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Greenup County Health Department Preparedness Newsletter ...

    Greenup County Health Department Preparedness Newsletter

    Cassie Montgomery, Preparedness Coordinator (606) 473-9838

    April 2009

    entrapment system. ―CPSC is calling upon ? Since every second counts, always Health Fair

    all public pool and spa owners to comply look for a missing child in the pool The Greenup County Health with the new federal law and we urge first. Precious time is often wasted Department will be having a Health Fair thparents to never let their children out of looking for missing children on Saturday May 16. We have changed sight when they are in or around a pool or anywhere but in the pool. our location this year and we will be in the spa,‖ said CPSC Acting Chairman Nancy ? Don't leave toys and floats in the pool parking lot of Applegate’s Plaza. Booths Nord. that can attract young children and will be set up showcasing various Health Nancy Baker, whose 7-year-old cause them to fall in the water when Department programs as well as our daughter Graeme, died in 2002 as the they reach for the items. community partners. result of a spa entrapment incident and Every year, we have a wonderful time. ? Inspect pools and spas for missing or after whom the law was named, was also This year will be even better. Watch for broken drain covers. in attendance. "This legislation helps give more details in the local paper and ? Do not allow children in a pool or spa meaning to the tragic circumstances that advertisements on the radio. We look with missing/broken covers. Inserting took Graeme’s life and the lives of many forward to seeing you. an arm or leg into the opening can other children,‖ said Baker. ―It is a tribute Keep your fingers crossed for sunshine! result in powerful suction and total to these children and their grieving body submersion/drowning. families that this law will prevent injuries ? For above-ground and inflatable and deaths as a result of drowning. pools with ladders, remove or secure Graeme would be honored that it is in her the ladder when the pool is not in use. name." ? It is important to always be prepared New CPSC data shows that between for an emergency by having rescue 1999 and 2007 there were 74 reported equipment and a phone near the pool. incidents involving entrapment, resulting Parents should learn cardiopulmonary in nine deaths and 63 injuries. Six of the resuscitation (CPR). deaths occurred in pools and three occurred in spas and all of the deaths Rise in Child Drownings Clean-Up Fires Can Turn except for one involved children 14 or Prompts New Warnings on Deadly: Don’t Be A Casualty younger. Entrapments occur when a child

    is trapped by the force of suction at the Pool Safety FRANKFORT, Ky. Mild spring drain and can occur because of a broken weather can have a down side after a hard The number of drowning fatalities of or missing outlet cover. winter. On sunny days people tend to take children younger than five in swimming But drain entrapment is just a small advantage and do outside chores, which pools and spas has increased to a yearly contributor to the high number of may include burning debris left by last average of 283 for the years 2003 to 2005 drownings that the CPSC winter’s ice storm. These fires can be, and from a yearly average of 267 for the years reported. Lapses in caregiver supervision, often are dangerous, even deadly. 2002 to 2004, according to a report missing or inadequate fencing, lack of Just recently during a two-day period of released Wednesday by the Consumer effective alarms, and use of non-safety good weather, two separate deaths Product Safety Commission. Most of the covers can also contribute to drowning resulted from debris fires. A Marshall deaths occurred in residential pools and and injury. We are particularly concerned County man died after his clothing caught spas and involved children ages one and about the hazards caused by inflatable on fire, and in adjoining McCracken two. Drowning is the leading cause of pools, which often escape inclusion in and County a fatal heart attack came from death in children ages one to four. enforcement of municipal safety codes. efforts to put out a debris fire that had The report also noted that the number (For more on inflatable pools, watch our spread to a house. A third death came not of emergency room visits for injuries video on pool dangers.) long afterward. On the other side of the caused by pool or spa submersions Because drownings occur when state in Powell County, an uncontrolled decreased from a yearly average of 2,800 children get access to a pool, often debris fire caused a gas line to explode, in the years 2004 to 2006 to an average of without adult supervision, the CPSC killing the man tending the fire. 2,700 for each of the years 2005 to 2007. recommends that pool owners adopt These tragedies point to a larger At a press conference, the CPSC issued several layers of protection including problem, warn officials of the Kentucky a reminder about the new federal pool and fences, alarms and/or power safety covers Division of Emergency Management, the spa safety measure that was signed into over the pool. It also recommends Federal Emergency Management Agency law in December. The Virginia Graeme removing ladders from above-ground and the Kentucky Division of Forestry. Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act requires pools when not in use. In addition, the Wildfires large and small tend to follow that by December 19, 2008, all public agency recommends that parents follow storms that leave woody debris. pools and spas have safety drain covers, these tips to help prevent drowning deaths: Uncontrolled burning of debris has caused and in certain circumstances, an anti-


    many injuries and ruined many acres that ? Locate burn piles an adequate foodborne illness, such as those with are not publicized like the high-profile distance from one another, and from weakened immune systems, infants, the cases described above. structures. elderly and persons with HIV or

    undergoing chemotherapy, should reheat ? Make sure a radius of at least 10 feet

    ready-to-eat ham until steaming hot or is cleared around a burn.

    165? F. FSIS recommends heating only ? Stay with the fire. Watch

    those slices needed and not the entire ham continuously until it is completely out.

    as heating can dry the meat out. If you ? If the wind rises or the fire seems to plan to reheat the entire ham, cover the be spreading, put it out immediately. ham with heavy aluminum foil and set the oven no lower than 325? F. Reheat the USDA Offers Food Safety ham to an internal temperature of 140? F ―In early spring,‖ said Leah Tips for Consuming Ham at as measured with a food thermometer for MacSwords, director of the Kentucky about 10 minutes per pound. Springtime Meals Division of Forestry, ―most vegetation is Then there’s a question of what to do dead, brown and highly WASHINGTON, April 6, 2009 - Ham with those delicious leftovers. Leftovers combustible. There is also very little has long been a popular springtime meal from spiral-cut hams may be stored in the green vegetation to serve as a barrier for largely due to farming practices. Before refrigerator three to five days or frozen spreading wildfire. We try to remind refrigeration was widely available on one to two months for best flavor and people of these conditions and we farms, hogs were slaughtered in the fall texture. Individual slices may reheat to strongly discourage them from conducting and cured for six to seven months. By the 165? F as measured with a food any type of outdoor burning.‖ time the ham was fully cured and ready-thermometer in the oven, a skillet or the As the weather warms and recovery to-eat, springtime had arrived, making it a microwave. from the ice storm progresses, remember feature of many family meals. Storage and cooking times for hams the do’s and don’ts of debris burning: Today most hams are not cured on the sealed in packaging will vary. Please When… farm but at federal establishments that are consult the chart at ? When the weather’s wrong, don’t inspected by the USDA’s Food Safety and If it’s windy, sparks can fly. If Inspection Service (FSIS). Cured hams m/index.asp | PDF for more information it’s dry, flames can spread. are processed under strict USDA about ham storing and cooking, and to ? When a burn ban is in effect, heed it. guidelines to eliminate foodborne read a glossary of ham terms. Kentucky is under a burn ban each pathogens and other food safety risks. For more information in English and year in the driest months. Sites within When the cured hams leave the Spanish, call the USDA Meat and Poultry 150 feet of wooded areas are allowed establishment with the USDA mark of Hotline at 1-888-MPHotline (1-888-674-fires only in evening hours, between inspection, consumers should know that 6854); TTY: 1-800-256-7072. The 6:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. The yearly the product has been fully inspected for Hotline’s hours are Monday through ban periods are Oct. 1 through Dec. safety and wholesomeness. Friday, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Eastern 15 and (now in effect) Feb. 15 Time, year-round. An extensive selection through April 30. Also, check local of timely food safety messages is also ordinances for any special restrictions. available at the same number 24 hours a What… day. Information can also be accessed on ? Have the proper equipment ready. Be the FSIS Web site at ready to drown the fire with water E-mail inquiries may be directed to from an adequate source or bury it Podcasts and with a shovel. SignFSIS video-casts in American Sign Ham, the meat from the hind leg of a ? If possible, have additional assistance Language featuring text-captioning are with you. hog, is available in many forms. Ready-available on the Web at to-eat and canned hams are cooked at an How… and can be safely eaten ? Before burning contact your local fire multimedia/. right out of the package. Fresh hams must department and advise them of your be cooked by the consumer before eating; intent.

    these hams will bear safe handling Dissolvable Tobacco Products ? Choose a burn location that is not instructions on the label. FSIS offers a under trees or other overhead hazards. by Shawn M. Varney, MD number of safe handling and preparation ? Be sure it is not near utility lines, Dissolvable tobacco is the latest form of tips for consumers at home, which are some of which may be buried out of smokeless tobacco products to enter the also available on our website at: sight. market for consumer testing and use. The Separate debris into small, finely milled tobacco provides the desired m/index.asp. manageable burn piles. nicotine effect without the unwanted While ready-to-eat spiral cut hams are social stigma of smoking, spitting, or best served cold, they can be reheated. discarding used tobacco. Consumers who are at higher risk of


     One tobacco manufacturer (R.J. For those with outcomes available, 59.1% Reynolds) has produced three new resulted in no effect, 37.7% in minor formulations of dissolvable nicotine called effect, and 3.2% in moderate effect. There 6Camel Snus (pronounced ―snooze‖): There was no specific were no deaths.sticks, orbs, and strips. Camel Dissolvable mention of smokeless tobacco products

    Sticks resemble toothpicks that can be except for ―snuff,‖ or dipping tobacco.

    folded and placed in the mouth. They The ―other‖ category may include spray, contain 3.1 mg of nicotine and dissolve in inhalation, gum, lozenge, pouch, patch, or

    about 10-20 minutes. Orbs are pellet-dissolvable products.

    shaped mints that contain 1 mg of nicotine Although these dissolvable nicotine

    and last approximately 15 minutes. Strips products may be marketed as socially are like breath mint strips that contain 0.6 acceptable tobacco alternatives, they mg of nicotine and melt in about 3 are not a smoking cessation aid or State legislation is afoot to legalize and minutes. Test cities for the new Camel substitute for more dangerous nicotine tax marijuana to backfill the state budget. products include Columbus, OH, or tobacco products. A 2007 study by But the reality of this plan would be far Indianapolis, IN, and Portland, OR. The the American Cancer Society found different from its vision. I won't go all Orbs have reached the market, while the that male smokers who switched to "Reefer Madness" on you or claim that Sticks and Strips are planned for release smokeless tobacco had higher death hemp T-shirts are a slippery slope to 1later this year.rates than men who quit or never damnation. The problem with marijuana 7smoked. legalization is simpler and worse. Nicotine is well absorbed through oral, California cannot afford more stoned inhalational, and dermal routes. A toxic people, especially stoned young people. dose for children is not well established, We need a lot fewer stoned people. but symptoms may develop after 1 mg and Prevention experts understand the 8 a lethal dose may be 1 mg/kg.Common problem with legalization: The greater the symptoms include nausea, vomiting, access to an intoxicant, the more abuse diarrhea, abdominal pain, and weakness. there will be of that intoxicant. Alcohol Nicotine binds to nicotinic cholinergic isn't the most dangerous drug in the world Star Scientific, Inc., another tobacco receptors producing sympathetic because it's worse than heroin or cocaine. manufacturer, has marketed dissolvable stimulation (hypertension, tachycardia). It's the most dangerous drug because it's tobacco products for over five years. At high doses it causes parasympathetic so easily accessible. You can get large Ariva contains 1.5 mg of nicotine and (hypotension, bradycardia) and quantities of it anywhere, and cheaply, too. dissolves in 10-30 min, while Stonewall neuromuscular symptoms (respiratory Underage drinking is a big problem contains 4 mg of nicotine and dissolves in muscle weakness) that may result in because kids can get alcohol so easily. about 30-60 minutes. The user places one respiratory arrest and death. Legal marijuana would mean more 2tablet between the cheek and gum. In summary, a number of new access to marijuana. The number of Examples of failed smokeless tobacco dissolvable nicotine products are currently marijuana users would spike, including products include nicotine-laced lollipops available and may pose a significant risk teens. Problems related to marijuana use and lip balm that the FDA pulled from the for patients due to their formulation. would spike. Marijuana lobbyists argue 3market in 2002. Other formulations of Nicotine can be delivered by many routes. that if a dangerous drug such as alcohol is regular and smokeless tobacco with The 2007 NPDS report suggests mostly legal, then marijuana should be, too. I've nicotine content are shown in the insignificant medical outcomes after never understood that. With all the 4,5following table for comparison. tobacco exposure. It will be interesting to problems we have with alcohol, why None of the above dissolvable products see if this changes in subsequent years due would we want to legalize another requires spitting or disposing of tobacco to the increased potential for greater intoxicant? residue as with dipping or chewing nicotine absorption. Right now, there are 127 million tobacco, thus limiting the potential for alcohol users and 14 million marijuana unintentional pediatric exposures to the users in this country because one is legal California Does Not Need expectorated tobacco remains. On the and the other isn't. But, most alcohol users Any More Marijuana Users other hand, the flavoring, visual appeal, don't get intoxicated. About one-fifth of and dissolvable formulation may increase (Commentary by Jim Gogek) alcohol users binge drink or regularly the availability and ease of absorption The romance with weed is never-drink heavily. from unintentional pediatric exposures. ending for California marijuana devotees. The serious problems from alcohol The American Association of Poison Now, they claim their beloved drug can occur when people get intoxicated. With Control Centers’ 2007 Annual Report of save the state by solving its unrelenting marijuana, you get intoxicated every time the National Poison Data System (NPDS) budget nightmare. you use it. That's the whole point. records 7453 single tobacco exposures. Marijuana intoxication and alcohol The majority are for children under six intoxication may be different, but both are years of age (90.2%), unintentional bad for society. (96.7%), and involve cigarettes (98%).


     Marijuana intoxication means work force will get worse. Stoned people they want to. That libertarian sentiment cognitive impairment, grandiosity, short-can't learn or work very well. Marijuana is shows a complete disregard for the public term memory loss, difficulty in carrying the loser drug: That's the big problem with good. If legalizers can't understand that, out complex mental processes and it. elected policy-makers certainly should. impaired judgment. It severely hurts your What about the idea that California can The disingenuousness of the marijuana ability to perform at school and work. It balance its budget by legalizing marijuana lobby becomes clear on the subject of saps initiative and drive. It increases and taxing the heck out of it? You haven't medical marijuana. For marijuana confusion. In other words, it makes you been paying attention to special-interest lobbyists to push both recreational stupid. politics if you believe that. marijuana and medicinal marijuana at the

     Moneyed special interests run policy in same time is duplicitous. It's nakedly

    this state. Look what happened when obvious where their real desires lie.

    California criminal justice policies made Recreational drug use and medical

    prison guards one of the most powerful drug use have nothing in common. If

    lobbies in the state. The union quickly pharmaceutical lobbyists pushed

    began dictating policy in its own interest. recreational and medical use of the same

     The alcohol industry is so powerful in drug, they'd get hauled before Congress California that beer taxes haven't and slammed by state attorneys. But the An increase in marijuana use among increased in nearly 20 years; the last time marijuana lobby sees nothing wrong with California's young people and work force they were raised was by a minuscule its tactics. would be very bad for the state. Right now, amount and the industry almost killed that. How about a little more candor from we're in a recession in which people A wealthy marijuana industry will soon marijuana romantics? Like the panhandler without college degrees are losing jobs co-opt policy-makers and dictate how standing on a street corner with a sign that twice as fast as people with college much tax we charge, where we sell the says, "Why lie? I just want a beer." degrees. Our future economy will be product and who gets to buy it. Why based on innovation, education and highly would a marijuana industry be different Jim Gogek was a former editorial writer skilled labor. from any other special interest? for San Diego Union-Tribune. But we're already not producing Personally, I don't think the marijuana enough college graduates for our future lobby believes its own arguments. When I Check us out on the Web!!! workforce needs. With many more stoned talk to legalization proponents, it usually teens and young people, the problems of boils down to their angry demand that an unskilled, uneducated and unmotivated people should be left alone to get stoned if Greenup County Health Department PO Box 377 US 23 Greenup, KY 41144


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