: Dr. Laura DeNardis, Yale University,

    Mr. Peter Lord, Oracle Corporation

    Mr. Mark McCarthy, Georgetown University (formerly VISA)

    Today, major changes are taking place that will likely affect standards education in the future. Standards organizations are reconfiguring themselves along new linesorganizationally as well

    as geographically. At the same time, many educational organizations are reaching out to create new ties among non-academic communities. Advances in the IT field help to drives these developments. The purpose of this panel is to invite previous panelists to discussand perhaps

    speculatehow these environmental changes could serve the need for greater standards education.

Summary and Close-out

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