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American Sign Language

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    Passports: Adventures in Learning

    Life Cycles!

    Curriculum Guide gr. 5-8

    Description of our Tour:

    All living things go through life cycles or changes. Join Maria to learn about the physical and adaptive

    changes that plants and animals go through throughout their lives to help them survive and thrive.

Information for Trip Leader:

    Lesson Outcomes:

    The student will be introduced to the following concepts:

    ; The life cycles of insects

    ; The life cycles of amphibians

    ; Activities and resources for teachers and students on life cycles


Activity # 1: Label the Life Cycles

    Students can work individually or in pairs to label the stages of the butterfly and frog life cycles shown on the worksheets.

Activity # 2: Butterfly Life Cycle

    The students are put into groups of 4. Each student in the group selects a card (cards have: egg, caterpillar, chrysalis, and butterfly on them). The group will plan together and then each student will make a poster-sized illustration of their topic and include what they know about that stage on a piece of chart paper. Each group will line up in order and present to the class.

Activity # 3: Live Metamorphosis

Order monarch caterpillars for you classroom. You can find them at Raise the caterpillars in your classroom and watch them

    change into beautiful butterflies that you can release into nature.

Activity #4: Frogs and Butterflies

    In groups of 3-4, students will discuss how the metamorphosis that butterflies go through is the same and different as the metamorphosis of a frog. Students will record their ideas and discussion on a Venn diagram.

Challenge Questions:

1. How does a caterpillar become a butterfly?

2. What is a pupa?

    3. What happens to a caterpillar after it makes a cocoon or chrysalis?

4. How does a frog change throughout its life?


    1. The life cycle of a butterfly is egg, larva (caterpillar), pupa (chrysalis), adult

    2. The stage in which a caterpillar changes into an adult butterfly

3. Caterpillars change into butterflies or moths.

4. A frog lays eggs that hatch into a tadpole. The tadpole grows legs and loses its tail.

    The tadpole becomes an adult frog.

Vocabulary Words:

    ; Life cycle The changes a living thing goes through during its life

    ; Metamorphosis The change from one stage to another such as caterpillar to


    ; Larva The worm stage of an insect life cycle

    ; Pupa The stage of an insect life cycle where the insect cannot move

    ; Egg - The first stage in an insect or amphibian life cycle

    ; Tadpole early stage in a frog’s life in which they have gills, and do not have

    arms and legs

    ; Gills respiration organ that allows animal to get oxygen to breath from the


Web Resources: This web site provides activities, games and information on butterflies for young elementary students

    Carolina's own Web portal to all sorts of butterfly information, including activities, classroom resources, and butterfly-related products.

    Insect coloring pages for elementary students

    This site provides information on how to order monarch caterpillars to raise in the classroom.

    This site provides activities and lesson plans on insects for elementary students.

Suggested Reading:

Totally Bugs: Dennnis Schatz and Peter Georgeson

    The Munchy Crunchy Bug Book: Ray Nelson, Doug Kelly, Ben Adams and Julie Mohr

The Very Hungry Caterpillar: Eric Carle

Writing Prompts:

    ; I think frogs are…

    ; ; Butterflies are beautiful


    ; How are moths and butterflies different?

    ; How do people change throughout their life?

    ; What are some living things that go through a life cycle?

Butterfly Life Cycle

Directions: Label the stages of the butterfly life cycle.

Frog Life Cycle

Directions: Label the stages of the frog life cycle.

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