the challenges of climate change and biodiversity

By Paula Mcdonald,2014-03-22 16:31
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the challenges of climate change and biodiversity

    Good morning, Keith. I want to talk about the challenges of climate change and biodiversity [, baiəudai’və: səti] loss and some measures we should do. I will list

    some challenges climate change bring about. (First, I’d like to simply introduce some

    information about the reason of leading to climate change. Greenhouse gases

     fossil['fɔsəl] mineral['minərəl] or firewood have a high produced by burning

    permeability[,pə:miə'biliti] to visible light from the solar radiation and high

    absorptivity[,æbsɔ:p'tivəti] long wave radiation the earth reflected and can strongly absorb infrared[,infrə'red] lays of earth radiation. That is greenhouse effect which leads to global warming.) Then here are the challenges. Global precipitation [pri,sipi'teiʃən]

    will be redistributed and glacier['ɡlæsjə] and frozen earth will melt. So there will be

    more floods in spring and summer and the sea level will rise up. What’s worse, some

    countries and regions whose elevation is lower will be submerged[səb'mə:dʒd]. There

    also will be less and less tourist attractions which are famous for their beautiful snow. Climate change also leads to evaporation [i,væpə'reiʃən] of water in American soil

    faster. With carbon dioxide becoming more and more, the water in the soil will change. Climate change affects the agriculture, the distribution of biological community, human living environment and health. It can also cause biodiversity loss. Now I’ll talk about the challenges of biodiversity loss. Its sure that it will break the ecological

    balance, affect the cultivation of good varieties and the development of industrial, science and technology. Of course, it will influence the education, entertainment, tour and so on. We

    should do something to deal with the situation. We must plant trees and restore vegetations as many as possible. We must strengthen our environmental protective and saving consciousness ['kɔnʃəsnis] and reduce the emissions of carbon dioxide.

    The more important things are that we should energetically develop a circular economy and

    clean energy like solar energy and wind energy.

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