Club Tan and Forever Young Medical Enhancement Centers Present

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Club Tan and Forever Young Medical Enhancement Centers Present ...

    Club Tan and Forever Young Medical Enhancement Centers Present:

    A “Red Carpet” Charity Event Benefitting Autism Resources of Beaverton

    December 21, 2008 from Noon to 8:00 PM at

    Beaverton Club Tan and Forever Young Medical Enhancement Center

    10041 SW Scholls Ferry Road (at Scholls Ferry and Nimbus) in Beaverton

Red Carpet Events

    Club Tan periodically hosts “Red Carpet” events at our Beaverton location, where we provide our guests with an

    entire day of relaxation and royal treatment in our tanning salon and medical spa! These Red Carpet events

    typically draw many people into our facility, and we therefore believe that this will be a huge success!

    Everyone who buys a ticket to a Red Carpet event gains access to all of our services for the day, including

    demonstrations of our new Velashape cellulite reduction treatments, our laser hair removal and laser skin

    tightening treatments, microdermabrasion, non-surgical face lifts, full body LED bed treatments, high pressure

    tanning beds, and much, much more!

    The Opportunity

     Tickets to the event will be priced at $99

     100% of the money raised from ticket sales will be donated to Autism Resources of Beaverton, a local

    non-profit organization that hopes to open a charter school for autistic children in 2009.

     We will also donate 20% of the proceeds generated from sales of gift certificates at the event!

    About Autism Resources of Beaverton and the Proposed Charter School

    Jessica Glover, a Bend Oregon Native and Autism Advocate, is the

    Founder and Director of Autism Resources Beaverton, a local 501c-3 non-

    profit charity dedicated to the families and children of Washington County

    and the Portland Metro area who are affected by autism. Autism

    Resources Beaverton (A.R.B.) has programs in place that assist parents of

    underprivileged autistic children who would like to try different medical

    therapies that have been known to help with the effects of autism. In

    cooperation with the Beaverton School District, A.R.B. is dedicated to

    opening a K-12 Charter School in fall 2009 specifically for autistic children.

Born and raised in Bend, Oregon, Jessica Glover brings solid values and work ethic to A.R.B. She is married to her husband of ten years, Thaddeus Glover,

    who resides in Page, Arizona and works as a Fire Fighter EMT Basic. A year ago the family was separated due to the lack of special needs programs in Arizona,

    and Jessica returned to Bend with her four children, Payton and Madison, age 8, Cade, age 4, and Maycie, age 2. Upon her return, Jessica pursued her mission for her son Cade, who was diagnosed with autism in 2005 at age 2. She moved

     to Beaverton in September of 2008 with her dream to open a non-profit charter

    school for autistic children in mind. With one of the highest rates of autism in the

    nation, Beaverton, Oregon, seemed like the perfect place to birth the next grass

    roots Autism Resource non-profit. Jessica plans to stay in the Beaverton area

    long term as she pursues a Political Science Degree at Portland State University.

Our Family’s Story of the Future and Education of our Autistic Child

    Our son Casey was diagnosed with autism at age 3.

    Since that time, our goal has always been to strive to

    do whatever it takes to help our little boy succeed.

    We have had many struggles along the way; we were

    told Casey might not ever talk and that he would

    probably not want to be around people, preferring

    instead to “live in his own world.” Casey is now 10

    years old, and has had a lot of success and has also

    made some huge strides in his ability to function in

    our society.

Casey is living proof that if autistic children get the proper guidance, education and encouragement, they can thovercome many obstacles. Now in the 4 grade, Casey still has trouble socially with other children his age.

    Despite his difficulties, however, Casey is in taekwondo and piano classes, he has a huge vocabulary, loves to be

    around people and has a huge heart.

    In two years, Casey should go to junior high school. As things stand now, he is a very happy child, but we cannot

    in good conscience allow his ego and/or feelings to be hurt by peer pressure and by being teased, bullied or

    simply misunderstood by parents or by other children. We have been forced to be very careful with the people we

    allow to get close to Casey, simply because many people parents and other children alike do not understand

    how to relate to autistic children.

     Autism is an epidemic today, and these children

    deserve the right to have a school where they can simply be themselves. Special education, as it is

    practiced today, is not working, and we need to make a

    change to help autistic children reach their goals. We

     are fortunate that Casey functions at a high level, but

    these improvements in his capabilities came from social interaction, speech therapy, educational goals, and

    countless other opportunities that autistic children need and deserve. Ron and Jennifer Zemp, owners of Club

    Tan and Forever Young Medical Enhancement Centers, fully support the efforts of Jessica Glover’s Autism

     Resources of Beaverton, and hope our Red Carpet

    event helps raise enough money to get her proposed Jennifer and Ron Zemp with Josh, Casey and Brandon Charter School opened in 2009.

Please Help Us!

    Club Tan and Forever Young Medical Enhancement Centers are asking for your support to help spread the word,

    and to help us make this event a huge success. Please e-mail us at and let us know if you

    can help us in this effort.

    To learn more about us, visit or .

    Thank you and we look forward to seeing you at the event on Sunday, December 21 in Beaverton!

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