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    o I have been employed longer than my co-worker, why was I laid off and he/she was not?

    The first person laid off will be the employee with the least seniority in the class group (all

    positions determined by the CSC to have been created from such class group subsequent to

    the employee’s original regular appointment) where the layoff is being made. If two or more

    employees have the same amount of layoff seniority, the Department (the appointing authority)

    will determine the order of the layoff.

o I think there has been a mistake, whom can I talk to about this?

    An employee concerned about the manner in which a layoff is being conducted may request a

    hearing before the Civil Service Commission on the regularity of the layoff procedures used.

o When will I receive my last paycheck?

    o I am off on worker’s compensation, what happens now?

    Please contact the Personnel Department Worker’s Compensation Division directly

    at (213) 473-3400.

o Should I call in to my supervisor on a periodic basis?

    No. Once you are separated from the City, you no longer have an obligation to be

    accountable to your supervisor. When the City is in a better financial position and begins

    hiring again, the Personnel Department will contact you. This is why it is very important to

    make sure that the Personnel Department has a current address and telephone number on

    file for you.

    o What if I move or change my phone number?

    Employees who are laid off from City service should notify the Personnel Department Records

    Section at and your former department Personnel Office of any

    address changes that occur after the layoff.

    o Can I work at another job while I am laid off?


o What happens if my position is put back in the budget - am I rehired?

    o If so, how would I find out about that - will you contact me?

    o Would I have to go through the exam/selection process again?

    No, when you return to your position from the Departmental Reserve List you will not go

    through the exam/selection process again.

    o If I am called back to work, will I get my same job (desk, office, etc.)?

    o Can I just transfer to another position in another department?

    Transfer opportunities may be limited during time periods in which layoffs are occurring.

    However, if a department offers you a transfer opportunity, be sure to discuss fully with your

    current department and the new department how such a transfer may have an impact on your

    layoff risk.

o Can I take a leave of absence instead of being laid off?


    o What happens to my pending discipline, grievance, discrimination complaints, etc.?

    If labor relation issues can be remedied even though the employee has separated from City

    service, the administrative process will continue. All other employee relation issues will be

    administratively closed. If the employee returns to City service, the employee can request to

    revive the administrative action. The Department will reopen the action and continue the

    administrative process.

    If an employee had pending discipline at the time of layoff and the employee returns to City

    service, the Department may decide to reopen the disciplinary action and continue the

    administrative process.


    o How long will I continue to receive medical/dental benefits?

    Medical and dental benefits end at the end of the pay period if an employee worked 40 or

    more hours during the pay period. If an employee worked less than 40 hours in a pay period,

    medical and dental benefits end at midnight of their last day of work.

    o Can I still fill my prescriptions (or proceed with pending surgery, etc.)?

    No, not as a member of the Flex Benefits Program. However, you may apply for COBRA

    benefits to continue medical coverage.

    o Am I eligible for COBRA?

    o How do I apply for COBRA?

    o How much does COBRA cost?

    o How long will benefits last if I get COBRA?

    o Would my benefits continue as they are under COBRA, or would they change?

    o Do you know where I can get any other low-cost medical coverage?

    o Can I get unemployment benefits?


    o If so, where do I go and how do I apply for unemployment benefits?

    o Can I use my vacation and/or sick time?

    No. Compensated vacation and overtime is paid out at separation from the City. The sick

    time is waived, but can be restored upon return, if an employee returns within 3 years of

    separation from City service.

    o What happens to my vacation and sick time I still have on the books?

    Compensated vacation and overtime is paid out at separation from the City. This payment is

    automatically generated when the personnel form (Form 41) is processed separating the

    employee from the City. The check will be a paper check generated after the employee’s

    department processes a personnel form (Form 41) status change. The sick time is waived,

    but can be restored upon return if an employee returns within 3 years of separation from City


    o If I withdraw my money, can I buy back my past City time if I am rehired?

    If you later return to City service, you may be allowed to redeposit your contributions, plus

    interest, and may be able to qualify for a benefit later.

    o I am a member of the credit union. Can I keep my accounts there? Can I still be a member?


    o I have a loan and payments are deducted from my paycheck, what should I do?

    All voluntary deductions will be automatically cancelled upon issuance of the final check.

    o Can I still use the services of MHN (EAP) while I am laid off?

    The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) ends at the end of the month the employee

    separates from City service. If a laid off employee needs services beyond the end of the

    month, referrals to local non-profits are available.


o Can I just take an early retirement if I am eligible?

    o What happens to my money in LACERS?

    o Can I leave my retirement contributions with LACERS in case I am rehired?

    o How do I withdraw my retirement contributions (interest)?

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