Smaller Classes Can Ensure Participation

By Amanda Graham,2014-08-25 09:56
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Smaller Classes Can Ensure Participation

     Smaller Classes Can Ensure Participation

    Reducing the size of classes to increase students participation is an approach that

    has been tried, debated, and analyzed for several decades. Someone doubts that smaller classes may decrease the efficiency of teaching. However, as for me, I think smaller classes can ensure participation, and students can learn more from the course.

    First of all, in the smaller classes, every students enthusiasm can be stimulated.

    The goal of increasing participation is not to have every student participate in the same way or at the same rate. Instead, it is to create an environment in which all participants have the opportunity to learn. Therefore those quiet students are obligated to do the tasks in the group.

    Whats more, everyone in a smaller class is more familiar with one another. While exploring issues and ideas in depth, the students can have a better under standing from others. The whole class is just like a family. No one will feel frustrated because of disregard. As a result, each of them is active in the class, and then the participation is guaranteed.

    Finally, teachers can get along well with students in smaller classes. They have much more time and energy to care about the low-achievers, and they may create more conditions for the shy students to express their own ideas. In return, students are motivated to take part in various activities.

    In a word, smaller classes do ensure each persons participation. In the course of

    class, an invisible bridge is made between the students and the teachers, and then the teaching effect is taken on students. So we should implement the policy widely.

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