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    SOULBURY 14 17 (+ 3 SPA Points)

    ?44,448 - ?47,712 (+ 3 SPA Points ?50,862)




Thank you for your interest in this important and exciting role of Adviser for Primary Education

    within Devon Education Services, based at Great Moor House, Exeter.

The post offers particularly exciting opportunities to work with schools and other partners at a

    time of great change (was it ever thus?) in the education world.

I really hope the information provided in this pack will encourage you to apply for the position.

    If you wish to discuss the post before making your decision, please do not hesitate to contact

    David Chaplin, Lead Primary Adviser on:

    Telephone: 01271 388691


I look forward to receiving your application.

Best wishes.




Devon Education Services (previously dcs), is an established business unit within Devon

    County Council. We are a strong, forward looking service working with schools and other

    organizations both within and beyond Devon to raise educational standards. We provide a

    comprehensive and specialist service operating at the forefront of educational thinking and



Devon Education Services is committed to the value of learning as a life-long process of

    personal, physical, creative and intellectual development and upholds the right of each

    individual learner to an education matching their needs, potential and aspirations.

    The service seeks to work with schools, other organizations and partners to raise educational standards through :

? supporting and challenging professional thinking about the process of teaching and

    learning, drawing on specialized knowledge and understanding, within the context of a

    coherent curriculum vision

? promoting and facilitating a culture of reflection and self-evaluation to secure continuous


? sustaining and developing a comprehensive service, operating at the forefront of

    educational thinking and practice.

Devon is the largest and most populous local authority area in the south west. Its economic

    structure is one of high employment, but low wages. Gross Value Added (GVA) is only 76%

    of the England average and, at 19% below the national average, Devon has the fourth lowest

    average household income of any shire county. The percentage of children living in

    households in receipt of benefit is significantly above the south west average. In recent years

    house prices in Devon have risen rapidly and the average price of a house is eight times the

    average annual wage. The county is one of the most sparsely populated areas in England.

    Outside the city of Exeter, the pattern is of 30 scattered market and coastal towns, and

    dispersed villages and hamlets, a factor that has a significant impact on the cost and

    employment of services, for instance, of the 322 primary schools over 120 have fewer than

    100 pupils. The County Council works with a complex group of partners, including eight

    district councils, six primary care trusts, the Devon and Cornwall Constabulary and

    Connexions Cornwall and Devon. Expenditure on many services, particularly schools, is

    significantly below the shire county average.



    Advisers work in diverse ways to meet the requirements of the post. The successful candidate will be supported through a comprehensive induction programme and work is managed through priorities and targets agreed with the line manager at performance management meetings. Primary Advisers work within a strong and highly valued team of phase advisers; the successful candidate can expect to be effectively supported by members of the team as part of the induction period. Advisers secure earnings through a variety of funding streams including contracts with the Children and Young People’s Services

    Directorate of Devon County Council, agreements with partners and work purchased by schools and other organizations. Support in managing this is provided by the service Leadership & Management team and individual line managers. The successful candidate will have successfully achieved accreditation as a School Improvement Partner (SIP) or be in the process of seeking accreditation, and will be required to be the SIP to a number of link Primary schools. All Primary Advisers also line manage a small team of ‘external’ SIPs. The

    service is committed to continuing professional development and advisers have an annual allocation to support their own professional development. The focus of this is agreed at meetings with the line manager. In addition, professional development opportunities are provided within the Primary team or across the whole service.

    The successful candidate will undertake work in partnership with schools. Advisers work successfully with staff in the variety of posts in primary schools. They recognize the diverse needs of the different groups of people involved in education and are aware that the most valuable work takes place in partnership with colleagues in schools. Advisers provide advice, training and support through a variety of strategies including:

    - individual discussion with a teacher, subject leader, headteacher and governor

    - leading a staff meeting

    - talking to governors

    - making a presentation to parents

    - working with a group of schools

    - working alongside a teacher and pupils in the classroom

    - centrally organised CPD courses.

Some advisers also work within the OfSTED inspection programme.


    Devon Education Services is seeking to fill this permanent post with effect from 21 April 2008.

    The candidate appointed will be required to satisfy the Staff Medical Officer of his/her medical fitness for the post.

Salary : Soulbury 14 17 (+ 3 SPA Points)

     ?44,448 - ?47,712 (+ 3 SPA Points ?50,862)

    The appointment of an Adviser on a permanent contract is subject to Soulbury Conditions of Service. The annual leave entitlement is 40 days plus bank holidays.

    The post will require traveling across the County and applicants must be able to fulfil that expectation.


An application should be made on the enclosed form and should reach:

Karen Holme,

    School Improvement Team,

    Devon Education Services,

    First Floor Annexe,

    Civic Centre,

    North Walk,

    Barnstaple EX31 1EG


by 24 September 2007.

Interviews will be held in Exeter on 8 October 2007.






POST TITLE : Adviser for Primary Education

    LOCATION : Great Moor House, Exeter

    GRADE : Soulbury 14 17 (+ 3 SPA Points) RESPONSIBLE TO : Head of Service


To enable the LA to discharge its duties and responsibilities particularly those relating to

    improving achievement and standards. To provide advice and consultancy to schools on

    whole school leadership and management issues.


? Oversee progress, provide challenge and support for improvement to approximately 30


    ? Budget responsibilities as required.

    ? Management of staff as required.


? Identify, through monitoring, schools with weaknesses, plan and implement remedial


? Agree targets with school to meet LA targets.

? Advise governors on appointment of headteachers.

? Provide advice to the LA as required.

? Carry out statutory LA functions as required.

? Plan and implement a programme of professional development activity to meet the needs

    of school managers.

? Contribute to service initiatives including Children and Young People’s Plan activities as


? Secure that part of the budget which constitutes an earnings target through providing

    advice, support and training to schools.

? Conform to, actively commit to and promote Devon County Council and Devon Education

    Services Customer Service Standards both with internal and external customers when

    using any communication media including telephone, email and face to face.

? Participate in the development of Devon Education Services.




    Person Specification Essential Comments

    Previous Headship experience within ? recent years

    Accredited school improvement ? partner (SIP) or in the process of

    seeking accreditation

    Degree level, QTS and evidence of ? commitment to further professional


    Proven classroom practitioner ?

    Experience of effective management ? of financial and physical resources

    Effective implementation of ? strategies for raising standards and

    improving the quality of teaching and


    Knowledge and understanding of use ? of comparative data to support and

    challenge schools

    Able to promote high levels of ? attainment to all pupils

    Familiarity with initiatives and ? development at a national level and

    their impact at local level

    Promotion and implementation of the ? principles of inclusion

    Ability to use self evaluation and ? research as a tool to promote school


    Able to articulate a vision for school ? improvement

    Able to listen and take into account ? the views of others

    Able to communicate clearly and ? effectively

    Adaptability to changing ? circumstances and ideas

    Forward thinking, showing ? imagination and creativity

    Enthusiasm, reliability and integrity ? Commitment and conformance to ? DCC Customer Service Standards


    Equal Opportunities - Policy Statement

    The Government has introduced laws to deal with discrimination in employment. The County Council has always had a commitment against discrimination and has drawn up a statement of its policy on equality of opportunity after consultation with the Trade Unions. It points to the unbiased treatment that employees and prospective employees of the Council are entitled to expect; at the same time it should serve to remind employees at all levels that they have an obligation to treat other works and applicants for jobs in the same impartial way. The statement is printed below.

    1 Devon County Council recognises its responsibilities as an employer for setting

     standards of fair treatment.

    2 The County Council will provide equal opportunities to any employee or job applicant

     and will not discriminate either directly or indirectly on the grounds of race, colour,

     ethnic origin, nationality, sex, religion, marital status or disability. The County Council

     also affirms its commitment to treat part-time staff as equitably as full-time staff, having

     regard to national and local conditions of service and to statute.

3 To meet these objectives management will ensure that:

    a) Selection criteria relate to job requirements and are not discriminatory by asking

    for inappropriate qualifications or experience.

     b) Job descriptions and personnel specifications are not discriminatory.

     c) Job advertisements are not without proper reason confined to publication or

     worded in such a way as to exclude applicants either individually or of a

     particular group. Advertisements will carry a statement that the County Council

     is an equal opportunities employer.

     d) Every job is open equally to all applicants with the required qualifications except

     where considerations of privacy, and decency or authenticity apply or in cases

     where the job involves the provision of personal services.

     e) Applications will be dealt with in accordance with appropriate procedures. (See

     code of practice on recruitment).

     f) Where selection tests are used they are validated to ensure they relate directly

     to the job requirements and/or career requirements and measure an individual's

     ability to do or train for the particular work or career. Such tests are reviewed

     regularly to check that they remain relevant and free from bias either in content

     or scoring.

     g) Transfer, promotion and training are open equally to all eligible employees and

     selection criteria do not exclude applicants from any group.

     h) In-service training courses on recruitment and interviewing techniques include a

     module covering the provisions of relevant legislation and Codes of Practice.

     Other specific training will be made available to managers as appropriate, to

     ensure awareness of the wider implications of discrimination.


4 a) All employees have personal responsibility for the practical application of the

     policy and those with responsibility for staff are reminded that they may be held

     individually accountable for ensuring that no form of discrimination occurs in the

     recruitment, selection, promotion and training of employees.

    b) Enquiries will be made into suspected cases of direct discrimination or acts of

    commission or omission which lead to indirect discrimination. Any such

    practices will be stopped and disciplinary action may be taken against the

    individual/s concerned.

    c) The Head of Human Resources Strategy has overall responsibility to ensure this

    policy is consistently applied and each Head of Department has responsibility

    for the implementation of the policy in his or her Department.

    d) The grievance procedure is available to any employee who considers that he or

    she may have been unfairly discriminated against. It is important to understand

    that employees who consider they have failed to secure adequate redress within

    the procedures of the County Council may choose to take their case to an

    industrial tribunal. External applicants who feel they have been unfairly

    discriminated against may also take their case to an industrial tribunal. In these

    circumstances complaints can be brought against individual employees as well

    as the employing authority.

     e) Devon County Council will review implementation and the need for monitoring.

Applications from minority ethnic groups would be particularly welcome as they are currently

    under represented in the Service.

(Adviser for Primary Education September 2007)


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