Topic 2 I feel better now

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Topic 2 I feel better now

Topic 2 I feel better now.

    Section C

    1. Read and understand.

    Read the letter and underline the sentences with the structures as as…” or not as/so

    as …”.

    stMarch 1

    Dear Xiao Fang,

    How time flies! I miss you very much. How I wish to visit you!

    Several months ago, I was a stranger here you know. At that time, I was really upset and lonely. Whats more, I couldnt sleep as well as usual. I was not

    used to everything here. I thought the roads here were not as clean as those in our hometown. The food was not as delicious as ours either. It also seemed that the people here were not so friendly as you. But now everything has changed. With the help of my teachers and classmates, I am getting used to

    the life here. I am not afraid to talk with others now. My classmates all accept me. I live as happily as before.

    Please give my best wishes to your parents.


    Li Hong

2. Pair work.

    Look at the table and make sentences using as as…” or not as/so as …”. Then talk

    with your partners about the people around you.

3. Written work.

Write a passage about your friends. You may begin like this.

    Qiqi and I are good friends. We both study at Renai International School.

    Qiqi is as lovely as I, but I am not as brave as Qiqi. _________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.

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