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DM Program ...


    In case of questions regarding:

    Hotel accommodation in all three Baltic states

    Half day/Full day sightseeing tours in Riga, Vilnius and Tallinn

    Special interest programs incentives, activities and SPA programs Restaurant bookings, with menus to suit special requirements

    Airport/Rail-Station/Port meet & greet facilities

    Coach, minibus, car & limousine transfers

    Friendly & knowledgeable multi-lingual tour guides and interpreters

    Tickets to ballets, opera, theatres and other culture events

    Visa support

    All kind of travel arrangements flight, bus and ship tickets!

    Please contact:


    13/15 Kr.Barona Street,

    Riga, LV-1011, Latvia

    Tel.: (371) 67-228-428

    Tel/Fax: (371) 67-228-337

    Skype: elina.purviske

    Extreme adventures

Latvians love extreme sports, and they are more than welcoming their guests to join!

    Jeep safari allows to experience the ultimate in off-road fun as you race through a Latvian forest. Dirt, clay or snow guarantees you extreme fun during all seasons. Paintball is a modern version of the hunter and the escapee game. Paintball involves the conquest of enemy territory and a range of military techniques. Climbing over rocks and other obstacles and barricades will give you a feeling of exhilaration, adventure and exercise. Bobsledding in Sigulda dates back to the late 19th century, when a nobleman called Kropotkin built a 900 - meter bobsled track at his estate. The modern track was designed in Leipzig and built by a company from Sarajevo. It is 1,420 meters long, and bobsleds can reach a speed of 125 kilometers per hour. The track is appropriate for bobsled and luge competitions and training, and it is part of international circuit. Ride with ''Bob'' - There is unique possibility to ride 80`s Italian bobs which participated at Sarajevo Olympic Games at 2003. The bobs were renovated and are ready for new adventurers!

    Also more other activities are available snow motorcycles, quads, shooting, rides with rally cars, snowboarding, curling, go-carts and much more!

    SPA Treatments & relaxation

     Visitors can come to Latvia to relax and boost their health at modern spas and traditional country saunas or they can come for more specific health rehabilitation reasons, treatments or cosmetic corrections. Latvia has the gentle climate of the seashore, the healing properties of pine-scented air, underground mineral waters of various kinds containing compounds of bromine and sulphur, medicinal mud, and healthcare specialists trained to high standards. There are also good cosmetology, facial correction, plastic surgery, dental and other medical professionals. Traditional treatments in saunas (pirts in Latvian) are also widespread. Many country houses and guesthouses offer curative and relaxing sauna sessions involving „switching‟ with birch twigs, massage, honey masks and other natural beauty treatments to

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detoxify and energize.

    Experience Soviet past

     Whereas the end of World War II brought freedom for many countries in the world, for Latvia it brought half a century of Soviet occupation. During the post-war occupation period Latvia was one of fifteen Soviet republics. Power in Latvia belonged entirely to the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, which also included the Communist Party of Latvia (CPL). Other political parties or movements were prohibited. Due to its advantageous geographical location, Latvia became Russia's military centre in the Baltic region. Here the USSR positioned the Headquarters of the Baltic War District; land, sea and aviation bases; and also strategic missile bases. period 30,000 persons (1.2%) were employed in the field of science in Latvia, which was a very high indicator on a world scale. During the 1980s the Soviet planned economy's inability to compete with the democratic world's free market economy became progressively apparent. Thus, increasingly larger circles of the social and political elite agreed that it is necessary to convert to a western-style economy. Now after renewed independency Latvia is a modern, democratic country, but in some places which was TOP SECRET during Soviet time, Lenin spirit is still alive. In places, you probably seen only in movies, you will be met by real Soviet militaries and civilians and they will tell you amazing and unbelievable stories. The Top Secret Soviet Base with Cover Name “The Pension” There is a furnished underground facility of 2000m2 9 meters bellow the ground surface in the territory of Vidzeme Region Rehabilitation Centre “Ligatne”. Only since 2003 it is no longer classified as „top secret‟. In Soviet Latvia times the facility was one of the most important locations of nuclear warfare strategy. It was one of the structures capable to self-sufficient functioning equipped with the most up-to-date technology of that time. All the original items of equipment have been preserved to date.

    Some of the items include: * A unique historical map of collective farms with their names; * A unit of telecommunications with direct link to Kremlin in Moscow and all the most important services in the country the equipment includes a teletype and a number of telephones each for a specific purpose to be used by a particular official; * Electrical power plant, a room for production of oxygen complete with air conditioning and purification etc. The Liepaja Naval Port prison or guardhouse. The building was erected about 1900 and until 1997 it has served as a place where military persons served their terms for breach of discipline. Ever since the first years of its existence it has been a place to break people‟s lives and suppress their free will. With powers changing, its prisoners changed as well among them there were revolutionaries, seamen and non-commissioned officers of the tsarist army, deserters from the German Wehrmacht, enemies of the people in Stalin‟s times, soldiers of both the Soviet army and the Latvian army and other rebels. Mysterious and inexplicable things are noticed in the guard house rumbling footsteps, self-unscrewing of electrical bulbs, unaccountable opening of closed doors of the cells … but the appearance of impossible images has come as the most unpleasant surprise to many a visitor.

Opera & ballet performances

    Opera and ballet stars have always been loved in Latvia, receiving the most beautiful flowers and the most exuberant praise. For some years now, singers from Latvia have been highly acclaimed not only in their homeland but also abroad. Opera stars like Inese Galante, Inga Kalna, Sonora Vaice, Elīna Garanča, Egils Siliņš and Ingus Pētersons have already found fame outside Latvia. After a period of major restoration and reconstruction in the 1990s, the Latvian National Opera opened its doors again as a truly magnificent and comfortable venue.

    The Latvian National Opera has a wide repertoire that includes works by Tchaikovsky, Verdi, Puccini, Mozart, Gluck, Donizetti, Wagner,

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Richard Strauss and Johann Strauss. Operas written by Latvian composers are also included in the repertoire: the last few years have seen productions of Uguns un nakts [Fire and Night] by Jānis Mediņš, Pazudušais dēls [The Prodigal Son] by Romualds Kalsons, Parīzes Dievmātes katedrāle [Notre Dame de Paris] by Zigmārs Liepiņš and Putnu opera [The Birds' Opera] by Jānis Lūsēns.

    Equally dynamic, at home and touring abroad, is the ballet company. Among the company's most significant achievements in choreography in the last few years are Prokofiev's ballet Romeo and Juliet, and the ballet Dzeltenais tango [Yellow Tango], a new work choreographed to Astor Piazzolla's / Gidon Kremer's music performed by Kremerata Baltica.


     For its modest size, the Baltic Republic of Latvia offers a surprisingly wide array of castle architecture, spanning from early 13th century up to the beginning of the 20th. Almost 400 years the present territory of Latvia was part of the feudal states of Livonian order of crusaders as well as Riga's and Kurzeme's archbishops. During the period from 1185 to 1562 German feudal lords have constructed more than 100 castles in territory of present Latvia. Starting from the 2nd half of the 18th century started building of manor-houses what by their size can be called palaces these richly decorated multi-storey masonry residences of landlords. Of course less moneyed nobility were building smaller manor-houses but not less impressive by the number of structures. In some cases there was built a new manor-house and the old one was used as major-domos house or the old house was just enlarged and rebuilt by the newest manner.

     As Latvia is relatively small country just in few days you have opportunity to see history from medieval castles built in 12 century till Art nouveau and Neo Classicism style pearls.


Cuisine is an important part of every nation‟s culture - and Latvians have a particularly healthy appetite for both life and food. Over the centuries Latvian cooking has been influenced to greater or lesser extents by various other national cuisines but since ancient times, the typical Latvian menu has contained things like rye bread, porridge, vegetables (particularly root vegetables), pork, chicken, fish, wild game and dairy products. Due to the climate and the demands of outdoor life the foods have tended to be substantial and filling. Various foodstuffs including meat, fish and cheeses are smoked to help preservation and enhance flavour. Many of the more famous dishes even carry certain mythological meanings. For example, so-called „grey pies‟ are served as part of the Christmas meal. Their circular form represents the circle of life. Round, yellow caraway cheeses prepared for Midsummer celebrations represent the sun and fertility. Beer has always been the most popular drink in Latvia. Each region boasts its own particular breweries and ales so that fans of a refreshing draught are never short of choice. Traditional dishes such as pork, bread and potatoes may still be the norm for many, but the last few years have seen a dramatic change in the dining scene in Riga. One is more likely to find themselves dining in American burger bars, Arabic restaurants and trendy Sushi bars, Rigas international collection of restaurants cater for all budgets and is sure to please even the most discerning diners.

We offer wide range of beer, legendary Riga Black Balsam and Latvian food tastinga!

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