By Jacqueline Stevens,2014-10-04 15:48
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    Love is the most overused word in the world. As the author said ,we live with love. just now I enjoy a piece of song called i still believe: I had a dream, someday you and

    me Will find ourselves in love again in this song we can see

    that the girl still cares for the boy . I can feel the emotion full of sorrow as well as happiness. so the love between he and she includes the complex feelings ,no one can tell whats this kind

    of feeling except the lovers .so sometimes love makes us crazy .as a poem says ,I love you without knowing how ,or when ,or from where .indeed, true love is amazingly magic.

    In the bible I find a lot of sentences about love such as :love

    is patient ,love is kind .it does not envy ,it does not boast ,it is not rude, it is not self-seeking ,it is not easily angered ,it keeps no record of wrongs .love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth .it talks about the love between the love of

    family ,lovers and friendship . love like the warm sunshine,

    filling my eyes and heart .when I was a child ,my grandma

    took care of me .when I look back my past years ,some pictures of my childhood turn on my memory ,I remember what she did for me , she spoils her little beloved granddaughter a lot .it is love ,when I remind of these ,I am full of

    happiness ,and I know someone in this world cares about me so much .obviously, love is the springhead of felicity ,happiness ,and bliss .

    In my deep heart ,love comes from the god .

    Love never fails.

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