Man and Internet

By Florence Bennett,2014-09-28 22:51
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Man and Internet

Man and Internet

     My Three Passions for the Internet

     Xia Peng 夏鹏 南京大学

    Honorable Judges, Ladies and Gentleman,

     My topic today is My Three Passions for the Internet.

    Please close your eyes and imagine that you are roaming in cyberspace. ?Then ask yourself

    why you have come to this virtual world; where you are heading for; and what you are pursuing. I

    dont know your answers, but mine is quite simple, just as Bertrand Russell once said: Three

    passions, simple but overwhelmingly strong, have governed my life-the longing for love, the search for knowledge, and the unbearable pity for the suffering of mankind. Today I would like to

    share with you my three passions for the Internet.

    First of all, the Internet transmits love beyond the boundaries of time and space. Finding a girlfriend online is no longer a story of Arabian Nights. However, I was moved, not because I found a girlfriend online, but because my grandpa sent me an email at the Mid-Autumn Festival saying the moon was bright and round in my hometown, and he missed me a lot. It is the Internet that enables millions of people to love and to be loved in a virtual world.

    Secondly, the search for knowledge on the web revolutionized our study method. We no longer depend on the classroom and blackboard. Last semester, I signed up for a TOEFL training course. Even though my cousin wanted to study the same subject, he was too busy to attend the class. ?While burying my nose in mountains of materials, I thought my cousin would never

    survive the courses. Surprisingly he told me one day I’ve got 600 in TOEFL . It turning out that

    he had enrolled in a virtual university. It is the Internet that realized my cousins dream.

    Finally, the Internet helps relieve people from sufferings. During the critical period of SARS in 2003, face-to-face communication was avoided because of high danger of contracting the disease. Therefore, people chose collaborating in cyberspace, fighting against the plague. Doctors in Beijing gathered the data of the virus and sent the picture to the WHO headquarters in Geneva where the information was distributed to all the main labs around the world. It is the Internet that enabled us to get united in a time of isolation and sufferings.

    These three passions are not only answers to my questions, but also principles of using the Internet properly. In the era of the Internet, Bertrand Russell would be very surprised to see his ideas were illustrated in a different way. Ladies and Gentlemen, perhaps you can close your eyes again and imagine you are roaming in cyberspace-a place for man to share love, obtain knowledge and sooth sufferings.

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