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For Immediate Release ...


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    (Chandler, AZ September 18, 2007) UCR Health Centers announces the grand opening of Total Perfection Med-Spa, the newest provider to join the Arizona-based

    integrated healthcare network. Total Perfection Med-Spa offers non-invasive, non-

    surgical treatments, aesthetic laser treatments and hair removal, skin health education and

    medical-grade products for home care.

“Our mission for UCR Health Centers is to forge the way for a new concept in healthcare

    delivery,” says President and CEO Natasha Deonarain, MD, MBA, CPE. “With urgent

    care, chiropractic medicine, rehabilitation, massage therapy, occupational medicine and

    now skin health services integrated under one roof,” she continues, “we have the

    resources to achieve optimal patient outcomes in the same facility.”

According to Deonarain, the therapeutic and luxury components at Total Perfection Med-

    Spa are ideal complements to UCR Health Centers’ other capabilities. They not only

    address aspects of healthy aging but also support individuals as they journey from injury

    or illness to total wellness.

“Everything is so well-integrated,” confirms Debra Herbold, LPN, Medical Aesthetic

    Nurse and Med-Spa Manager. “Unlike your typical day spa, we have medical physicians

    on-site and promote skin health using medical-grade modalities,” which thereby require administration only by licensed medical professionals. Total Perfection Med-Spa’s

    treatments include Reg’enique (the new skin rejuvenation procedure that is quickly

    becoming known as a unique, non-surgical facelift), microdermabrasion, chemical peels,

    Botox and dermal fillers.


    “Our certified laser medical technicians treat conditions like sunspots, acne scarring,

    Rosacea, unwanted hair, spider veins, loose skin and other blemishes or imperfections

    with state-of-the-art laser and pulsed light aesthetic systems,” comments Herbold.

During light-based treatments, filtered light is directed onto the skin and absorbed by the

    melanin in hair, pigmented lesions and blood in visible vessels. The light then heats the

    pigment and disables the hair follicles and the cells that produce the pigment. In the case

    of vessels, the hemoglobin within the veins absorbs the light, causing the veins to shrink

    and fade from view. “Our systems spread more light over large areas of skin,” reveals

    Herbold. “This allows faster coverage, resulting in quick, painless treatments that yield

    dramatic results over time.”


Additionally, Total Perfection Med-Spa provides free consultation/skin analysis for all

    skin types in women, men and teens, educates patients one-on-one about skin health and

    maintains an inventory of Image medical-grade cosmeceuticals.

Total Perfection Med-Spa’s grand opening features limited-time discounts on hair

    removal, photofacials and Botox. Call 480.855.7585 for specifics.

Learn more at, or visit Total Perfection Med-Spa in

    the Las Tiendas Shopping Center at 2815 S. Alma School Road, Suite 7, in Chandler, AZ.

About Natasha Deonarain, MD, MBA, CPE

    Dr. Deonarain is the President and CEO of UCR Health Centers and brings over 13

    years of professional experience to the company. Since 1997, she has specialized in the

    field of Urgent Care Medicine and currently holds Board Certification with the American

    Board of Family Practice and the American Board of Urgent Care Medicine. Dr.

    Deonarain is also a Certified Medical Review Officer and oversees all occupational

    injury care cases along with a UCR Health Center case manager.

Dr. Deonarain completed her medical school training at the University of Alberta and

    finished a Family Practice Residency Program at McGill University in Montreal, Canada.

Her experience includes working in busy emergency rooms and urgent care clinics in

    both Canada and the United States.

About Debra Herbold, LPN, Medical Aesthetic Nurse

    Debra brings over 30 years of clinical nursing experience to Total Perfection Med-Spa.

    She is a member of the Association of Medical Esthetic Nurses, Association of Skin Care

    Professionals and the Arizona Esthetic Association, her involvement in which keeps her

    abreast of the current skin care technologies as they are released. She has received

    certification in Botox and dermal fillers from Aesthetic Medical Educators and medical

    laser certification from Advanced Laser Training Institute. Her goal is to recognize her

    client’s skin conditions, help improve or correct their concerns and educate them in all

    aspects of skin health and healthy aging.


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