how to achieve popularity

By Emily Hayes,2014-06-25 23:08
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how to achieve popularity

    The meaning of popular in dictionary is

    somebody liked or enjoyed by a large number of people. Being popular means many people know you and like you or respect you and you would have a lot of fans. Its a very good

    feeling. But not everyone can be popular. So how to be popular? This is a question. There are many ways to be popular.

    Generally speaking, the reason why

    people can get success is that they can do well in some fields. For example, someone can sing very well like MJ, someone invented some things which can benefit human beings. By this way, you must work harder to ornament himself. On the other hand, its behavior that

    gentleman distinguishes himself. And some rich people raised a lot of money to help other people. Pat Kerr gave up her job to work for charity. So being considerate for others can be popular, too.

    Moreover, people differ in their attitudes towards failure. Face with it, some of them can

    stop to fell and draw useful lessons from it and try hard to fulfill what they are determined to do so they were different from other people. They can be popular, too.

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