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By Stephen Lewis,2014-06-28 09:18
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Food & Beverages ...

    Trade Waste Business Category Listing

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    Food & Beverages Auto, Mechanical Repairs/washing

    Manufacturing/large dischargers


    Medical/Laboratory Hospitality


    Swimming Pools Hair & Beauty Community Facilities


    Food & Beverages




    Coffee Shop



    Fruit & Vegetable shop

    Ice Cream parlour

    Juice Bar

    Mixed Business

    Nut shop

    Pizza Shop

    Sandwich shop

    Salad bar

    Take away food outlet




    Chicken shop (fresh & cooked)


    Doughnut shop

    Fish shop (fresh & Cooked)

    Function centre


    Cake shop

    Nursing Home

    Caterer/commercial kitchen

    Fast food outlet

    Food caravan

    Pie shop

    Snack bar

    Fruit & vegetable dock

Potato peeling

    Muffin shop

    Oyster processing

Auto, Mechanical Repairs/washing

Car detailing

    Smash Repairs/panel beating Mechanical workshop Auto electrician

    Lawn mower repairs

    Equipment hire

    Motor cycle repairs Boat servicing and repairs Trailer servicing


    Auto dismantlers

    Service station

    Service station workshop Vehicle washing

    Bus/coach depot

    Truck wash

    Forklift maintenance Auto/truck dealership Construction equipment maintenance & cleaning

    Radiator repair

Manufacturing/large dischargers



    Carpet manufacture

    Cardboard & Paper manufacture Cosmetics/perfumes manufacture

    Dairy processing

    Food processing

    Wholesale bakery

    Fruit processing


    Pet food processing Seafood processing

    Wholesale meat processing Drink manufacturer

    Tanker cleaning

    Chemical manufacture Tannery

    Water treatment backwash Textile processing

    Metal platers

    Metal finishing

    Paint manufacture


    Bottle washing

    Bitumen and tar

Veterinary drugs


    Glass manufacture Pharmaceuticals

    Gas production

    Textile processing Industrial Laundry Slipway


    Paint striping

    Felt manufacture


Day care

    Secondary school canteen, Home Science, Agriculture, Art, Science, Photographic

    Primary School canteen, art/craft

    TAFE Canteen, science, laboratory, Art/craft, photographic, screen printing



    Dental surgery

    Dental technician Optical service (retail) Optician

    Doctors surgery

    Medical centre

    Funeral Parlour


    Clinical Laboratory Soil Lab

    Analytical Lab

    Autopsy Lab







    Bed & Breakfast




    Leagues Club

    Bowling Club

    RSL club

    Boarding House


    Pet shop

    Pet grooming


    Mobile pet wash



    Boarding Kennels


Swimming Pools

    Commercial pools/spa

    Municipal pools/spa

    Hydrotherapy pools

Hair & Beauty



    Day spas

    Nail technicians

Community Facilities

    Community Hall

    Civic centre

    Surf Lifesaving Clubs

    Church halls

    Other Stone Working


    Glass grinding (eg windscreens, not optical) Venetian blind cleaning

    Mobile garbage bin cleaning

    Industrial boilers

    Jewellery/jewellery shop (stone cutting, mini-plater, and ultrasonic washing)

    Boiler blowdown


    Cooling Towers

    Garbage bin area connected to sewer

    Waterless mini-labs

    Screen Printing

    Graphic arts

    Craft ceramic, pottery, jewellery, gem stones etc. including hobby clubs

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