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    Lesson Plan

     Instructor: 鄭羽玲 G931202

    Text English Textbook for Junior High Schools (Nani Version)--Book?, Lesson 7: Hows the weather there?

    ndClass Period 45 minutes (2 period) Target Learners first-grade junior high school students

     1. Review some adjectives for describing the weather.

    Teaching Focus 2. Teaching the sentence pattern Hows the weather.. and The weather (It) is …….”

     3. Information gap activity

    Equipment blackboard, pictures (word cards), worksheets, computer, projector Teaching ?. The Cognitive Domain

    Objectives 1. Comprehending the grammar focus.

     2. Using the sentence pattern correctly and appropriately.

     3. Answering questions accurately.

    ?. The Affective Domain

     1. Interacting with partners.

     2. Enjoy the information gap activity.

    ?. The Psychomotor Domain

     1. Asking for and giving specific information.

     2. Repeating and Practicing the sentence pattern.


    Teaching Procedures

    Section Description Time equipment

    1. Show the pictures of the new vocabulary learned in the last period.

    warm up and 2. Review the vocabulary and ask students to repeat. 1 minutes Word cards review

    1. Teaching the sentence pattern:

     a. Hows the weather + today / there / in + place?

     b. The weather (It) is ………

    2. Ask students to repeat and oral practice. 20 minutes Blackboard Presentation

    3. Give students worksheets to practice. Word cards I. grammar focus

    4. Check the answers. Worksheets


    Teaching Procedures

    Section Description Time equipment

    1. Divide the class into pairs.

    2. Give each student the half of an information gap activity. ?Interaction-

    3. Give brief instruction to the students. information gap Computer & Projector

    20 minutes

    4. Students do the activity by using the sentence pattern Hows the activity handout

    weather.. and The weather (It) is……”

    5. Asking questions to all the students.

    Wrap-up 1. Review the sentence pattern focused today.

    2. Tell students the assignment. worksheets 3 minutes


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