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WP4 Financial, Legal and Human Resources Analysis

    WP4.1 Economic Studies Survey

     Programme co-funded by the European Commission (TEN-T)

     BLUE MED WP4.1 Economic Studies Survey


    The objective of Work Package 4.1 is to demonstrate the state of art on Economic Studies in Air Navigation Services, i.e. in other words to provide: an overview of the most relevant studies & reports that deal with the analysis (including guidance material for a High Level Cost Benefit Analysis, issues related to the SES regulatory framework) of the finances and economics in Air Navigation business.

    The list of relevant economic studies and reports that have been used as guidelines and reference material for the BLUE MED Project is presented in the next pages.


     BLUE MED WP4.1 Economic Studies Survey

    List of relevant Economic Studies and Reports

Studies available from the Traffic Management Section of the Air Transport Portal of the European


    No Title of Study Authors/Details

     Evaluation of the impact of the Single EUROCONTROL Performance Review Commission 1 European Sky (SES) initiative on ATM on invitation of EC DIRECTORATE - GENERAL

     performance, December 2006 ENERGY AND TRANSPORT

    Study on the Functioning of the Internal Irish Aviation Authority, Ineco and Aviasolutions Market, January 2006 2 for the EC DIRECTORATE - GENERAL ENERGY Part 1: Air Transport Infrastructures in the AND TRANSPORT New EU Member States: Cyprus and Malta.

     Study on the financing of air traffic Steer Davies Gleave for the 3 management (ATM) to achieve the Single EC DIRECTORATE - GENERAL ENERGY AND

     European Sky, October 2004 TRANSPORT

    Regulatory Policy Institute Study on the implementation rules of Christopher Decker, Alain Jeunemaitre , economic regulation within the framework of 4 Tim Keyworth & George Yarrow the implementation of the single Sky, for the EC DIRECTORATE-GENERAL ENERGY October 2003 AND TRANSPORT

     Study on common requirements for the BOOZ ALLEN HAMILTON LTD. for the 5 provision of air navigation services, EC DIRECTORATE-GENERAL ENERGY AND

     August 2003 TRANSPORT

    Study on Benchmarking For Best Practices In Solar Alliance for the EC DIRECTORATE-6 Air Traffic Management in European Union GENERAL ENERGY AND TRANSPORT candidate States, January 2003

    Study on Benchmarking For Best Practices In BOOZ ALLEN HAMILTON LTD. for the 7 Air Traffic Management (European EC DIRECTORATE-GENERAL ENERGY AND

    Community), January 2003 TRANSPORT

     Wilmer, Cutler & Pickering for the Study on the regulation of airspace 8 EC DIRECTORATE-GENERAL ENERGY AND management and design, May 2001 TRANSPORT

     BOOZ ALLEN HAMILTON LTD. for the Study on Air Traffic Management 9 EC DIRECTORATE-GENERAL ENERGY AND Market Organisation TRANSPORT

     Logica, IIASL, University of Leiden, CRG, École Study on the Economic Regulation of Air 10 Polytechnique for the EC DIRECTORATE-Traffic Management Services, May 2001 GENERAL ENERGY AND TRANSPORT

    Price Waterhouse Cooper for the Study on Terminal Charges for Air Control 11 EC DIRECTORATE-GENERAL ENERGY AND Service, March 2001 TRANSPORT


     BLUE MED WP4.1 Economic Studies Survey

Studies available from the Publications Section of the EUROCONTROL Performance Review

    Commission and Unit:

    No Title of Study Authors/Details

    Performance Review Reports EUROCONTROL 12 1998 1999- 2000 2001 2002 2003 Performance Review Commission 2004 2005 2006

    ATM Cost-Effectiveness (ACE) EUROCONTROL 13 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 Performance Review Unit

    Helios Economics and Policy Services for Report on the impact of fragmentation in 14 EUROCONTROL European ATM/CNS, 2006 Performance Review Commission

    Report on Complexity Metrics for ANSP EUROCONTROL 15 Benchmarking Analysis, 2006 ACE working group on complexity

    EUROCONTROL 16 Report on Aeronautical MET Costs, 2004 Performance Review Unit

    A comparison of performance in selected US EUROCONTROL 17 and European En-route Centres, 2003 Performance Review Commission

    Cost Benchmarking of ANSPs: A Stochastic NERA Consulting for EUROCONTROL 18 Frontier Analysis Performance Review Commission

    Evaluating the true cost to airlines of one EUROCONTROL 19 minute of airborne or ground delay, 2004 Performance Review Unit

    Status of Civil-Military Co-ordination in air EUROCONTROL 20 traffic management, 2001 Performance Review Unit

    Studies taken from the “Innovative Route Charging Schemes” project developed by the Universities of Trieste and Padova within the framework of the EUROCONTROL CARE Innovative Action. Full

    reports are available from:

    No Title of Study Authors/Details

    University of Padova, University of Trieste, Design of Economic Demand Management 21 Air Dolomiti S.p.A. for EUROCONTROL Strategies CARE INNOVATIVE ACTION PROJECT

    University of Padova, University of Trieste, Benchmarking Techniques and Performance 22 Air Dolomiti S.p.A. for EUROCONTROL Analysis of the ATC Units CARE INNOVATIVE ACTION PROJECT

    Directions for Innovative Route Charging University of Padova, University of Trieste, 23 schemes: Analysis of the Application of Air Dolomiti S.p.A. for EUROCONTROL

    Different Incentive Paradigms to ATC Units CARE INNOVATIVE ACTION PROJECT

    University of Padova, University of Trieste, Study of ATS demand elasticity of airspace 24 Air Dolomiti S.p.A. for EUROCONTROL users CARE INNOVATIVE ACTION PROJECT


     BLUE MED WP4.1 Economic Studies Survey

Papers from International Journals.

    No Title of Study Authors/Details

    Congestion in European Airspace. A pricing M. Raffarin, 2004, Journal of Transport Economics 25 solution? and Policy. 38(1), 109-126

    Route-charging policies for a central L. Castelli, P. Debels, W. Ukovich, 2005, Journal of 26 European cross-border upper airspace. Air Transport Management, 11, 432-441

Other studies and reports.

    No Title of Study Authors/Details

    Decentralization and Supranationality : The Pierre Salmon 27 Case of the E.U. Universite de Bourgogne

    The changing nature of providing Air 28 Hemant Mistry Michael Fairbanks Navigation Services

    Determinants of the economic regulation of Conference on the economics of airports and ANS 29 airports and air navigation services ANSConf-WP/28/24.12.99

    Institutional and structure changes in Air Kenneth Button -George Mason University, 30 Navigation Service providing organizations Glen McDougall

    Questions of the Agency of the Republic of Enactment of the Government of the Republic of 31 Kazakhstan on regulation of natural Kazakhstan N 1109, dated 28/10/2004 monopolies

    Analysis of the provision of Meteorological Booz Allen Hamilton LTD for 32 Services in the framework of the SES E.C. DGTREN

    Ellis J. Juan 33 Privatizing Airports Options & Case studies The World Bank Note No. 82

    G.T. Joldybayeva Legal aspects of pricing in regulated 34 Agency of the republic of Kazakhstan for regulation industries of Natural Monopolies.

    Airport User Charges & Financing

    35 Part1 Amedeo R. Odoni

    Part 2

    Economic Benefits of Competition in

    36 European Air Traffic Management Germany Prof. Dr. Hans-Jurgen Ewers

    as an example

    Loyola de Palacio 37 One Single Sky for the whole EU News Release No. 75/03/10.12.03

    The economic valuation of logistic Charles S. Tapiero 38 investments and Air Traffic Supply chains Graduate School of Management Liberization of international Air Transport.

    NATS’ response to CAA’s initial consultation

    39 document on NATS price control review 2006-NATS Ltd


    Economic Regulation of Airport Charges in


    CP2/2001: Consultation paper on maximum 40 Commission for Aviation Regulation levels of Airport Charges to be levied by an

    Airport Authority under the Aviation

    Regulation Act, 2001


     BLUE MED WP4.1 Economic Studies Survey

Other studies and reports.

    Report of the Committee on a road map for Ministry of Civil Aviation 41 the civil aviation sector. Government of India

    Achieving Sustainable Perfomance in Natural Thanos C. Papavramides, Pascal Aupee 42 Monopolies. The role of Strategic Planning in IEEE members, EUROCONTROL the European Air Navigation Services.

    High order organizational learning in air Thanos C. Papavramides 43 navigation services: the role of cross-IEEE member, EUROCONTROL functional teams


     BLUE MED WP4.1 Economic Studies Survey

    List of Participants


     S. Alevizopoulos HCAA A. Kiousis F. Koumandraki

    ENAV S. Tiberia C. Cantoni

    C. Koutsakos

    EUROCONTROL E. Letreguilly T. Papavramides

    L. Bellesia

    H. Antoniades DCAC P. Stratis

    MATS I. Falzon

    M. Rejeb OACA K. Maatouk

    NANSC N. El Din University of Trieste L. Castelli


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