How is the Internet influencing your life

By Stanley King,2014-06-25 21:48
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How is the Internet influencing your life?

    Have you ever been to make new friends online? Have you ever been to buy clothes online? Have you been to search for information or read novels? Have you ever been to collect some information you need online? Have you ever been to watch movies or even listen to music? Have you ever been to play online games, such as playing chess or cards? Maybe most of you do those. If your answer is No, you can try to do them. The

    main reason is that the Internet has considerable positive impacts on our life. But how? It includes many aspects in the following.

    At the beginning, the Internet was mainly used by government, some industries, or even few schools, nevertheless, it is widely used by us. In the first side, socializing experience, there have important impacts on us. For instance, we spent one or two months delivering our letters to our friends and family, we couldnt see them in a long time when we studied

    or did business in another place in the past. But now, we just need send a e-mails including video and pictures to my family and friends in a few seconds or minutes, even we can see them on the Internet while chatting with them. That is, it is convenient to keep in touch with our family and friends. Whats more, we can hunt for jobs, do business online, join in valuable / useful organizations, participate in some discussion in micro blog, and make more friends, to name but a few. In the second side, shopping experience, we can search for the books, clothes and other

    goods we favorite and buy them at less cost, and reserve tickets such as train, high-speed rail, or films. Doing these has not only convenience, but save time and money. In the aspect of learning, the Internet is also used in teaching and being studying. We can upload or download something concerning our study, listen to famous speech, or browse the recently news in order to broaden our horizon. Besides, maybe some of us take part in distance learning or training and write journal. In addition to these aspects, we are going on some entertainments, for example, watching TV, playing chess and other games, listening to music and writing blog and so on.

    In a word, the Internet impacts on our life in many significant aspects. Perhaps, there have some unhealthy effects, such as Internet scams, pornography, and hacking. But the advantages of the Internet outweigh its disadvantages. To succeed in taking the advantages of the Internet or not to do, that is a question. We should avoid the disadvantages and make the best of the advantages

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