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     Hotel Resort & SPA****

    Located in a privileged area, in the watering and climatic resort

    Geoagiu Bai, Germisara Hotel Resort & SPA**** provides all the

    necessary comfort for leisure and business.


    ? Wellness & SPA Centre

    ? Mineral-thermal waters well known from ancient times

    ? Conference Centre with a maximum capacity of 175


    ? 144 rooms and apartments of 4**** and 3 ***

    Germisara Hotel Resort & SPA**** includes buildings (hotel and

    Spa) land (4560 sqm) and mobile assets (furniture and all

    equipment); it is located in the middle of Geoagiu Bai, at 1B,

    Germisara str., Hunedoara County, Romania.

Geoagiu is situated at the confluence of the inferior stream of the river Geoagiu with Mures River, in a

    depression formed from the last ramifications of Metaliferi Mountains, at about 12 km from the European

    road E68 (DN7) Deva-Sebes-Sibiu. For foreign guests, the access to the hotel will be substantially improved

    by opening an international airport in Deva, in the near future, the location being also situated near the

    motorway under construction.

Archeologically speaking, Geoagiu commune is known by means of the ancient Dacian settlement of

    Germisara (Germi - meaning hot and sara-source) which was once on this territory and which became under

    the Romans Thermae Germisara or Germisara Cum Thermis. The Roman Thermal Baths (Germisara) are

    almost the same as in the ancient times, being built in the present location Geoagiu Bai, in a circular headland,

    having a diameter of 90-95 meters. The baths existed under two phases (Germisara and after that The Therms

    of Dodona).

    The Hotel Resort &Spa**** has been recently renewed and

    modernized, according to the best standards. GERMISARA Hotel

    Resort & SPA**** offers 144 rooms and apartments: six 4****

    apartments, one 4**** apartment for persons with physical

    disabilities, 44 rooms with queen size bed: with air conditioning -

    4**** category, without air conditioning - 3*** category, 93

    rooms with double bed: with air conditioning - 4****category,

    without air conditioning - 3*** category. Comfortable rooms, with

    an average surface of 23 square meters, which offer a panoramic

    view of Geoagiu Bai resort are equipped with minibar, phone, cable TV, High Speed Internet Access, shower cabin in every room (in the apartments the shower cabin is

    equipped with a hydro-massage panel), bath gowns and slippers.

No matter if it is about a business meeting, a training course or a

    seminar, the three conference rooms: Decebal (with a maximum capacity of 100 places), Traian (with a maximum capacity of 50

    places), Burebista (with a maximum capacity of 25 places) can

    house from small meetings to large scale meetings.

    All the conference rooms are equipped with video spotlight, retro

    spotlight, projective screen, flipchart, its own sound system, laptop,

    air conditioning.

Elegant and refined, with a capacity of 200 places, established as a place of distinction and good taste, the

    restaurant offers in an elegant environment, a varied menu from the traditional Romanian and international

    cuisine, prepared for you by the experts in the culinary art.

    The curing qualities of the mineral-thermal waters are known and used ever since the Dacian Era.

    GERMISARA Hotel resort & SPA**** takes further this tradition. Through its vast wellness complex it

    wishes to give a new meaning to the concept of balneo-climatic

    treatment/cure. The Wellness & Spa Centre is structured on three

    levels: semi-basement, the ground floor and the first floor, being

    made out of a solarium, a hairdresser, relaxing massage,

    aromatherapy, hydro massage swimming pool, wet and dry sauna

    and Oxygen bar. The Centre, equipped with the late up-to-date

    Enraf Nonius devices, offers various facilities: packing with

    paraffin, mineral-thermal water pools, therapeutic swimming,

    health massage or for relaxation, kinetotherapy the kineto

    equipment may also be used for fitness, hydrotherapy, galvanic baths, group and individual inhalation rooms - electrotherapy - high frequency therapy, magneto-therapy,

    therapeutically laser treatment, ultrasounds, EKG, spirometry, muscular and articular consultations, two

    medical practices fully equipped with medical equipment.

Therapeutic Indications: Rheumatic diseases, inflammatory,

    abarticular, post trauma, gynaecology degeneration; diseases of

    the peripheral nervous system, dermatological diseases,

    neurasthenia, professional diseases, renal diseases, endocrine

    diseases, nutrition diseases, metabolic diseases.

    Counter indications: Acute feverish diseases, cardiac

    insufficiency, myocardial heart attack, epilepsy.

Other services and facilities:

    ? Bar, summer terraces,

    ? 24 hours room-service, safety boxes at reception,

    ? 2 elevators for the guests,

    ? 1 elevator for room service and personnel;

    ? 2 elevators for merchandise;

    ? Lifting equipment for disabled persons;

    ? Zanussi equipped kitchen;

    ? Information bureau, exchange office,

    ? “Concierge” service,

    ? plane-ticketing office

    ? airport transfer-upon request, rent-a-car services

    ? 26 paid parking places, "Valet Parking" service

    ? Smoke detectors and fire preventing systems in all the rooms and public areas

    ? Laundry Service 24 hours a day, Electrolux heavy washing equipment 3 washing machines 23

    kg/hour, 2 drying machines, 1 calander, shoes cleaning service on each floor;

    ? High Speed Internet Access in all the rooms and all the conference rooms

    ? International phone calls

In order to spend the spare time in the most pleasant way, GERMISARA Hotel Resort & SPA**** organizes

    at request trips such as: the visiting of DensuĊŸ Church, trips in Hateg Forest, trips at Huniards Castle, trips to

    the deepest Romanian lake Zanoaga Lake, the visiting of the whereabouts in a carriage led by horses and

    during winter season by using a sledge, trips in the mountains with authorised guides, mountain biking, or off

    road goings by ATV, “a day at the sheepfold" tasting authentic Romanian food.

The technical status:

    The real estate started to function in 1976 as hotel and spa, with all the necessary side-spaces for fulfilling its

    activity, keeping the same destination until today. Between 2004-2006 big renovation and modernizing works

    have been done, they were finished in 2006 in the autumn, and the hotel was inaugurated in November 2006.

    The repairing works were done to improve the infrastructure and superstructure of the buildings, they

    improved the compartmenting and the enclosure of the building, the architectural side, the interior and outside

    finishing and they added thermopan doors and windows.

Concerning the utilities, although the buildings are powered from the local T.E.G. network, with a new

    transformer of 1200 KW, they also have their own power generator in case of emergencies. There is a central

    heating equipment, a ventilation and burned gas evacuation system, telephone and sanitary group. The 3drinking water source is coming from the local network and has own tanks to stock 80 m of drinkable water,

    thus ensuring an autonomy of 1,5 days, own water treatment installation, own central heating with fully

    automated Wiesmann equipment, with 32 cameras monitoring system and B.M.S. system in all the spaces.

    The installations have also been fully renewed and modernized.

    Following the great works of renovation and modernization concluded in 2006, all the assets concerning the

    hotel and spa, including the endowments are currently evaluated at a market value of 39.740.000 RON. The

    evaluation report is available for the interested investors.

    For more details and images, please visit the site

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