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Call Blair Billings @ 753-3952~Your Success Coach ...

    People in the workforce today are facing some

    difficult challenges: longer hours because of reduced

    staffing, resulting in more time away from their

    families; higher costs of commuting; and wages not

    keeping up with inflation, corporate downsizing is

    commonplace today! DID YOU KNOW65% of

    families today need $500 to $1000 additional income

    to maintain their current lifestyle.

    Congratulations! Through BeautiControl you have

    choices! You also have a proven path to guide you.

    You can have a career that is as profitable as it is

    enjoyable! BeautiControl Consultants and Directors

    have created the life they love YOU CAN, TOO!

    Discover why thousands of women are saying

    Owned by Tupperware Brands, we have a long legacy of successful business practices and

    financial resiliency . . . in other words, we know how to make money!

    We were recognized by Inc. Magazine, Forbes & BusinessWeek as one of the Best Companies!

    Ever wonder if a home-based BC Spa business can provide you with executive level income?

    Check out these national averages!

    What life looks like for most What life looks like for most

    working women today: BeautiControl Directors*:

     ~ Earns $30,000 average per year ~ Earns more than $40,000 average per year ~ Works 50+ hours a week ~ Works from Home…has freedom to control time…enjoys flexibility to work around family activities. ~ Commutes more than 100 hours a year ~ Commutes to and from Spa Escapes in a racy red mustang every woman can earn! ~ Earns some vacation time, along with ~ Is rewarded with trips, jewelry and recognition! sleepless nights, trying to balance family, Can you say Tropical Escape and Diamonds??? work and maybe some “me” time. ~ Works hard but never earns more than ~ Is rewarded with an unlimited “glass ceiling” her position’s salary allows :((( earnings opportunity! Earn as much as you want!

    Check out these quick facts about BeautiControl…

    ? BeautiControl is a 28 year-old corporation (Owned by Tupperware Brands) that distributes

    nationwide in the U.S., Canada, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. We are the fastest

    growing spa, skin care and beauty company in the world today! Last year we had a 37%

    increase in sales in a flat market.

? Listed 3 times on Business Week’s list of the Hottest 100 companies, BeautiControl has

    experienced double-digit increases in sales for the past 30 months. That’s a 47% sales

    increase during a challenging time for our economy.

? BeautiControl has been listed twice on Forbes’ Listing of the 100 Best Run Corporations

    in America. Their charity, The WHO Foundation or “Women Helping Others” helps women and

    children who are in need across the U.S.

? BeautiControl stock is traded publicly on the NASDAQ stock exchange, under the stock symbol BUTI,

    and is listed in alphabetical quotations as "BeautiCtl." BeautiControl is a member of the Better

    Business Bureau and the Direct Selling Association.

? Our products are cutting edge, high-end spa treatments that are formulated by medical

    doctors, ophthalmologists, dermatologists, nutritionists, plastic surgeons and scientists.

    The quality of our products is exceptional and would retail in fine department stores if

    they were not sold through trained, independent consultants.

    ? The company performs every test required and extra, unrequired testing on the products,

    which are ophthalmologist, dermatologist, clinically, allergy and sensitivity tested. We

    do not test on animals and we recycle.

? BeautiControl’s patented Skin Age Analysis allows you to professionally analyze your

    clients’ skin condition. No other company offers our level of quality, our pricing, nor our

    beneficial results.

? This business is a great tax write-off! You’ll discover this is the safest & smartest money

    you’ve ever spent. Plus, you’ll never start your own business for such a small


    ? BeautiControl stands behind you and every product. The earning potential is six figures if

    you’re motivated. And, it’s stress-free to be selling product you can believe in!

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