Why do you want to ensure good attendance at your GNOs

By Jon Gomez,2014-05-27 13:33
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Why do you want to ensure good attendance at your GNOs

    Partnering with Your Hostess for Higher PARTY Attendance

    When we go to a PARTY, we are going to our work, our place of business. Just like at a job, the time that is spent at the PARTY are the hours we are getting paid on. Some consultants may earn $10 an hour and some may earn $300 an hour. Which one do you want to be?

I‟m sure most of you want to be closer to the $300 level rather than the $10! Your leaders, team

    members and probably your friends and family want that for you too. So let‟s talk about how to

    get there.

    First of all, I want you to think of a job you have held. It may be your traditional job now or one you‟ve had in the past. You probably went to work and knew exactly what tasks you were supposed to be doing in order to keep the job. That is no different then your role as a Consultant and your job of holding PARTYs.

    So, if you were to write up a “help wanted ad” to put in the paper looking for consultants what would you list as the job description of a Consultant? (Ask for thoughts)

    - Book and hold PARTYs

    - Hire and train other consultants

    - Sell NYR products

    - Spread the word about the company values

    - Award hostesses with free and discounted products

    These are your tasks when you leave your house and go to your place of business called the PARTY. One great thing about the PARTY is that you don‟t have to do it alone. You have a

    partner and she is called your hostess!

    As your partner, she can receive as many free and discounted products as she wants as long as she invited the proper number of people. However, she is a new partner in this business and so as someone who is more experienced then her, you need to train her on the tasks she needs to do in order to fulfill her role in the partnership and that role is of course is to invite people to the PARTY.

So, here is a 1-2-3 approach on how to train your new partner.

Step 1 is to walk her through the Host Packet

    Step 2 is to show her how to invite in order to get the most guests there

    Step 3 is to overcome objections

Now let‟s go through these steps in detail:

    1. Go Through the Host Packet with her thoroughly. You can do this after

    the PARTY she has just booked at or during a separate meeting within 48 hours of

    her booking. If you have more than one booking at a PARTY, grab all the new

    hostesses after you‟re done with check out and train them all together to save you


    (Trainer show example of host packet and let them know they will want to take 4-6 to

    each PARTY and always have 2-3 in their car. See below for list of what should be it)

    a. Explain the host program from $1000 down (training attached)

    b. Ask her which level she wants to earn and which collections she is going

    to get for free (write them down in the host flyer at step 1) then translate

    that level into guests and outside orders

    i. I‟m so excited that you „want it all Sally!‟ and are going for the

    $1000 PARTY so you can get our amazing set. When you have

    it on, you will feel just like you are at the spa but without the price!

    Let me show you what to do to reach your goal of getting that set

    for free. The average guest purchases around $63 when she is

    at a PARTY. So if you have 12 guests at your PARTY that would

    give you $756 in sales. I know that the date of your PARTY is

    probably not going to work for all of your friends so when you are

    calling to invite them to your party, if they aren‟t able to come,

    ask them if they would like to look at a catalog or my website and

    pick out some things for themselves and any upcoming birthday,

    wedding or holiday gifts. On average, an order from someone

    not at the PARTY is around $40 so if you had just 6 outside

    orders your total outside sales would be $240 brining your total

    to $1000 and you will receive EVERYTHING our host plan has to

    offer including that set you want so badly! Isn‟t that exciting!?

b. Let her know to over invite

    i. “Like I said before, the date of your PARTY is not going to work

    for everyone and on average it works for only around 1/3 of the

    people you invite. So, if you need 12 people at your PARTY to

    reach your goal of the free set you will need to invite 36 people.

    Here in your party planner, you have a section to start making

    your guest list. If you can list 25 people you are going to invite to

    your PARTY before you leave tonight, I‟ll give you a gift!”

    c. If she is struggling coming up with names, go through FRANKS with her

    and/or have her friends help her who are hanging out at the PARTY and

    let them know that not only will the new hostess get a gift but so will the

    friend that comes up with the most names!

    i. FRANKS is great because it encourages her to invite people

    from different areas of her life. This helps you book more

    PARTYs into different groups instead of always over lapping in

    the same group month after month until no one buys anything.

    This ever happen to you? If so, encouraging your hostess to

    invite from different groups is the way to go!

    ii. Treasure Hunt Game gives her a chance to think of different

    people to invite also.

    d. Once she has her list of people she is going to invite to her PARTY, ask

    her if there is anyone who doesn‟t live in her area that might want to

    order and give her your web site address and tell her that any order they

    place will count towards her PARTY and to be sure and have them put

    her name in the Host area online.

    2. Show Her the Steps to Inviting

    Word Choice: “Ok Sally, now that you know who and how many to invite, let‟s talk

    about how to invite them

    a. Step 1: Personally Invite

    Call or personally invite all guests listed in the host flyer right away and circle the Y next to the name of those who say yes to coming! You want to personally invite your guests because they will be more likely to remember it and feel committed to being there if they told you personally that they would. Invitations get lost in the mail or stuck in the junk mail pile and forgotten.

    i. Create excitement about the PARTY by telling your guests what

    it‟s all about instead of just that you are having a NYR Organic


    ii. “Hi Shelly! I was calling to see if you are doing anything on

    Thursday the 15th? I‟m having a NYR Organic party and I

    wanted to invite you over to get together for a fun and relaxing

    PARTY with no kids. We are going to be doing a skin care party

    with a new organic skin care line that just came out last month so

    we get to be some of the first to try it! We‟ll be starting at 6:30

    and I‟ll be serving light snacks and fun drinks, I‟m pretty sure

    Sarah and Jane are coming so we can all catch up, do you think

    you make it?”

    b. Step 2: Reminder Cards

    1 week before the PARTY, send reminder cards or 2-3 days before send

    an email to those that said yes to coming during your initial invite.

    i. New Idea: If you are having high cancellation rates because you

    think your hostesses are not getting their inviting done, try

    sending out the reminder cards for them. Only do this during a

    time when you are not super busy (holidays may not be the best

    time) and try it 3 times to see if it makes a difference and if it‟s

    worth your time. (Trainer steps on how to do this are below).

    c. Step 3: Reminder Calls

    Call those that said yes 1-2 days before the PARTY to make sure they

    are still coming so she can give you a final count.

    i. “Lisa, the NYR Consultant is calling me tonight to see how many

    spa stations she should bring, and I have one reserved for you

    so I was just checking to make sure you were still coming and

    how many guests you are going to be bringing”.

    Now that you have given her the steps to invite her guests, let her know that you will be in contact

    with her if she has any questions and that she is welcome to call you anytime.

3. Overcoming Objections

    Even when we do everything right, things come up and you may have to overcome some objections or even deal with someone who wants to cancel their PARTY.

What are some objections we hear after booking the PARTY?

    a. Too small of a house to invite that many

    b. Not very many people coming

    c. I‟m really busy and don‟t have time to invite

    All these objections plus any others can be overcome with a simple “I understand, if I

    could show you, would you be willing.” (Trainer – give some examples of how you would

    do this with the objections above.)

    d. How to handle cancellations

    i. First, talk to her about why she has to cancel. Is it a legit reason

    or do you just need to overcome an objection?

    ii. If it is legit say “I understand Sally, thank you for calling me to let

    me know ahead of time I really appreciate it. I would like to get

    you rescheduled so you can enjoy this months host offers and

    since Barb already got credit from you booking at her PARTY, ththwe need to get you in right away. I have the 20 and 25

    available, which of those work best for you?”

    iii. Only under special circumstances should you hang up the phone

    without getting a rescheduled date set.

    iv. If she cancels on you 3 times, she‟s out.

Other Tips and Training

    - Train your hostess to never say to her guests “just come, you don‟t have to buy


    - As you increase the number of guests, average customer orders also increase. With

    4 guests, the average order is $43, resulting in a PARTY of $150-$200. With 7 guests,

    the average order increases to $59 per person. By adding just 3 more guests, the

    PARTY sales total between $400 and $500. With 10 guests, that average increases

    again to $63 per customer, resulting in a PARTY of $600-$700.

How You the Consultant Can Send the Reminder Cards

I have a self addressed manila envelop with blank labels and when I‟m going through the host

    packet with the hostess and explaining to her how to invite I tell her that I will be partnering with her to make her PARTY as successful as possible and all she needs to do is write down all of her friends names, address and phone numbers on the labels and mail the envelop back to me with in 2 days and I will send out the written invites for her!

    All she needs to do is to start calling and inviting her guests and then 1-2 days before the PARTY call them again and remind them about the PARTY.

    I also make sure that she knows that when she send the envelop back it confirms her date with me and I make sure that she understand that I will be there rain or shine on her PARTY date and that I need at least 2 weeks notice if she needs to reschedule her date.

    I also let her know that if I don't have the envelope back within 3-4 days that I will call her and make sure she has mailed it. During that call, I ask her if she needs any help with getting the labels done or if she would rather do it over the phone with me and I can write it down (this rarely happens because at this point they feel silly having to do that).

    If I haven't received the envelope in 5-6 days and I have had no response from the hostess I will call again and if I have to leave her a message I say that I know life gets busy and hectic and we all forget things, and to please let me know with in a day if everything is still on for her PARTY. If I don't hear from her within that day I just schedule over the top of her.

If both end up holding, I am able to sell one to another consultant.

When I send out the reminder cards I use stickers from or on them with cute little phrases of bring 2 guests and get free shipping or bring a friend and receive a gift for you and her!

    Note: Business enhancements even has a 3 sheet carbonless guest list sheet where your hostess fills out the name, address and phone number of her guests and she keeps a copy, you get a copy and the final copy are peel and stick labels!

You can also send out a few sachets to the guests with a sticker on them that says I would love

    for you to sample this product and tell how you like it at Sallys PARTY!This hooks them and gets

    them to come and place an order!

Other sticker ideas:

    - Bring this invite to be entered into my drawing

    - Be there or we‟ll talk about you!

    All these are on booster or business enhancements.

    After sending out the invites I will send one to her so she sees that it has been done. I will also call her and remind her to call and remind everyone personally.

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