Daughter of a world-renowned physicist

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Daughter of a world-renowned physicist ...

    Monica Carezani-Gavin, M.D., M.B.A.

    Driven to provide hope, care, and a world of possibilities.

As a child in her native Argentina, Dr. Monica Gavin was just four-years-old when

    she first expressed to her mother that one day she wanted to be a “baby doctor.”

This only child of a physicist and elementary school teacher would envision and

    achieve many more goals for herself as she grew. From a young age she seemed

    to understand that the world was full of possibilities.

Fostered in an environment where learning was revered and rewarded, Dr. Gavin

    thirsted for knowledge. She describes herself as a person who “constantly needs to

    be challenged.” At the age of 15, she would make the first in a series of visits to

    the United States with her father, renowned physicist, Dr. Ricardo Carezani.

Dr. Carezani is well known within the scientific community for challenging Einstein’s

    Special Theory of Relativity. He was offered an opportunity to formally research his

    theory of Autodynamics at Stanford University’s Linear Accelerator Center in Palo

    Alto, California. Dr. Gavin welcomed these opportunities to practice the basic

    English she was learning, often acting as her father’s interpreter.

Eventually, the Carezani family relocated to Northern California where Dr. Gavin

    finished her high school studies. Counselors did not hold out much hope that she

    would be able to get into medical school considering that she was still learning

    the English language. Dr. Gavin started a pre-med program at California State

    University, Long Beach in 1983. It was while at Cal State that Dr. Gavin would meet

    her husband, James Gavin.

Unwavering in her determination to become a physician, Dr. Gavin defied the

    odds and was accepted into Wayne State University Medical School in Detroit,

    Michigan in 1987. “This was a wonderful experience,” Dr. Gavin says of medical school. Wayne State proved to be every bit the challenge Dr. Gavin hoped it

    would be. “I delivered babies in the hallways.” Gavin credits Wayne State with

    empowering her with the ability to handle the most stressful of situations, and to

    think critically and act decisively no matter what the scenario.

In the summer of 1987, she married James Gavin.

The next step in her dream to become a “baby doctor” was achieved when she

    selected a specialty and was accepted into the Pediatric Residency Program at

    the University of California at Irvine in 1991. Dr. Gavin reveled in her role as a child’s

    health advocate. “To me [choosing pediatrics] was about making an impact. I could make a difference and improve the quality of life for a child,” says Gavin of her specialty.

In 1994, with her medical degree in hand, Dr. Gavin brought her expertise to bear

    in the service of our nation by becoming a commissioned officer, achieving the

    rank of Captain, with the United States Air Force. “I wanted to know what that kind of life would be like and I love this country… I couldn’t think of anything better

    than to serve.”

For three years, Dr. Gavin and her husband were stationed at Charleston Air Force

    Base in South Carolina. During this time, Dr. Gavin gave birth to their first child, a

    son, Edric. While completing her three-year assignment, she was awarded the Air

    Force Commendation Medal for meritorious service, and was advanced to the

    rank of Major.

The Gavin family re-located to the Lehigh Valley in late 1997 when Dr. Gavin

    accepted a position as a staff pediatrician at Lehigh Valley Hospital in Allentown,

    Pennsylvania. Working diligently within the hospital’s pediatric clinic, Dr. Gavin

    treated at-risk, low income, and chronically ill children.

In 1998, the Gavins welcomed a second child, a daughter, Aubrey into the family.

Embracing yet another challenge, Dr. Gavin joined the clinical staff at St. Luke’s

    Hospital, where she sought to improve the lives of her co-workers by assisting in the

    development of a wellness and disease management program for its network of

    4,000 employees. Dr. Gavin also served as a member of both the Pediatric Quality

    Improvement and Medical Staff Quality Improvement Committees. She was a

    Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Gavin also found

    time to teach residents and medical students, as well as physician assistant

    students from DeSales University. Dr. Gavin was the recipient of the St. Luke’s

    Family Practice Residency “Excellence in Teaching Award 2001” and “Attending

    of the Year Award 2003.

In 2000, Dr. Gavin also returned to the classroom as a student in DeSales

    University’s Master of Business Administration Program. Emerging with her M.B.A. in

    2004, Dr. Gavin was again ready for new challenges, and in the complicated

    world of medicine, they were not hard to find.

During her many years practicing pediatric medicine, Dr. Gavin developed a

    deep appreciation for the emotional toll that acne takes on adolescents. She

    often found herself frustrated by the limited tools used to treat this chronic

    condition. She was especially concerned with the practice of prescribing birth

    control pills and Accutane, both of which carry serious potential side effects, and

    she was determined to make a difference.

After devoting much time to research, Dr. Gavin was able to realize her goal of

    developing an acne treatment program that excluded dangerous medications.

    Armed with her new acne regimen, Dr. Gavin melded her love for the medical

    profession and her business acumen. The result is her current role as owner and

    Medical Director of Azani Medical Spa in Bethlehem Township.

    Azani’s dedicated staff fosters self-confidence by providing the finest skin/cosmetic enhancements, anti aging, weight control, and wellness programs

    for the women, men, and adolescents of the Lehigh Valley in a soothing spa

    setting. Under the direction of Dr. Gavin, the team of caring and licensed health

    care professionals is dedicated to helping people look and feel their best. The

    treatments offered at Azani Medical Spa are safe, effective, affordable, and FDA


    Among the many achievements that Dr. Gavin has accomplished, one is most

    near and dear to her heart Azani’s Free Acne Care Program, which offers her

    own specialized acne treatment program to adolescents and children from low-

    income families regardless of their ability to pay. “I have always had a very soft spot for adolescents with acne,” explains Dr. Gavin. “I see how adolescents struggle with this… how it affects their self-esteem.” Dr. Gavin is currently working on becoming Board Certified by the American

    Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, and is continuously researching and adding

    cutting-edge services to Azani’s menu to improve her patient’s lives. Dr. Monica Carezani- Gavin resides in Orefield with her husband, Jim and their two

    children. In her spare time, she enjoys writing children’s stories, watching movies, and exploring different cultures through traveling.

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