Learn to Share

By Jon Thompson,2014-12-18 11:46
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Learn to Share

    Learn to give and help

    Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen;

    I used to work alone. I didnt think I needed any help and seldom did I offer

    ”(„ren‟ literally others my help. My teacher once wrote down a Chinese character “

    „individual‟ in English) and said to me, “Don‟t you think the shape of it is just like two sticks depending on each other? I really hope you can learn to help.” I nodded,

    but never did I give it a second thought.

    I took part in a summer camp in Junior Two. During the first few days, I worked on my own as always. But when asked to climb a four-meter-high, smooth and vertical wall without any tools, I changed. I realized I had to rely on others and work together. Some boys stood out to make up a “ladder” with their own bodies. Then

    some struggled to reach the top and tried to grab the hands or legs of the following climbers‟. I stepped on one boy‟s lap, climbed on another‟s shoulder, and then those

    at the top helped me to get over. And I began to do my part to help the one next.

    I saw the boys and the climbers on their shoulders made up the Chinese character ”(„zhong‟, literally „groups‟). We were not alone in this world. Without their help

    I could never make it. Not until them did I realize it was fun to help and to be helped.

    Both individuals and groups need learn to give and help, just like the shapes of the two Chinese Characters “” and “”. Our help may give people more strength

    to overcome difficulties in life. And groups are more likely to achieve their goals when the members are giving and helping. So, ladies and gentlemen, let‟s learn to

    give and help and make our miseries less miserable, but happiness even happier. Thank you.

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