The dream of Eduardo Ortega

By Charles Knight,2014-04-18 14:14
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The dream of Eduardo Ortega

The dream of Eduardo Ortega

    It was a cold morning, and Eduardo Ortega was nervous. He held a large envelope. In it was his dream. But now ,he was too nervous to open it.

    This is everything, he said. “I’ve worked for this since I

    was a young boy.

    But Eduardo was no longer a boy. In the mirror, he saw the scars on his hands, arms, and face. He looked much order than he really was. He remembered the long house working in the fields, picking strawberries and beans. During those years, Eduardo became much more than a child worker. He became an excellent student. After the workday, his tired friends drank coffee or slept. Eduardo studied, read, and wrote poetry and short stories. Although he missed many classes, he became the schools best


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