Situation 1

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Situation 1

    Situation 1 at the airport


    A -Excuse me, but are you Mrs. Joan Smith from London? B -Yes, thats me. Im Joan Smith.

    A -How do you do, Mrs. Smith? Welcome to China. My name is

    Zhang Haoyang from the CITS Tianjin Branch. Ill be your tour

    guide during your stay in China.

    B -How do you do, Mr. Zhang?(Shaking hands) Thank you for coming to meet me here at the airport. And many thanks for

    your invitation.


    B By the way, Where is Mr. Yang your manager? I understood from your letter that he would be here to meet me. A Yes, but unfortunately he cant come to meet you in person.

    He has to attend an important meeting.

    B Dont worry, it doesnt matter.

    A But our manger asked me to send his greeting to you. Hell

    pay you a visit tonight in your hotel.

    B Thats nice.


    A Did you have a good trip?

    B It was very good all the way.

    A How long did it take you to fly here from London? B Let me see, about 10 hours.

    A Oh, thats a long flight. Are you tired? B-Not very, just a little bit. In fact, I slept most of the way here. I took

    some sleeping pills and that helped a lot. But I’m still suffering

    from jet lag. I think I’ll be all right by tomorrow. A I hope so.


    A Mrs. Smith.

    B Yes?

    A Have you gone through all the Customs formalities?

    B Yes, I have.

    A Do we need to wait for any of your luggage? B Yes. I have three pieces of luggage: one big handbag and two

    suitcases. Theyre coming.


    A Well, before I forget, I’d like to let you know that were giving a

    dinner party for you this evening.

B Oh, thats really very kind of you. I’ll be very glad to come.

    A The dinner party will begin al 7:00, and at 6:30 well drive over

    to your hotel to pick you up.

    B Thats very thoughtful of you. You see, I’m a stranger here and

    everything is new to me. I certainly need your help. A Dont worry. I’ll look after you.

    B What shall we do next?

    A Well, our car is waiting for us just outside in the parking lot. Shall

    we go there and drive to your hotel?

    B Yes, please.

    CHAPTER 2 :going through the customs

    Situation 1

    (after arriving at the airport, Mr.LI is going to the immigration at the


    Official: Welcome to the United States. May I see your passport and

    disembarkation card, please

    Li: Yes, here you are.

    O: lets see, you have a tourist visa , where will you be


    L: Mostly in the New York area.

    O: OK, everything seems to be in order. You may go to the

    baggage-claim area, then proceed through customs.

(Mr. Li picks up his baggage, then goes to the customs official.)

    O: Have you filled out your customs form?

    Li: Yes, already.

    O: Fill in this Baggage Declaration Form, please. L: OK, Id do it as youve said.

    O: Do you have anything particular to declare?

    L: No, nothing that I’m aware of.

    O: Are you importing anything?

    L: I dont know whats dutiable. I’ve a small bottle of perfume and just a few personal belongings.

    O: You dont have to pay duty on personal belongings. Whats in

    the bag? Would you mind opening your case? L: Certainly. Please check them over. But I’ve brought some

    presents for my friends.

    O: Do you have a receipt for this necklace? L: Yes, I do. Wait a minute,,, yes, here it is. O: All right. But well have to charge you some duty on this watch. L: Then, how much should I have to pay for it? O: According to customs regulations, er,,, let me see, you have to

    pay sixteen dollars.

    (after paying the duty)

    O: You are through now.

L: That’s ok?

    O: Everything is all right. Go ahead, please. L: Thank you.

    Situation 2 (Mr. Zhang is at customs)

    Zhang: Hi, customs officer. All the luggage is mine. Official: Please put it on the counter and open it. And show me your

    documents, please.

    Z: OK, here you are.

    O: Take your passport , please. Anything tp declare? Z: Are these vases liable to customs duties? O: If for your own use they would be duty-free. Z: Thank you. By the way, I’ve got some cigarettes for my own use, and just a few personal belongings.

    O; Thats ok. Anything else?

    Z: No, nothing that I’m aware of.

    O: Cleared. Pass on, please.

    Z; Thanks.


    (the browns have not filled in the customs declaration form.)

    A-Customs Officer, B-Mr Brown, C-Mrs. Brown B: Excuse me, where can I get a customs declaration form? A: Have you got anything to declare?

    B: No, noting that I am aware of. I have a bottle of whisky. C: I have a small bottle of perfume and some personal effects--. A: you dont need to declare your personal belongings. You need not to fill in the customs declaration form since you have nothing to declare. Please take all your belongings and go the Green Channel.

    B: thanks a lot.

    Dialogue (2)

    (Mr. Burns helps the tour group to go through customs.)

    A-Customs Officer, B-Mr. Burns

    B: good evening! I am the tour leader of a tourist group of 34 people. Will we need to fill in the customs declaration form?

    A;not necessary if they have nothing in particular to declare.

    B: I have checked with them. They only have things for their personal use and they will take them out of the country when they leave.

    A: in that case your group can go through the Green Channel.


    (Mrs. Smith is going through the Customs. She is now answering some of the questions asked by a Customs officer. Meanwhile, there are some conversations between Customs officers and other passengers.)


    A-Excuse me.


    A-where do I go through the Customs?

    B-its just over there. Do you see that long queen?

    A-yes, I do.

    B- you have to stand in that line and wait for your turn. A-many thanks.


    B-Would you mind coming over to identify your luggage? A-Certainly.

    B-may I have your luggage declaration?

    A-Of course.

    B-Let me have a look.

    A-Here you are.


    B-may I see your passport, please? A-Here you are.

    B-Thank you. Where have you come from?

    A-From England.

    B-Do you live in China? A-No, I live in England. I’m overseas Chinese.

    B-How long are you going to stay in China?

    A-For a month.

    B-Are you on holiday or business?

    A-On holiday.


    B-Will you open your suitcase, please?

    A-All right.

    B-These are just personal effects?

    A-Thats right. Nothing dutiable, I think.

    B-Nothing dutiable. Thank you. You may close it now. Anything

    to declare? Any wine or liquors?

    A-No, but I have with me two bottles of whisky and a carton of

    cigarettes. I dont know whether I have to pay duty on them or not.

    B-Were they bought in the duty-free shop?

    A-Yes. At Hong Kong Airport.

    B- in that case, you dont have to pay duty on them. According to our regulations, you re allowed to bring in duty free two

    bottles of wine or liquor and a carton of cigarettes.

    A- Thank you, officer.

    B-Youre welcome.


    B-Are you bringing in any gifts for your friends and relatives

in China?

    A-Yes, the two bottles of whisky are presents for my friends in


    B-They are duty free, of course. No other small items such as

    watches, or jewelry?

    A-No, just personal things.

    B-Do you have a camera?

    A-Yes, one made in Germany.

    B- Any foreign currency?

    A-Yes, some US dollars, British pounds, German marks, and French francs.

    B-Well, would you please make a record of your camera and

    your foreign currency?

    A-Yes,,, here you are. Is that all for the customs formalities?

    B-Yes, youre through. Thank you very much and have a nice

    stay here in China.

    A-Thank you, officer.

    Lesson 2

    DIALOGUE( Wu Jun, the guide from the Travel Service, is taking

    the party of tourists from the airport to the hotel. The coach is about

    to start.)

    W: is everybody here, Mr. Hurt?

    H: no. one lady hasnt come yet. Poor Lillie, she had been

    throwing up all the way because of airsickness.

    W: oh, I’m sorry to hear that. I hope she feels better now.

    H: oh, there she comes.

    W: (to the driver) now that all the people are here, we can go now.( to all the people in the coach) ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Beijing. First, let me introduce myself. My name is Wu Jun. Wu is my family name. I will be your local guide during your stay in Beijing. This is Mr. Yang, our driver. Mr. Yang is a responsible and experienced driver, so you are in good hands when riding in his coach. To avoid getting on a wrong bus, wed

    better remember the number and the features of our bus. The number is 27684. if you have any special interest, please let me know. My job is to smooth your way, care for your welfare, and try my best to answer your question. We highly appreciate your understanding and cooperation. Now were heading for your hotel,

    the Grand Guest Hotel. It will take us about 40 minutes to get there.

    H: but in which part of the city is the hotel?

    W: in the center of the city. Its one of the best in the city. It has a restaurant, a bar, a barbershop, a beauty parlor and a laundry service. We hope youll have a good time there.

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