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     IMAGINE… Relax Your Mind

     Rejuvenate Your Body During your lunch break, you retreat to the Renew Your Spirit… conference room and are transported far from the How it works workday stress. You step into a world of softly

    We have found that the easiest way to conduct flickering light; peaceful, gentle music plays in the Works the event is to set up in the morning in a background; aromatherapy essences swirl about conference room or small classroom. Employees

    you. You take a deep breath to experience it all can come through on their lunch breaks. We will WorksWorksWorks conduct the Spa Session in small groups of 4-6. and feel your stress melt away. All your cares are

    Each session lasts approximately 20 minutes left behind as you escape to your own oasis of leaving them plenty of time for lunch. This is a tranquility. very unisex format accommodating male staff as well as females. Stress knows no gender! You settle into a comfy chair with a warm neckwrap that invites you to relax. For the next 20 minutes you What we need:

     enjoy a series of stress management treatments and We are fairly self-sufficient. We do need:

    Chairs, hot water access and a microwave if techniques: aromatherapy, a hand massage and possible. And of course, people who are visualization exercises to help manage workday

    stressed and need a break. We bring all of the stress. pamper items and spa supplies.

    Why we do it Relax...Rejuvenate...Renew...

     Bringing relaxation to a We are committed to education on the subject

    of stress! In order to reach new audiences we Works cubicle near you! offer a complementary escape to 1 business per Bringing relaxation to aBringing relaxation to aBringing relaxation to a month. The mini spa you will enjoy provides cubicle near you!cubicle near you!cubicle near you!some basic information on stress and its effects. AMI Metals Beech High School Participants will be given the opportunity to Circuit City Delta Dental schedule a home or group escape if they would Earl Swensson & Associates Grace Park Baptist Works like to learn more. Empact Health Heritage Academy HH Gregg Medibuy Additional Options Mother's Of Preschoolers Snead Chiropractic Yoga Sessions

     Skyline Medical Summit Hospital Chair Massage Sumner County Schools TN AG's Office Aromatherapy Vanderbilt School of Nursing Village Veterinarian Clinic

    Christ Presbyterian Academy Dupont Hadley MS

    The Session

    Hand and Arm Massage Did you know

    that there is a part of the hand for each “The Employee Stress Management

     Session was like a twenty minute part of the body? Our massage will give

    vacation!” you all over relief! -Debbie Allen, ESA

     Stress Check- how stressed are you?

    I have found the techniques truly Come and find out. Discover how stress helpful in managing my stress level effect your health and life. day-to-day.”

    -Katherine Darnell, Web MD Relaxation Techniques Learn simple techniques to reduce stress. “By far the employee favorite for

    men and women and OSHA Aromatherapy- indulge in natures bounty compliant!” as botanical essences relax and renew -Circuit City Store Manager, Tom Sells

     Exfoliating Lip Treatment Exfoliating Lip “I did not realize how my work stress Masque gently removes chapped, dry compounded itself throughout the

    skin revealing softer, smoother lips and day. I love the stretches, relaxation Did You Know

    techniques and especially my neck minimizing fine lines. Our Citrus Lip Balm Stress costs over 300 BILLON dollars each

    wrap!” year in the form of: absenteeism, accidents, restores moisture and suppleness. loss of productivity, medical costs and turnover -Kristina Rust, Delta Dental Nourishing Eye Treatment Cucumber, ivy 80% of headaches are due to stress related

    “I work in a very fast paced doctor’s and mallow soothe tired eyes alleviating components.

    office where the phone rings puffiness. Stress effects blood flow that slows down constantly! When I feel the tension organs and the body’s detoxification resulting Sea Salt Manicure and hand massage begin; I slow my breathing and in a lowered immune system and increased

    practice the techniques we learned. healing time. Sea salts, gently exfoliate while tea tree

    I am amazed that I am experiencing The leading six causes of death in the U.S.: leaf, avocado, macadamia and orange fewer migraines.” heart disease, cancer, lung ailments, oils nourish and revitalize hands. -Cynthia Thompson, Skyline Medical accidents, cirrhosis of the liver, and suicide are

    all stress related illnesses Lavender & Peppermint Neck Treatment

    The “fight or fight” response triggers the let the warmth envelop you as muscle release in powerful hormones which act as tension is relieved toxins circulating throughout our system

    causing problems from repeated illness to food


    INCLUDING CARPEL TUNNEL AND HEADACHES Stress is cumulative and builds up throughout

    the day and week.

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