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Florida Keys Healthy Start Coalition Quarterly Newsletter ...

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    305-293-8424 Quarterly Newsletter www.KeysHealthyS

    ISSUE 1 JANUARY 2008

    Happy New Year!

    The Florida Keys Healthy Start Coalition would like to kick off the new year by

    offering you this quarterly newsletter. Designed to benefit those associated with

    maternal and child health, public health, and the women and children of Monroe

    County. Please feel free to share this quarterly newsletter with friends and

    colleagues, and encourage them to participate as a Coalition member. To sign up

    for the newsletter or to join as a member, visit our website and click on Contact Us.

    Our New Board!

     There is no finer

    investment for any

    community than

    putting milk into



January Health


    Welcome our new 2007-2009 board! Birth Defects

    Prevention Month From left,

     Cervical Cancer

    Maggie Vogelsang, Lower Keys Medical Center, Maternal/ Infant Care Unit Awareness Month

    Linda Welsh, Treasurer, Child Find Program Healthy Weight stWeek January 21 Holly Merrill, Vice Chair , with Representative Ron Saunders office

     Mary Williams Monroe County Early Learning Save these dates Michael Cunningham, Past Chair, Florida Keys AHEC for upcoming

    FKHSC Lynn Wintermyer, Secretary, Healthy Families meetings:

    Betsey Langan, Womankind Week of January

    21 , Marathon Cheryl Cottrell, Board Chair, Mariner’s Hospital 9:00am QA/QI

    Cathy Sembert, Monroe County Schools meeting

    th February 12,

Marathon 10:00

am, Board of


What Are the Healthy Start News and Events Healthy Start

    Services? Spa Day 2008 Save the Date! • Parenting education and support

     • Childbirth preparation/


     • Breastfeeding


     • Help to reduce stress • Help to quit


     • Ideas for eating healthy

     • Information on Event date is April 13, 2008, 2 pm to 6 pm at the planning future Beachside Resort, Key West. pregnancies for

    better health

     Please hold this date for Spa Day! This is event raises funds to help local women • Links to other who are either uninsured or underinsured obtain quality prenatal care through our services in the Healthy Babies Program. community

    New Breastfeeding Promotion Program

    The Florida Keys Healthy Start Coalition will facilitate a community collaboration and

    partnership with area care providers, clinics, maternal and child health agencies and

    the Healthy Start program to promote breastfeeding. Our goal is to support Monroe

    county women in breastmilk- feeding exclusively for six months, and continued

    breastfeeding for up to twelve months after the initiation of appropriate Florida Keys

    complementary foods. Healthy Start


    The main objective is to assist women with establishing and maintaining a milk Staff: supply for the infant less than 6 months of age. Assistance for mothers with a

    premature/hospitalized infant, or for a mother going back to work or school, our Arianna Nesbitt objective is to assist them by providing quality breast pumps for short term or long CEO term use. The pumps, along with other products for mothers with feeding difficulties

    will be available by request for our Healthy Start and mutual WIC clients effective

    Ja Good immediately. We have a full stock of items to assist Healthy Start, WIC and even Administrative clinics and medical offices in supporting our local women with the decision to Assistant breastfeed. Please contact our office at 305-293-8424 to receive our product lists.

    Adele Gerbracht FREE Local Training , Save the Date! Community Liaison thJanuary 17, 9a-4p in Marathon, Ameda Breastfeeding Products will be providing a

    free one day in-service training on the proper use and protocols for many of our Mirine Dye Upper

    new breastfeeding products including pumps. Maureen Crissy, RN, IBCLC board Keys Community

    certified lactation consultant will lead this informative educational session, and you

are cordially invited! Marathon. THIS TRAINING IS OPEN TO ANY INTERESTED

    PROVIDER/ADVOCATE, RSVP please. Email Mirine for more information and location in

    Florida Keys Healthy Start brings attention to birth

    defect prevention month in January

    Key West, Fl. The Florida Keys Healthy Start Coalition is joining the National

    Birth Defects Prevention Network to alert women and their families about Liaison the urgent need for good health before even thinking about pregnancy.

“Healthy Start services include care of women before a pregnancy begins” says Executive Director Arianna Nesbitt. “We hope to reach Florida Keys

    women with the important message of prevention during this event.” Good health habits for women include knowing your family history and

    genetic risks, seeing your doctor or midwife to manage any health

    problems, and eating folic acid- enriched foods. Women can also get folic

    acid by taking a multivitamin with 400 mcg of folic acid every day. To learn more about what you can do to stay healthy before a pregnancy, and

    reduce your risk of birth defects, contact The Florida Keys Healthy Start

    Coalition at 305-293-8424 or visit our website at .

    Florida Keys Healthy Start Coalition Launches Eco-Parenting Information

    Key West, Fl. Please visit our website and check out our new informative page on Environmental and Ecological issues!

    With all of the recent headlines due to lead, mercury and BPA in baby

    formula (from plastics), we have combined information for caregivers and

    parents in a one-stop location.

In other area news…

    Miami January 28

The Florida Department of Health, Child and Adolescent Health Unit, in collaboration

    with Georgetown University are planning five, one day regional trainings on the

    Bright Futures in Practice: Mental Health Guide and Toolkit and What to

    Expect and When to Seek Help developmental tools. These workshops are free of charge. Five contact hours for CMEs and CEUS will be available. The trainings will focus on the application of Bright Futures to assist parents,

    families, and communities to identify and assess the mental health needs of children

    and families and how to address those needs collaboratively. Advocates will be

    invited from a cross section of disciplines who work with children and families from

    birth through adolescence, including public health, mental health, social work, early

    intervention, early care and education, school district, faith based programs, parents

    and community members.

    The workshops and materials are FREE to participants. Each workshop will be held

from 8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Statewide Healthy Start Promotion! Click banner

    Maternal and Child Health in the news…

    Smaller Babies Prone for Depression Later in Life WASHINGTON , Plump babies may really be happier babies, Canadian and British

    researchers reported on Monday in a study that found people who had a low birth

    weight were more likely to have depression and anxiety later in life. As weight at birth increased, the likelihood of symptoms of depression and anxiety across the life

    course decreased. Read full story here

    Pregnant Women Should Receive Flu Shot

    Atlanta, GA, The Centers for Disease Control and other groups urge pregnant

    women to receive the annual flu vaccine to protect themselves and the unborn child rdagainst influenza. Studies have shown that women who receive the shot in the 3 trimester pass along protection against the flu to the baby for the first 6 months of

    life. Read press release here Additionally, this research has proven helpful in the

    prioritization of pregnant women for vaccines when a pandemic influenza event


    The association between breastfeeding and breast cancer

    occurrence among Israeli Jewish women: a case control study. PURPOSE: Breast cancer remains the major malignant disease among Israeli

    women, with about 4,000 new cases diagnosed annually, and a steadily increasing

    incidence rates. Early in this century investigators noted that nulliparity and a

    history of never having breastfed were more common in women with breast cancer

    than without the disease. Epidemiological evidence on those issues remains

    controversial. The purpose of this study was to clarify those controversial. METHODS: A hospital-based case control study was carried out at Nahariya hospital (North of Israel) to assess the risk of breast cancer in relation to breastfeeding

    history. A total of 256 recent cases of breast cancer (diagnosed between January

    1999 and February 2005) and 536 controls were included. Detailed information regarding breastfeeding, menstruation, reproductive factors and confounders was

    collected. Adjusted odds ratios and 95% confidence intervals were calculated. RESULTS: Short duration of lifetime breastfeeding, late age at first breastfeeding and experience of insufficient milk were found to increase breast cancer risk. When women who had ever breastfed their infants were compared with

    females who had not, breastfeeding was found to be protective (OR of 0.39; 95% CI


     CONCLUSIONS: These findings may have significant impact on intervention

    planning aimed towards breast cancer reduction among Israeli Jewish women. PMID: 17453241 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

    Florida Association of Healthy Start Coalitions. Click Banner

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