Lesson 4 City and Country

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Lesson 4 City and Country

    Lesson 4 City and Country Teaching aims:

    To practise reading for specific information To express opinions orally and give reasons for them Teaching course:

    ? Warm up:

    Before you start

    Ask students to think about and answer the questions: 1. How are city and country lifestyles different in China? 2. Can you imagine city and country lifestyles in Britain? Students will give their answers and teachers show some slides about

    countryside and city to make students compare them Advantage of city: Shopping is easily done; entertainment; Convenient;


    Disadvantage of city: Crowded; Close to each other; Polluted air;

    Noisy; Dirty and dusty; Polluted water; Stressed and nervous: Tall buildings; Crowded street.

    Advantage of country: Endless fields; The vast countryside; Fresh air;

    Clean and fresh; Clear water; Free and relaxed

    Disadvantage of country: Distant, Remote Countryside

    ? Reading

    Guess what the two articles are about.

    Now read the texts quickly and check your guesses Task 1

    Find details for each of the main ideas.

Main idea Details

I hate the tube.

    Tiring day

    Busy evening

Relaxing weekend

    Task 2

    Main idea details

    It’s easy for my to get to work.

    I am free to do my work.

    I enjoy the evening.

    I dream of life in the city.

    Do the exercise 4

    Students read the texts again and complete the table with information from them

    Students write down information about their own life in the table Students work in groups and talk about their life and compare their life with Debbies and Pauls.

    ? Voice your opinion

    First give the following materials to make students learn about city and country better.

    Country life, is walking through a field of hay, as dusk paints orange and purple hues on the sky above.

     The birds twitter and brood, streams babble and flow, horses graze and gallop, crops are sown and harvested without cease.

    Life in the country is much more exciting than many city-dwellers would like to believe. In particular: it does you good ...

     City Life is Greater Manchester's weekly listings and lifestyle magazine,

    covering areas such as clubbing, cinema, comedy, gay, food & drink, shopping, music, theatre, art, books, sport and travel

    City life: a growing problem. What was life like inside the City walls?

    Inside the crowded Citywalls, fine houses belonging to merchants often stood next to squalid houses belonging ...

     Cities are the great havens for knowledge, culture, and social life. cultures are found in cities because it takes a large population to support museums, concert halls, sports teams, and night-life districts. Which lifestyle do you prefer? Why?

    Give students some time to discuss each other

    Then give others opinion about the questions

    Some people like to live in big cities. They say city life is colorful, convenient and exciting. There are shopping malls or supermarkets everywhere, so you can buy anything you like, while in the country, shops are very far away from your house. It is difficult to do shopping. In cities, people enjoy themselves in many ways in their spare time, going to the cinemas or theatres, taking a walk in the park, or watching a footfall game…

    But others prefer to live in the countryside. They say cities are crowded with people and cars. It is noisy. While people are suffering from all kinds of noise, you can enjoy yourself by sitting on the hillside watching the cattle around you. And now cities are becoming dirtier and dirtier. Factories and cars send out poisonous gases, which pollute the air and sky over cities is often gray. Water pollution and white pollution are also big problems in cities. On the contrary, the sky is blue and water is clear in the country.

     Different people have different choice. Where would you like to live, in cities or in the country?

    ? Vocabulary

    Do the exercise 5

    ? Homework

    Write a composition

    Life in city or country

    Words: 100 or so

    Use your own language and tell the reason why you like the lifestyle.

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