Employment Application

By Brenda Simmons,2014-06-28 09:10
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Employment Application ...

Employment Application

    Spas de Cor, L.L.C. is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, national origin, ancestry, religion, age, citizenship, sexual orientation, marital or veteran status, disability or handicap.


    Last Name: First Name:

    Current address:

    City: State: ZIP Code: Telephone ( ) Work phone ( ) Cell phone ( ) Home Email:

     Position desired: ? full-time Salary desired: ? part-time

    Are you at least 18 years or older? ? Yes ? No If not, will you be able to obtain the necessary working papers? ? Yes ? No Are you either a U.S. Citizen or do you currently have unrestricted authorization to work for any employer in the U.S.? ? Yes ? No May we contact your current Employer? ? Yes ? No If no, your current Employer will only be contacted with your consent or after you have given notice of resignation. List the current or most recent employer first. Please note that base salary does not include bonus, commission, benefits, overtime, or other salary incentives.


    Employer: Employer address:

    Your position: HIRE DATE:

    Description of Duties: DATE LEFT:

    Supervisor’s Name & Title: Supervisor’s telephone ( )

    Reason for leaving:

    Starting base salary:

    Current/Last base salary:

    Overtime/bonus/commission/etc: Previous employer: Address:

    Your position: HIRE DATE: Description of Duties: DATE LEFT: Supervisor’s Name & Title: Supervisor’s telephone ( ) Reason for leaving: Starting base salary:

    Current/Last base salary:

    Overtime/bonus/commission/etc: Previous employer: Address:

    Your position: HIRE DATE: Description of Duties: DATE LEFT: Supervisor’s Name & Title: Supervisor’s telephone ( ) Reason for leaving:

    Starting base salary:

    Current/Last base salary:



    # of Years Did you Degree Completed Graduate? Awarded Major(s) Minor(s) High School Yes / No

    College or Yes / No University

    Graduate, Yes / No EDUCATION Business or Other

    Areas of Study Relevant State Licenses/Certifications held: (Please attach a copy of your current license or licenses.) Schools Name and Location

Relevant Office Skills/Software:

    References: Give below the names of two business associates or clients with whom you have worked.


    Name Telephone Number How Known Years Known

    Referred by: ? Ad ? Employee -- Name: Other:

    Have you ever been convicted of or have you pleaded guilty to a felony or misdemeanor (exclude minor traffic offenses or convictions which have been sealed or expunged)? ? No ? Yes Please explain:

    * A conviction record will not necessarily be a bar to employment. This information will be used only for job-related purposes and only to the extent consistent with applicable law.

    How does your work experience qualify you for a position with Spas de Cor?


    What, in your experience, would tell us that you always put the client or customer first? (Give examples).

     Read each of these statements carefully and affirm that you understand and consent to them by signing at the bottom of the page. Please date your signature. False Application False answers or omissions to questions or false statements or omissions made on this application, during interviews or in your resume, or in supplement thereto, including, but not limited to, with respect to duties, responsibilities, job title or salary and bonus information, may invalidate your application, or, if you are hired, may be grounds for discharge from employment. Employment is “At Will Employment at Spas de Cor is for an indefinite and unspecified duration. If you are hired, you may leave employment at will, and the Company may discharge you or any or all other employees at any time, without notice, for any reason not prohibited by law. The preceding sentence may not be changed or superseded by any oral or written statement, Company manual, policy, or benefit plan. Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA) This federal law prohibits the employment of unauthorized aliens and further requires that, if you are hired, Spas de Cor verifies your identity and your authority to work in the United States on a Form I-9, even is you are a U.S. Citizen. This must be done within three days from when you begin employment. You are responsible for obtaining and providing the documentation required to perform the verification. Failure to provide required information will result in termination of employment. (Information concerning the verification procedure and requirements is available upon request.) Medical/Substance Abuse Testing In applying for and during employment, you agree to voluntarily participate and cooperate, if so requested by the Company and as not prohibited by applicable law, in 1.) blood, urine, or other forms of testing to determine the presence of controlled drugs, illegal substances, or alcohol, and 2.) post-offer medical physical examinations. Such tests or examinations will be performed by qualified medical professionals selected by the Company, and you hereby authorize them to release the results of these tests or exams to Spas de Corp. Applicant Acknowledgement ____________________________________________________ Signature of Applicant Date Authorization I voluntarily give Spas de Cor, L.L.C. or its authorized agent the right to make any investigation of my background deemed necessary by them including, but not limited to, my present and former employment, my educational background, and my personal or professional references; and I hereby authorize those persons or institutions contacted by Spas de Cor or its agents to provide the information requested, including the reasons for termination of my employment, work performance, and other information pertinent to my qualifications for employment. Any offer of employment is contingent upon the successful completion of the Company’s total pre-employment screening process.

    ____________________________________________________________ ____________________ Signature of Applicant Date


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