A Film Review about

By Brian Washington,2014-04-12 17:15
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A Film Review about

A Film Review about Slumdog Millionaire

    Rate: R

    Runtime;2 hrs

    Genre: dramas

    Theatrical release: 09-01-2009

    Cast: Dev Patel , Irrfan Khan, Anil Kapoor, Madhur Mittal, Freida Pinto

    Director: Danny Boyle

    Screenwriter: Simon Beaufoy

    Producer: Christian Colson

    Composer: A.R.Rahman

    Studio: Fox Searchlight Pictures

    Have you ever asked yourself how long will love be? Will it be forever or just a few months, years? Have you ever believed in true love which can survive through hardship, selfish and so on? Have you ever persisted in loving even though love is based on poor condition? No matter whether you have done these or not, the movie --- Slumdog Millionaire---can teach you something, or maybe it can move you deeply.

    Some one criticized that this movie is too simple. The plot is common. But a Hollywood style romantic melodrama that delivers major

    studio satisfactions in an ultramodern way and is made on the

    streets of India with largely unknown stars by a British director who never makes the same movie twice can be simple? No, exactly. The major information that the movie shows is the great influence of love. According to the movie, Jamal first appears in the police station. Hes

    on the show called WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE and

    has been entered the final telecast. But hes forced to say why he ---a

    slumdog who is not well educated ---can make the right choice of all the questions. And then Jamal has to tell the dubious police inspector how he comes to know what he does by telling his life story. His life is full of struggle,chance, luck and street smarts. Maybe the most important part is his love towards Latika. Based on the same destiny--they were both orphanJamal felt pity for her and invited

    her to join his brother Salim and him. They both were caught into a bad place, controlled by a bad man, only pretending to be begger to gain money. Dead or not dead was an obvious question putting ahead towards them. They escaped. However, Latika was caught back. Jamal had never forgotten her. When they met again, Latika became a beautiful girl. Jamal and his brother saved her. But this time they were not getting together, Salim took her away. At the age of 18, Jamal met his brother and found her again. In order to take her away, Jamal wanted or must take the reward away. He must win. On behalf of love, he won.

    Through Jamals life, he has met many kinds of incident. However, he never loses hope. Why? Its love. Because his heart is full of love, he gets to his hero, Indian film legend Amitabh Bachchan. Because of love, he gives his former companion a dollar and he knows the old man on it is Franklin. Because of love, the deep love towards Latika , he persists and never gives up.

    Does the audience move? They move. Love is one thing can be passed among people without saying or acting it out. Jamal is a hero. Although hes a slumdog, he never gives up the right to love. He wants to have a wonderful life. Its a special form of optimistic.

    No famous stars but gaining a successful film, Slumdog Millionaire

    shows people a particular event. Maybe it neednt have famous stars,

    love has already made the film shining brightly.

    The slumdogs story which begins with a multiple-choice question typed on screen Jamal is one question away from winning 20 million rupees, it reads, How did he do it? A) He cheated B) Hes lucky C)

    Hes a genius D) It is written. Finally, the answer appears. He

    understands love and is full of love. Though his love has to fight against all the manner of privations, disappointments and despair, he wins, winning the prize as well as love.

    Love needs patient; Love needs courage; love itself has the strongest power all over the world.

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