before you were mine

By Dan Matthews,2014-06-25 22:24
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you were mine before you exit before you go to before you know it before you before you go me before you the day before you before you break before you leave

    Before You Were Mine

    The poet describes her mothers earlier life according to an old photo which was taken ten years ago when her mother was a teenage girl. At that time her mother lived a carefree life. And the poet knows that her mother didnt think about being a mother when

    she was a teenage girl, when her mind was filled with dances and colourful teenage dreams. The poem is written in present tense, and through the poem, we can feel the poets affection, sorry, and gratefulness to her mother. And I will analyse the poets

    emotion from the aspects of word choice, poem structure and the tone.

    In the poem, the poet uses many words to describe her mothers earlier life before she

    was a mother. At that time her mother was a teenage girl and didnt bother about the

    rdfuture very much, and she was bright and happy. "You laugh” (the 3 line) the bold girl

    rdthwinking in Portobello” (the 23 line)" you sparkle and waltz and laugh"(the 25 line), all

    these words describe the mothers life as a carefree teenager who lived just like a film stars life, she was happy and beautiful, and she dreamt the colourful life without the thought of being a mother. The poet compares her mothers life to a film stars, and she

    wants to present the merry of her mothers life with friends and the thousand eyes” (the

    th10 line). And we can feel the poems admiration about her mothers teenage life and also

    show her affection to her teenage mother.

    Also the poet imagines her mothers life before she was born. Life back to the mothers

    teenage was very glamorous. Her mother was likened to Marilyn Monroe and went to

    thdance where a glitter ball hangs- "the thousand eyes"(the 10 line). And she also


    thimagines her mother was waiting for her loved one "under the tree, with its lights"(the 18,

    th19 line) with her high-heeled red shoes. At that time, her mother lived a relaxing life other than being a mother. In this part the poet shows great curious about her mothers early life.

    Her mother was charming and was loved by many people, the poet is very proud of her amazing mother. And she mentions the future life of her mother to form a contrast between the two kinds of lives, and expresses her love and thankfulness to her mother.

    But, all her mothers life was changed after she became a mother. She didnt wear her

    thhigh heeled red shoes any more; “relics” (the 16 line) refers the mothers sacrifice to her

    daughter. “You'd teach me the steps on the way home from Mass, stamping stars from the

    stndwrong pavement(the 21, 22 line) .Though the mother taught her daughter to learn the dance steps, she couldnt back to her teenage life again, the carefree, happy and bright life was gone, just because of being a mother. After being a mother, her life became much dull and boring as she had to sacrifice for her daughter. And the wrong pavement the

    poet seems to warn her mother that choose to be a mother is wrong, also seems to warn her mother that the free life will gone. With these words the poet shows her sorry for her mother as her birth had ruined her mothers wonderful life. Also we can feel the

    gratefulness of the poet to her mother for her love and sacrifice.

    Also, we can feel the poets emotion from the structure of the poem. The poet

    describes her mothers life as a teenager and as a mother. There is an obvious contrast between these two kinds of lives. The poet assumes her mother's life was better before

    thher own "possessive, loud yell"(the 15 line) was heard. The phrase "I'm not here yet"(the

    th9 line) sounds almost like a warning to her mother that the fun of being a teenager will


end when she was born. After being a mother, her mothers life was totally different,

    without high heeled red shoes or sparkle dances. And all these refer to her mothers love,

    also shows her affection and gratefulness to her mother.

    And from the tone point, the poem is written in present tense, just like the poet is talking to her mother. And the poet uses a very confident voice as if she is seeing the

    ththings happening. I not here yet” (the 9 line) till I see you, clear as scent, under the

    thtree” (the 18 line), she talks to her mother in a assertive voice and shows her strong love to her; also these words are familiar, the decade ahead of my loud, possessive yell was

    ththe best one, eh?(the 15 line). In the poets mind her mothers teenager life is better,

    and its she that has ruined her mothers happy, laugh, and carefree life. The poet feels

    sorry about it. It is she that changed her mothers life totally and this point makes the poet

    love her mother more.

    The poem is written to sound as if the poet is talking to her mother face to face, so the poet follows the patterns of a speech. Many phrases begin with “I” as if the poet wants to

    rdassert her presence even before she was born: “I'm ten years away” (the 3 line) I knew

    ththyou would dance like that” (the 11, 12 line).She is curious about her mothers teenager

    life and tries her best to reproduce it by her own imagination according to the old photo, and shows her strong love towards her mother.

    The poet uses her imagination to describe her mother’s early life, and shows her love

    to her mother. She thinks her mothers early life was amazing and filled with dances and

    colourful teenage dreams; it was a care free life. And the birth of the poet changed the beautiful life for ever, so she feels guilty and sorry to her mother, and she shows her


    gratefulness and love to her mother for her sacrifice and love. The whole poem is filled with the sweet love between the lines, and makes the readers feel comfortable and respect to her mother.


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