To Import CTF file with FSP results into MIS

By Shawn Johnson,2014-05-27 13:38
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To Import CTF file with FSP results into MIS

    Importing EYFSP results into Integris datafile

To Import CTF file with EYFSP results

Importing EYFSP results from a CTF file into Integris

    The CTF file extracted from your eProfile will be called AAAdddd_CTF_AAAdddd_???.XML (where AAA=LA

    number & dddd=your school‟s DCSF number).

    [To create this CTF file in the eProfile, refer to Step 5 Stage 1 in the Aspire instructions]


    1. Take a regular backup of your datafile before you import the CTF file

2. Go to Admin > Utilities > School to School Import

3. In the next window, navigate to where the AAAdddd_CTF_AAAdddd_0??.xml file is located, select it and then

    click Open

    You should now see the import window below.

3. IMPORTANT! Change the Roll to „Current’

    Ignore the Admissions batch, Entry Date, Replace all contacts and Extended Checking fields.

4. IMPORTANT! Tick the box Extended Checking

    If you do not select this option, you may find the import of the CTF will create duplicate records where names in

    the CTF file do not match exactly with your existing Integris records in the current roll.

5. Click OK

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    Updated April 2010

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    Importing EYFSP results into Integris datafile

    You should now see the following window

The Import all data from the CTF file into Integris should already be selected you can click on Only import

    data into Integris from the following sections to see that the CTF file only contains EYFSP results

6. Click OK

    The Import Log window should open automatically, showing you the progress of the import routine.

    If a pupil record in the CTF file does not match the pupil record in your Integris datafile, then the ‘Extended

    Import Checking for Possible Duplicates’ window will appear asking you to make a selection from one of the

    options below:

Option1 - Import as a new student means you will get a duplicate record!

    ***Choose: Option 2 - Import into the selecting existing student record, retaining existing core details means that

    the extra details for the pupil on the import file will be added to your pupil record without overwriting the UPN and

    core details

    Option 3 - Import into the selecting existing student record, replacing core details with those from the import file

    means that the extra details and core information, including UPN from the import file will overwrite your pupil


    Option 4 Do not import this student means the pupil record on the import file will be ignored.

    Updated April 2010

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    Importing EYFSP results into Integris datafile

7. When the Import is complete, click OK.

    8. You can print the Log file if you wish too (be warned you may be printing a lot of pages!!!)


    Scroll up the log file and view the messages taking note of those messages which require further action on

    your part. Refer to the next page for guidance.

Where do the EYFSP results go?

    For each pupil record included in the CTF file, the results will go onto the Key Stage screen. Go to Student Details > Click on the button located at the top of the Student screen.

Then select the F button for Foundation Stage Results.

    Updated April 2010

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    Importing EYFSP results into Integris datafile

IMPORT LOG NOTES: What does the ‘Import Log’ file tell you? If you are using Extended Checking then a

    number of these issues are dealt with as they happen.

    The Import Log File window scans through the progress of the import very quickly. It is important therefore, that you either go through the log on screen very carefully or PRINT off the log so that you can check for any errors in the import routine.

    Outlined below are the types of log messages you should expect to find and the action you need to take (if any).

The Log File comes in two sections: the first part is a more detailed and therefore lengthier report for each pupil

    the second part contains a more brief account of each pupil during the import. We recommend you look at the

    second part first to identify the pupils for which follow-up action is required by you after the import.

Message A

    ; For the majority of pupils, you will see the following message:

“Student already exists in Integris, data will be updated where appropriate”

    “Saving Data for Student……..”

Action: none the pupil’s record will now have their FSP/ KS results imported.

Message B

    ; In cases where the pupil has since left following the KS results, you will see the following warning message:

“WARNING: this is an existing Former Roll student.

    WARNING: You will need to manually re-instate this student after import is complete”

Action: none the KS results will have been imported into the pupil‟s record. There is no need to re-instate the

    pupil if the pupil has indeed left the school.

Message C

    ; In cases where only partial KS results/or no KS results have been provided in the import file, the student

    record will not be updated. The following message appears:

“Found empty Result, this will be invalid Result, is required for Stage Assessments – this section will be rejected”

    Action: Note down the name of the pupil. After you have completed checking the import log, contact your Performance Group to check the KS results logged on the central LEA database. If the KS results are present on the central database, the LA will be able to create a CTF file for this pupil only. You can then go through the import routine again to import these missing results.

Message D

    ; If the following message appears, it is because you have not selected to „Match on UPN only‟ (in step 4


“Student‟s UPN matches an existing student, but core details differ. Integris will attempt to add as new student

    when saving”

“Duplicate UPN:xxxxxxxxxxxxx changed to LxxxxxxxxxxxxxxL……

    Warning: You must add this new student to Attendance manually”

    Action: a new duplicate record is created for the pupil with the surname, firstname, dob, and gender plus a temporary UPN (i.e. a letter at the beginning and end of the number. Delete the duplicate record (Record the

    admin number for the duplicate record> then go to Admin > Utilities> Delete Student Record from Current

    Roll > enter record number).

    Re-import the CTF file again, this time remember to select ‘Match pupils on UPN Only’.

    Updated April 2010

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