Top tips for running an event - Draft list for Top Tips key

By Troy Stevens,2014-05-27 18:33
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Top tips for running an event - Draft list for Top Tips key

    Top Tips for running an event


    ; Use a registration sheet to keep a track of who has and has not arrived ; Hand out delegate badges on registration

    ; Ensure the initial delegate packs are supplied and prepared for

    handing out to delegates on registration these should include at

    minimum the event programme, delegate list, action planning sheet,

    evaluation sheet and any other relevant and related materials e.g. the

    NHS Modernisation Agency ‘Improvement Leader’s Guides’. Delegate

    packs can either be in the form of a simple paper folder or a plastic

    labelled folder depending on your budget for this event ; Show delegates to the room (when available) and the coffee!


    ; Ensure the projector screen, LCD projector and laptop are setup

    correctly and functioning. Make sure the laptop is running on mains and

    not the battery!

    ; Ensure any other audio-visual equipment (if required) is also setup

    correctly and functioning, such as lapel and roving microphones.

    Ensure speakers are aware how these work.

    ; Setup flipcharts around the main room

    ; Ensure that pens, post-it notes and spare paper is available on each


    ; Check with the venue staff that an adequate supply of water will be

    provided throughout the event for each table

    ; Check the room temperature and familiarise yourself with the heating

    or air conditioning controls if delegates complain of being too hot or too


    Presentation and handouts

    ; Rather than giving delegates all of the presentation copies and

    handouts at the start of the event, consider staggering these and

    handing out only the relevant materials prior to each training

    presentation this avoids early distraction as delegates attempt to read

    everything they have received during the first presentations! ; Have all the presentation copies and relevant handouts prepared

    delegate the responsibility of handing these out prior to each session


    ; Go through the ‘house rules’ with delegates – make sure you are

    familiar with planned fire alarms and the emergency exit and

    evacuation procedure

     Make delegates aware of the nearest toilets ;

    ; Briefly go through the programme learning objectives with delegates

    (either as a short presentation or just verbally) and explain the purpose

    and importance of the additional materials i.e. action plan, hot topics

    (as required), evaluation form etc

    ; Start with an ice-breaker if required

    ; Introduce each speaker giving a ‘one line’ introduction to the session,

    and thank speakers afterwards, making reference to one or two of the

    key points they have made.

    ; Make it clear to delegates if speakers will be available throughout the

    event to answer questions about their presentations

    ; Clarify coffee and lunch times and where within the venue that these

    will be available


    ; It is often wise to have several organisers/speakers within the main

    plenary room during each presentation this can be invaluable if

    problems occur and venue staff members need to be contacted. ; You should also be given a contact name for a member of the venue

    staff who will be available throughout the event to assist you make

    sure that you run through the whole training programme with them i.e.

    timings of presentations and coffee and lunch breaks, so that they are

    clear about what will be happening and not bring refreshments during


    ; Also run through the whole programme with all of the speakers and

    organisers, either the night before or morning of the event again, this

    is an opportunity to clarify any points about the event and also an

    opportunity to allocate individuals to help within the main plenary room

    during specific presentations

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