UFS Steering Committee Meeting Agenda

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UFS Steering Committee Meeting Agenda


    University Faculty Senate Meeting Minutes

    February 23, 2007

    Circulated March 9, 2007

    The following is information that was discussed prior to the meeting being called to order. ; Indian River Community College’s (IRCC) Board of Trustees approved 3 bachelor programs;

    one in nursing which duplicates the program we are offering on the Treasure Coast Campus that

    we share with IRCC; one in education for mathematics and science; and one a Bachelor of

    Applied Science (BAS) in Organizational Administration. The BAS is not transferable to

    graduate school.

    ; The new student government constitution was approved. There is much greater supervision of

    student government by the Dean of Student Affairs.

    ; The Board of Trustees approved a reduction in projected enrollment for the up-coming year from

    about 500 new FTE to about 325. This reflects significant enrollment drops at the local

    community colleges and high schools. The projections are for further reduction in enrollment

    growth over the next couple of years. Mike Armstrong will give a full report at the next meeting. ; The new chair of the BOT, Norman Tripp, posed a challenge to the faculty to find ways to

    increase productivity and reduce instructional cost. He proposed that the savings could become

    an additional source of funds for increasing faculty pay.

    Eric Shaw encouraged the faculty to work with him in finding Pareto Optimal cost savings that

    make some people better off and leave no one worse off.

    Several speeches ensued about issues of quantity versus quality.

    ; The chairs have organized themselves in a new organization called the Circle of Chairs that is

    chaired by Hugh Miller. They have several proposals to streamline various administrative

    processes. At the next meeting the UFS will discuss these issues:

    o Speed the process by which the catalog is changed.

    o Reduce maximum number of credits in which undergraduate students can enroll without

    advisor approval from 20 to 18, to try to reduce hoarding and course shopping that occurs

    during drop/add.

    o Non degree post baccalaureate students would be classified as graduate students rather

    than second baccalaureate students.

    These items must go to the UPC and GPC before coming to the UFS.

    1. The UFS meeting was called to order by President Roy Levow at 2:40 p.m. The meeting took place in the BOT Room located on the third floor of the Administration Building, on the Boca Raton Campus, and via video conference at the Treasure Coast Campus, the MacArthur Campus, the Fort Lauderdale Campus, and the Davie Campus.

    Members Present: Doug Broadfield, Amy Broderick, Mike Harris, Abhijit Pandya, Sam Hsu, John Valentine, Eric Shaw, Deborah Floyd, Lydia Smiley, Khaled Sobhan, Fred Hoffman, John Childrey, Roy Levow, Bruce Arneklev, Hugh Miller, Frances Lyn, Mehdi Kaighobadi, Dilys Schoorman, Eugene Smith, Darlene Parrish, Mary Faraci, Bob Cerveny, Jim Gray, Joan Lindgren, Jerome Haky, Stephen Locke, John Pritchett, Bill McDaniel, Gary Parsons, Janet Blanks, Leigh McFarland

     Guests Present: Malka Schyndel, Nancy Brown, Michael Armstrong, Jeff Schilit


    2. The minutes of the UFS meeting minutes from January 26, 2007 were approved as circulated.

3. There were no announcements.

    4. Reports on BOT and ACFS were discussed prior to the start of the meeting.

5. UPC consent agenda (on attachment)

    All items on the UPC consent agenda were approved by UFS members.

6. UPC action items (on attachment)

    a. Revised Curriculum for BA program in Art proposed by Visual Arts and Art History

    Fred Hoffman asked a question about the portfolio requirements.

    Amy Broderick replied: The process was mandated by SACS when they were here last. In

    the past anyone who wanted to enroll in the BFA program could. The purpose of the

    portfolio review is to make entry into the BFA program competitive. In order to enhance the

    quality of the program we need to have selective entry.

    There was no further discussion, no objection; the program was adopted.

    b. New Degree Program Bachelor in Early Care and Education (BECE) proposed by Teacher

    Education and Exceptional Student Education

    Nancy Brown spoke: This is blended program between Teacher Education and Exceptional

    Student Education. This program allows for quality and professionalism for early childhood

    teachers. Currently the AS in Early Childhood is seen as a terminal degree.

    Fred Hoffman asked: you are accepting the AS for 60 credits of transfer? This is unusual; is

    it not?

    Nancy Brown responds: we will do articulation agreements with the local CCs. We will

    ensure that missing general education is included for the bachelor program.

    There was no further discussion, no objection; the program was adopted.

    c. Curriculum Modification of Statistics Minor and Certificate Programs proposed by

    Mathematical Sciences

    No discussion; the proposal is adopted.

    d. New Physics Minor proposed by Physics Department

    No discussion; the proposal is adopted.

7. GPC consent agenda (on attachment) no discussion; adopted

    All items on the GPC consent agenda were approved by UFS members.

8. GPC action item

    Dual Degree: BS & MS in Nursing

    Jerome Haky asked if this needs to go through UPC also.

    It was ruled that this is in order; it is within the guidelines. There is no change in the

    undergraduate requirements.

    There was no further discussion, no objection; the program was adopted.

9. Presidents Climate Commitment


    The Presidents Climate Commitment, see, is a an

    organization of American college and university presidents who have committed to taking action at their universities to address global warming, such as improving energy efficiency, recycling water, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

    Resolution from Steering: The University Faculty Senate encourages President Brogan to support the Presidents Climate Commitment, demonstrating Florida Atlantic University’s resolve in addressing climate change.

Eric Shaw gave a short presentation on the program.

     A vote was called, the majority approved the proposal and it has been adopted.

    10. Policy on Emeritus Status for Librarians

    The Library Faculty Assembly proposed a policy on Emeritus Status for Librarians

    It was reviewed by the UFS Honors and Awards Committee that issued the report at

    For reference, the Policy on Emeritus Faculty can be viewed at

    On review of the original proposal and the report of the Honors and Awards Committee, the Steering Committee has placed the following items on the agenda for Senate action.

    Resolution recommended by Steering: The UFS endorses the policy as proposed by the Library Faculty Assembly with the following two changes: 1) The list of privileges be in the same order as in the approved Policy on Emeritus Faculty with the references to the responsible unit removed and 2) The approved policy end with the Expectations statement and not include the References, Other Institutions, and Revision of This Document sections. The resulting proposal on the web a

    Proposed amendment from Honors and Awards: In the “Eligibility” item #4 of the proposed document, “…distinction in at least one of these areas” seems a weak expectation. The committee recommend

    “… at least two areas.” The faculty policy document does not mention any count of the number of areas.

    Resolution recommended by Steering: The Senate refers the issues concerning lack of consistency between the Emeritus Policies for Faculty and Librarians raised by the Honors and Awards Committee back to that committee to propose simultaneous amendments to the two policies to resolve those inconsistencies.

    A questioned was asked to the librarians as to whether or not they agree with the amendment of excellence in two areas.

    Darlene Parrish responded for the library that she would like to make it consistent with the faculty policy.

    A secondary amendment to strike the Committee’s primary amendment from two areas of

    excellence to none was approved. The primary amendment now became to strike the part about one area of excellence from the main motion, and was approved.

    Finally, the main motion to approve the Librarian Emeritus Policy was adopted. The Librarian Policy will be sent back to committee to align with the Faculty Emeritus Policy


    11. Diplomas for Double Degrees

    The registrar has reported that the policy adopted by the Senate of recording two degrees earned simultaneously on the same diploma has caused problems in printing diplomas.

    There was a short discussion about the current requirements for students receiving double majors. There have been issues in the Registrar’s Office in fitting the degrees on the paper.

    Jerome Haky stated that he believed the UFS never adopted the original motion. He moved to table the issue and refer it back to steering. The motion was seconded and approved.

    12. Open forum with the Provost

    Dean search update: the search committee for Arts and Letters recommended four people to

    interview on campus. One interviewee dropped out and the committee chose the next person

    on the list to keep the number at four.

    Dean of Undergraduate Studies: there will be three candidates coming to campus for


    Dean of Graduate Studies: phone interviews have been done. There are three candidates

    coming to campus for interviews.

    About forty faculty were not notified about books being overdue. The provost talked with

    Bill Miller. There was a glitch in the new system and some professors were billed for lost

    books. Any bills for lost books can be brought to the cashiers’ office for clearance.

    It was suggested that notices could be sent out via email rather than snail mail.

2 items from the Steering Committee meeting

    - Provost’s request to attend P&T Committee meetings

    The Provost feels that he is not in the loop of the Promotions and Tenure Committee and had

    asked to be allowed to sit in on the committee deliberations so that he could properly talk to

    the faculty who do not earn favorable recommendations. The Provost explained his view of

    the process and some history about his role in this process. The Promotions and Tenure

    Committee has refused to allow him into the deliberations, but stated that they will take notes

    and give them to him.

    Lydia Smiley raised an issue about the written comments that the P & T Committee will

    write regarding candidates. Would faculty members be given the comments? If there is a

    written document the contract says the faculty member has a right to respond.

    The provost stated that it will not be sent to them but he will meet with faculty who are not

    receiving a favorable recommendation. If the faculty member would like a reason as to why

    they are not receiving a favorable recommendation, then yes they can have access to the

    piece of paper. Then they will have time to respond. When the candidate is called in the input

    will be shared with the candidate. This is a trial to see if it improves the process. If it does

    then the process may be adopted.

    - Which unit reorganizations does UFS review?

    Departmental name changes for colleges go through the following process; faculty, college

    assembly, the dean, and provost. Changes at the college or above must go through the UFS.

    A question was asked in Steering of what if there is something that could potentially be a


    conflict between colleges? The provost stated that they will then deviate from the normal

    procedure and ensure that the issues will be acted on by the Senate; in every case the name

    changes will be communicated to the Senate.

13. The UFS meeting was adjourned at 4:00pm.

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